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Linkin Park - Numb [Lyrics]

by Marie Lüer • 17,901,302 views

hope you like it :** Facebook:

My old bully made me numb. He always picked on ONLY me. I ran home crying everyday. He called me fat, ugly, (in elementry) a b**/sl**! Eventually I stopped eating breakfast and lunch....i rarely ate dinner too. The only time I ate was if it was sandwich night. He continued bulling me until middle school when he went to another state. I started eating dinner more but I still wouldn't eat breakfast or lunch. If he's reading this, thanks. You made me strong. Bye.
Why is everyone telling their life stories? Want to know how I became numb? I ate ice That shit made my tongue numb Bye
People are saying that their mother, relative, or someone made them numb. For me, the world made me numb. Always the one that gets left out, family wanted me to be "perfect", school wanting you to be the "best". Sometimes, I wish someone can see how broken I am but I'm too good at hiding it. Too scared for someone to take the chance to hurt me. But weirdly, I'm proud of how depressed I am. Because that makes those moments of happiness worth even more.
I can relate to what you are saying life has done a # on me as well I could easily blame it on a million other things or ppl but it was just life
These comments are fucking gay.
+zacc kendall there is no logic. Just embrace that comments make the decisions they make without caring. Does it matter if they are straight or gay?
My aunt made me numb. Gosh, I hated her!! Always comparing me to my cousin, treating me like I was a little kid, yet my cousin is younger than me, always believed her, and talked shit about me behind my back. So glad I don't live with her. All she did was make my life a living hell. And she would always call me names, yet she claimed she "loved" me.
I'm talking bad because I'm expressing my feelings? Wow. Fucking stupid and dumb. I'm allowed to say what I want.
If you don't like the post, scroll past in instead of whining about it. Not hard to do.
To almost everyone at my school I'm tired of being what you want me to be...
I know how you feel Lara. They'll stop if you do nothing. They'll notice thaz you dont care!
Tired of being what you want me to be... (LETS START A LYRIC CHAINNNN :D)
By this Darude-Sandstormnumb
My Dad and Stepmom want me to be this angel. Honestly, I'm not. They destroyed me. They tortured me. I was abused physically and mentally. Suicidal thoughts pop up in front of me, and my future looks like nothing. I cry in my room. The only person that cares for me is my mom, but I only see her a couple hours each week. At school people judge me. I'm extremely self conscious, and my friends try to act better than me. They talk over me and stomp on me.I tell them my pain, but they never understand. When I tell them life is nothing, they tell me "Go fix it yourself". They don't understand I can't. I have no one.
My mum wants me to be her 'perfect' daughter...always graceful, always have good manners, I can't even have bad days and be angry or have an attitude when I'm frustrated and annoyed. 
I think REALLY good music stopped at around 2010-ish. Sure, songs now are catchy, but the early 2000s had some good quality music that I'm sure people will remember long after now.
I want to go back in time. I want to be a teen when music like this came out, when music was in its prime.
+Gab Nelo Nah. Name one good song published in 2014-2015.
+Proward oh i know one how about.....ok then maybe.....wait there was this one....
Father made me numb
its ben wop wop lets party wop wop grabs beer
My crush made me numb.  I try and try to get him to notice me,dropping hints the best I can, but a majority of my friends hate him, as if I am the only one who see's the good in him. My friends say he's a jerk and he's a douche. But the way I can see him is cute,sweet,gentle, and confident, but they don't see what I see, and it saddens me, and him not noticing me the way I wish,makes me hurt more, and at first I wasn't used to the depression,then I became used to it, and now I feel numb, like nothing has true meaning until the numb-depression fades off (Which isn't fast unless I go to bed and wake up,then it's okay.) 
Don't let your own friends or even your family discourage you of what they think about your crush, alright. Please, let him know of how much you love and care about him. That's the best thing you can say to him now. 
I made myself numb...
+boby simpson You make me laugh. Thank you for being an amusing human.
well alrighty then +Lily Chambers im glad i made you smile
+Faith X23 Not sure if you heard this song or not, but it's good.
novacaine made me numb
Frank Ocean anyone ? :D
I can't get enough of this song, why? cuz this beautiful song relates so much to my terrible life
This song has so much meaning to it. I am numb because of my abusive father.... every time he comes home.. he beats my mother and I... I can't take it anymore. I'm not worth being here, at all. And I am a piece a shit. My father says so. I should just die. I should rot in my room... I should die. Then my father and everyone at school will be happy.
Oh god... Look you can't just die because of the discouragement and conflict you've faced. I know by fact, there might be some people that still care about you like friends or your mother. As of your father, I can tell that Hell is waiting for him soon so that no one will have to endure his sinful wrath anymore, like your mom. Also, if you're reading this, just stay strong not only for yourself, but for friends, your mother, and for your future, that's what matters most. 
I'm numb because of my father and stepmother. Nothing that I do seemed to make them happy. I tried to hard to be a perfect little girl, but I wasn't. Stepmom called me fat, lazy, stupid, unattractive, etc. She always stole my father's attention from me. My father never cared two shits about me. He shunned my brothers and sister, so I was his only chance in creating a perfect child. He wanted so much from me, but I couldn't live up to his expectations. And, he was the same way with his parents.. So why can't he realize how I feel? I live with my mom now, and I'm not so depressed anymore. But now, I just feel so numb. 
I really wish you people would get over it. If you're depressed and are suicidal, go slit your wrists or drink bleach or whatever it is you do. Now, if you actually care about life, do something to fix it instead of being attention whores and putting in YouTube comments. Sincerely; a person who really does(nt) care :)
I've been utterly depressed for a very long time and you sir did not help at all. Thanks for killing me on the inside. Sincerely, a person who does(nt) care about her personal health or needs
Dude its not okay to say that at all. Its a horrible thing to say and should not be said to anyone at all! I dont know who the fuck you think you are for saying that. And everyone else responding, by telling this dude to drink bleach or whatever you are No better then him. What he said was wrong but responding that way is not right either. When you respond to these types of hate or whatever they are please dont tell the person to slit their wrist or whatever it doesnt make you any better. Sincerely, Someone who's sick of seeing the hate
(Sorry to copy you others but) My friend SEB and my mom made me numb. Seb was always keeping strange secrets and usually was highly bothersome. But that's a little thing. My mom made me numb cuz she got a new boyfriend and left my dad for strange unknown reasons. But she made her boyfriendd her priority it seemed. I felt left out and got depressed and eventuallylead up to my current anxiety. I started cutting and burning myself. I felt hopeless. I just stopped eating lunch at school and listened to music that I loved learned guitar wrote some music and now I'm better. Stay strong guys. Bai
+Fayza Elshafie guinea pigs smell like vomit I have 2 and the smell is overbearing
"Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing." -Ward "To err is human; to forgive, divine." -Alexander Pope "Not all those who wander are lost." -J. R. R. Tolkien "It so falls out, that what we have we prize not to be worth whiles we enjoy it; but lacked and lost, why, then, we reck the value." -William Shakesphear "The tongue is like a sharp knife; it cuts without drawing blood." -Buddha "With more success comes greater problems along with greater ability to solve them." -Mark Victor Hansen "At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet." -Plato "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -Leonardo Da Vinci "You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back." -Barbara De Angelis "Raise your words, not voice. It is rain which grows flowers, not thunder." -Rumi "Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time." -Rabindranath Tagore "The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas." -Linus Pauling "Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort." -John Ruskin
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xDDDD when I asked like two or three days ago
Numb by Linkin Park. All I did was read the lyrics on the thumbnail
My Teacher made me numb, I told her I wanted to be a male stripper, and they pushed my dreams down the drain. My life has no meaning any more... Lik if u cri every tiem...
But then it's your choice. I guess I just want everybody to be happy since that's how it is in my country where family is valued more than the individual self. For example, eldest children often compromise on or give up entirely on their dreams just so they could find a good source of income to help pay for their younger siblings' education. At least for you, you don't have such a handicap. 
I made my arm numb and masturbated so it felt like someone else was doing it.
Flying Eagle Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
I try to fulfill your expectations of me but its too much. Why do I feel like you're making up for not going to college by making me go? I wanted to before, but now I... I don't know. I want to drop out and become a race car driver. Linkin Park - Numb [Lyrics]:
+Ⓧ The Next Proxy Ⓧ I am so sorry. Try writing a letter and before you go to school(or anytume when your out of the house and both your parents are home) leave it on your parents bed and the letter should include how you truly feel about it and explain to them that the girl they want you to be isnt what you want. If you can, show the downsides of being a steriotypical gurl. If they still dont listen, just try to live with it and maybe if you want to, when we're grown up, we can move to St. Petersburg Russia together. Also, everyone except my three close friends have made me numb. My dad has anger issues which can lead to very bad events. My mom was a little annoyed when I first started going emo, but she is letting me dress in darker clothing, though with Dissociative Identity Disorder, i am emo, goth, scene, preppy, whatever, and teen wolf. But she also misunderstands what I say or just doesnt listen at all and assumes someone(s) did something. My brothers and sister have let me down and get me in extreme trouble. Everyone else treats my like an idiot or they pay no mind to me. My three close friends actually treat me like a human. I know it doesnt sound much, but I have a hard time with speach, so its a lot worse than when I described it.
Thanks, but they don't really listen to me. ;-; I don't think that'll work, but once again, thanks for the idea.
falling asleep on my arm made me numb
My teacher made me numb. I studied immensely for my exam, for like an entire hour, and he gave me an A-. Seriously? I wanted to rip it up and throw it at his plastic face. I actually studied and deserve better. I politely mentioned this to him and only demanded 15 points extra credit for the emotional distress he has put me through, and he told me to sit down. Unbelievable. He obviously wants kids to have no self-worth, to cut themselves, and to cry themselves to sleep, all of which apply to me, all because of him. I'm reporting his vile ass to the police right after I sing this in class in front of everyone. It's my mission to use the pain I've been through to inspire others.
This reminds me how my father always pushed my limits and never the I did was good or enough for him ...
This is for my asshole father who is controlling my god damn life. I know that some people are going to be like, "look man, your father loves you" I call bull crap, and you have no idea how long it took me to figure out that it was him all along that was secretly killing me inside.
Yo Sky, we're all tired of being what they want us to be, sometimes, dawg, you just gotta say "Fuck you." "My goddamn dreams are hell of alot better than you'res will ever be, bitch." -Don't say it out loud. But trust me, man. That phrase works wonders.
Ok, nice that you understand ! :D , you are different of those 10 yrs old faggots that start a fight.
...Dude I am not commenting back after this. Bye... 
This song describes my life so perfectly as I'm going through the toughest depression of my life, trying to get away from all the expectations my family pushes on to me. Linkin Park I am so relieved to have found someone who feels exactly the same as I do. You really get it
makhayla tobin Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Linkin Park - Numb [Lyrics]: don't be them, be yourself!👪👫👬👭
I love this song!!!!!!
I became numb by my friend when I was 11 dying, mom and dad spilt this year my mom was slapped by my grandfather and the police were called and I'm only 13 right now my life shit and being numb is all I have left
Shrek Made me Numb...
Am i the only one in the comment section who is not a complete faggot and im here just because i like the music
I guess I don't like heavy metal :(
great musics of this time (i can't remember when i hear this song for the first time). i like to hear linking park because of this kind of lyric. when i'm frustrated with something, this songs chill me.
Hey +Nebula Strom​ I think this more my theme song!
Peole give me grief alot for no reason at all but i just smile and say at least im not a complete a**hole and try and ruin peoples lives
This song is dedicated to my dad that never cared about me and left my life 5 years ago.I hate you dad.why did you do this to me.He ended up messing me up ,now everything is different
a single teer roll down face, is linkin. the park which broke my numb, you heard me. linkin prak. numb. lets goooooooo
My Ex boyfriend, my Ex best friends, and the people who were supposed to support me, they all made me numb.
I absolutley love the livid lyrics
A really bad anxiety disorder made me numb...
Mom used to make me numb. She had such high expectations for my grades in school. She made me a bit of a nervous wreck and would always say try harder even when I try my best
I feel numb, Everyday.
this is how I feel right now with my parent's I don't give a fuck about what they want me to do 
when u make a video how do u add ure own music if you don't have iTunes and don't want to use what they have on there?
well im not 5 I just like wonder woman and superman is that a problem
tries to move w-why am i tired to a tree.....?
Sharon Marie Shared on Google+ · 12 hours ago
Love This Song. This goes along with my deppression.
Got this cd the day it was released
i know my grnadmother makes me so numb
Someone should kill your English teacher!
My schoolmates and freinds make me SOO freaking numb. They keep telling me that being a videogame maker is a dead-end, worthless, stupid, crappy dream. I have only 2 people who think it's worth it and they want to do the same thing for a career.
Don't worry about the negative things other people say. If you work hard towards your dream, you can succeed it! :)
This songs explains me
Fuck You Snow You Made Me Numb!
None understands me at school but I DONT GIVE A FLIPPING FUCK WUT THEY THINK!!!!!!!!
Same to me for you. I dont give a fuck of your problems. Just punch 'em in the fucking face if they are annoying. You're welcome
Llife made me numb..... end of my life story
Yo you guys just gotta chill
Yes now i can buttfuck sweetie belle.
+Constipated OhTwo  Yup...btw  do you know how to change usernames my little cousin came up with this one. 
Oh God these comments.
RIP Leelah Alcorn
Feel like this evrey day
HAYLEY LOVES YOU Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
What does this song mean to you??
a girl who has no friends..
Anybody here for the music NOT to talk about sob stories and think people will care?
Perhaps people comment because they can relate to the song? Don't dictate what people should post on the internet.
That black guy in prison made my asshole numb... so hard for me
Anyone who says they don't like Linkin Park is either lying....or they just need to get their head examined.
Raven Moon Kincaid Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
My heart is glass, don't shatter it and leave scars
Gonna do a pokemon map of this!!!!
Nope, an oc map, so I can use my cat AND pokemon oc.
skylar dworin Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Love this song!
Have you heard of leave out all the rest numb is a good song to
What makes me numb is when people say I'm bad at soccer and I should give up my dreams of becoming a soccer player.
They are older than me
I am so glad people feel the same way I do of bullying
Rickita Snow Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Somebody KILL ME**
Ok incidently shoots himself
I won't say my sob story because I have gotten over it with the help of my loved ones. All is well and I've just gotten stronger than the crybaby I was before....I did get a little stranger, too, though. I still love this song in 2015 :D Time passes like an arrow....
Thank God. I hate those depressive fucks in the comment section.
I think the real meaning of this song can only be found by substituting all of the "you"s with "fear" and all of the "I"s with "Love".  "Love's, become so numb, Love can't feel fear there" "Loves become so tired, so much more aware; By becoming this, all love wants to do, is be more like love, and be less like fear." "All Love wants to be, is be more live love, and be less like fear" "love's tired of being what fear wants love to be" It makes sense to me this way.
im 9 years old and i want to BE A GAMER! but my mom wants me to go to school to work in 3rd grade IM LIKE I WANT TO BE A GREAT FAMOUSE GAMER!
Proud to be a Numb, Any problem Mothafuker ? Intelligent person can not distinguish whether a person numb or not, Fuck all jealous and ignorant ego sucker bitches..
emerald destler no one give 2 black cocks
This song just has the power to bring back old feels. o-o
Clover Olaith Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Yea, it's true i like rock, goth & Maybe some Evanescence...
I'm guessing you like mikey's Little freckles, & his smile and you're favorite color is orange. xD
David Baker Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
my favorite song
wolf bite 12 Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
Check out this video on YouTube
Lilly Olaith Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
I like Linkin Park ^^
carolyn squid girl Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
i fell in love with this song
Dante Sparda Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
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