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Let's Play Minecraft Part 4 - Race to Bedrock!

by Rooster Teeth • 4,044,958 views

Geoff, Gavin, Michael, and Ray return to Minecraft once more as they race for first in an epic contest created by Geoff. Who will win? Who will fail? Who will Michael berate and insult the entire...

Watching this in 2015 is memorable. :)
It's kind of funny to see "vote for net neutrality" on the title screen.
Ah the time before ray's heart died.
poor Ray :( I miss when he cared too
"AWH BUALS" -Gavin Free, 2013 ( 14:55 )
Eh, it makes for a few really funny moments like "awh buals" or (some other friggin' weird thing Gavin says).
+Dramatic beast43 Well, YOUR language isn't even really YOUR language. It's derived from other languages from Denmark and Germany. So, stfu. 
Was this the first ever Go!
+gpoop23 Well that and Geoff called the word GO and it's a basic GO! Challenge.
What and Geoff called "go"? The idea of Go! is to complete a challenge in any game available to them, starting from the moment Geoff says "Go!". This is a Let's Play, done in the same format as tons of Let's Plays before and after it. The fact that Geoff shouted "Go." Once they had already decided and started a game changes nothing.
i love how one of Michael's worlds is named "I hate Gavin"
I'm disappointed they never released the Let's Build for this video
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha......I'm crying now, it shouldn't be this funny!!!!!!
It was a let's dig.
I can't believe people are saying that they're running out of ideas NOW. The lets plays are so much more creative than they used to be
whos idea was it to put all the lets play videos in a playlist backwards....
You are a sexy person and I love you if that's true. <3 
It's so weird watching Gavin as tuxedo mask
Lol, Michael and Gav happy world at 9:16
Just like Ice Cube X I am still calling Ray the winner.
+Sukhman Rai  No, not him. As you can see its Pippin there is no E. Actually named after my dog...
I know, but the only Pippen or Pippin I could think is Scottie Pippen.
Ray: "UH! FLOWER! GO!"
+Karkya Vantas actually he loves aailor moon ( anime) and in the beginning of the vid he says tuxedo mask witch is a character who always has a rose so story
+David Steer Hun, I know XD. I grew up with Sailor Moon and it's really obvious that he means Tuxedo Mask and I think it's hilarious the jokes he does.
I think when Gavin Killed Brown with the creeper was down right the greatest thing.
When Michael said "I'm gonna fist fight the shit out of this skeleton" I lost it hahah
Geoff called the world 'Go', how ironic that 2 years on there would be a Go series!
There is nothing to say that go wasn't inspired by this, and therefore it is not coincidental.
I like how they were complaining about there being no trees when behind them there was a forest
Love how Gavin says how much prep Geoff put into the lets play beforehand...then you look at how much they do now 😂😂😂
"Dude I got 16 sticks!" fucking love old Ray
Lol turn on the subtitles. Makes it 1000 times better
Rest in sweet lovingly peace Monty Oum
change the speed of the video in the settings to 0.5 its hilarious
lol "ffffolloow the RRRaaaaaay trrraaaaaain "
so GO was minecraft letsplays to start with
they should bring this back for a go 
I can't handle Michael....
I'm still waiting for race to bedrock X...
2015 boy do guys really hates eachother
I also hate Gavin. Hes a mincy little prick
Minecraft 36mo&&hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
10,000 comment.I approve.
Stop begging fucking mean to g
Where is Race to Bedrock X?
The creepers and Ghasts aren't cooperating very well. Also, Edgar keeps getting in the holes, so everyone keeps turning into cows.
They all should be replaced and the company out of business there all retards that suck dick
You're just jealous because they have a better job than you. You probably clean toilets at McDonald's.
"I got blown up by somthing...." hmm......I wonder what......
It's funny that they went from building Achievement City to digging to bedrock
i actually miss this version
My heart sort of fluttered when I saw "Michael and Gav Happy World" My Otp just grows by the second with these videos.  9:27 Also "I hate Gav" was pretty funny too xD
"I hate Gavin" "Michael & gav happy world"
"I just realized when you punch rock you dont pick it up so I'm stuck. all i can do is dig down.." - Gavin Free or you could dig up at an angle... thinking under pressure, Gavin style
This is too funny, everybody is wondering where the trees are while Michael is making tools lol XD
This girl i justed frickle fracked showed me y'all this weekend and i can't stop bloody watching! Y'all make me cry in all the right ways!
"frickle fracked"
Hey, Grif, what's going on-- BOOM! Never mind, I'm going back to Valhalla.
"I became dead" - Gavin, 2012.
this is very entertaining for me I am subscribing!
Im watching this whole series
You Are Totally Earning A Sub And A Like      Rooster Teeth!  (;
GAVIN called MICHAEL an idiot...Plot twist...
Michael was such a dickhead in these early episodes, especially to Gavin...
I love how Geoff was talking about how he was at bedrock while in his inventory you could clearly see him getting cobblestone and sand...
You should make another lets play like this but instead do a who came together more materials for a house
Just watch his streams.
"aah I found coal, who's jealous?" nOoOt mEee
Im still baffled by how simple this lets play is, but so hilarious Lol
"Owwwww! Owwww, Michael! Stop! Stop, you crevasse" Gavin Free (2012) (2:00)
ah the days of no food
Haha the olden times lol
ok good job  hi you are good
"I became dead." Iconic.
go through all the let's play minecraft vids and see how many anime references you can spot Michael and Ray make  
I kind of miss when they were noobs i mean they still are but it's gotten kind of old
9:19 michael and gav happy world. that's so sweet, both of you
And also a world called I hate Gavin.
LMFAOOO I'm done 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭
You can't just ask people why they're black Gavin...
Ryan The Not Here Yet Guy
Ryan the still living in Corpus Christi as a gnome model guy
20:27 "Did you find the gavino hole to like the end of the world?" That's the scene from Minecraft RageQuit II :D
16:18 is also in there. O_O I'm now scene-hunting
For this on there no funny scenes to me
I;m so used to the new lets plays that when Gavin fell at 21:58,I thought it was Ray for a few seconds, despite the fact I had already seen the episode months ago.
seems like itd be easier to go down that cave by the beach and then dig down with a stone pick
You guys should play slender: the arrival.
Now the friends adventure continues to find out what lies beneath all the dirt and stone the covers the land. 
Hey guys I hate to be that asshole to post this comment but it would help me tremendously if you guys would go check out my newest video of Achievement Hunter Minecraft Deaths
Oh my god, Gavin, you can't just ask someone why they're black
Gavin got gumba stomped
9:19 I Hate Gavin Micheal and Gav Happy World *dies* TuT
Am I the only one that thinks Micheal has anger issues?
that is why he made rage quit
They've come a long way haven't they
"i'm gonna map you into next week you red eyed prick!" - Gavin 2012 
Just as I read that, he said that. Lol perfect timing
Gavin should have poured lava into each persons hole, would of been epic!
they made a world called i hate gavin. LOL!!!
its like...a loose vagina...
1:28 1st unofficial "Go!" :o
How come they had no hunger bar,?
+Dr. ViperKevin Hahahah you get your hunger bar waaaaaay before the 1.8 update.
Gavin sucks at minecraft, he sucks at gta, he should be replaced
shut up troll, he is one of the favorites so why would they make a decision based on one man's opinion
they should hire you!!!
I just love when gavin asks if there is rules like countless times
this totally reminds me of playing terraria with my firends and racing to build a hellevator...except this is funnier cuz no one tried to sabotage each other
ı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ u fucking bitch U NO FIRST! U SKANK!
So I only just recently started watching Lets Play (obvious by me only being on part 4) and I'm new to Rooster Teeth in general, but I'm wondering how long it takes to like, know who's who? I've managed to figure out which voice is Michael and Ray, possibly Geoff but no one else.
In case you haven't figured it out yet, Gavin is the one with the British accent, and Jack and Ryan, well, they sound a lot alike, and it might take you a while to be able to tell them apart.
so i saidı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ OMFG! 
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