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Phonics Song 2

by KidsTV123 • 290,316,587 views

It's a phonics song with a picture for each letter. This is designed to help children learn the sounds of the letters in the English alphabet. Written and performed by A.J.Jenkins Copyright 2009...

Why does this video have so many dislikes? Lol
Me and my friends have had a inside joke about this for years, we like the vid but the joke is.... X is for box xxbox?¿
I love this song, I will sing it with my class. Thanks
X is for Box?    U WOT M8!!
I love this video. My daughter has dyslexia and is struggling in phonics. After trying many methods I found this video. She responded right away. She just started a couple days ago and is actually showing improvement. Thank you so much for this video.
+KidsTV123 Thanks! I'll check it out.  :)
My son's teacher says he really enjoys this song and it is rather catchy and like "Schoolhouse Rock" before it, you don't realize you're learning; you just think you're having fun.
I love nursery rhymes, sing with the kids
Does anyone know what the guitar chords might be for this song?
+thecat287 Chords are in the description under the video - please click "show more".
Very easy to follow, great job!
Why this video got so much dislikes ? Maybe they are afraid to like it ... But i am sure that most of u like kids songs LOL :-P .... Well my brother likes this song very much he is only 1 year and a half old
who just doesnt like this song????
This is designed to help children learn the sounds of the letters in the English alphabet. Written and performed by A.J.Jenkins
Thanks to this video, my child has easily learned her ABC's.  She is not even 2 1/2 yet!  Home schooling has gone so well!  She thinks learning is so fun!!  Thank you!
I start headbanging every time.
"T" is for "Train" was such a bad example!!! T-t-t not Tr-tr-tr!!! Try "T" is for "Teacher". <------ better example!
I love the tone of his voice. This song makes my babies smile. :)
hi +KidsTV123  i want to tell you i love your voice is to goos ME GUSTA
I live this video very much. My very young child also loves it. With the help of this video now I am teaching my child. Thanks a lot.
So good sing it with my classroom in kindergarten
I love how my kids always tell me to put it
Kennedy Lowery I don't know what to say but I think this is wonderful !
It is a very nice video for learning A B C'S
baby brother likes it
My daughter is 4 now and she's been listening to this song since she was months old she loves it today thank you for sharing it 😊
@Thecat287 The Chords Are In The Description Box (:
I am happy to find this video very useful for me, as it contains lot of information. I always prefer to see the quality content and this thing I found in you video. Thanks for sharing.
I'm visiting my third world country and when I come here, I teach English to kids. They like this song and they can learn the correct sound specially the letters b, g, h, l, r, v, w.  There is not charge for the lessons and using this video as a tool it help me to motivate them to excel in all their subject at school, by just learning English well, give them more self confidance.
I really u guys who made this song!!!!
My kindergarten kids love the song and have learned so many letters and sounds. Thank you!
My baby brother loves this song!
Honestly i was headbanging to this 
My native language isn't english so i was always wondering - why is cat spelled with "c"? Would there be something wrong if it was "kat"? "C" is pronounced "see", and all of a sudden...: cat. wut
My son loves this song.
My son is 18 months he's so smart he knows them all thanks for the video
Me and my students Looooove it! Thanks!
Oh its a nice one.i will share it with my pre grade class on monday.
i love this song its very nice
I do my best to learn English and I liked this song, but I did not understand what he said after the letters of the alphabet I hope that anyone who writes to me  Thank you
He was making the sound that the letter makes when its used in a word "a is for apple ...a a apple. B is for ball b b ball."
so many things for you to learn about so many ways to sing your song : اشياء كثيرة لك لتتعلمها و طرق كثيرة لتغني اغنيتك (يقصد اغنيه الحروف ) هذا الشي اللي في الاخير 
My little sister loves this song thank you for this song
my kids love this song, thank you.
Actually don't know why my Lil sis loves this but she stops screaming and shouting when I put this song on thanks x
This helped calm my cousins down
This song make my son go crazy with his dance and singing
great and CALM song to teach phonics. 
My son Like  2 much this song.....:-)
My daughter love this song. Thanks
It is lovely my sis say she love it
this is our favorite abc song
My baby like it very much. Thank you.
I love this song because it help you..just love it
Soooooooooo cute like super cute
Thanks, my baby sister loves it!
OMG I wonder what the next letter is!
my little girl like this song so much
Thanks for putting up this phonics song!
That's right it puts my two month old right to sleep.
Actually your right.A is for apple. Great job on this video.I don't really sing the alphabet that much. Sometimes, but not really.
my baby sister is nearlying abc she it is awsome i love it and she is 3 thank you so so so much it is helping kids and babys and boys and girls it is helping children it is awsome
Will definately use in my class
Kinderen voor geschikt elke heele mooi ..
thanks it helped my baby brother a lot
I also think this is  sweet song CCC
I do like this song, but I wish it was in a different key.  The kids can't sing it unless it's an octave higher, and some of us (notice I said us, it's not just me) can't hit those notes well.
We love what you do and appreciate your hard work. Thank you. 
This is such a catchy little song and my son loves it.  I would like to say, though, that a few of the sounds will make sounding out words a little confusing.  For instance, L doesn't make the L-uh sound, just the L sound.  There were a few others too, such as the R sound (shouldn't be R-uh).  It makes sounding out words confusing.  For instance: sounding out dog with the d-uh and g-uh sounds gives you duh-o-guh, rather than just dog.  When they're are learning the basics these subtle changes make a big difference.
+ADROYLEY You're right. Please watch the new version. We tried to make the sounds more pure in the new version.
I love the tune of this song
this song i love it too much
Anyone know where I can get a free pdf of all the letters with the cip art used in the song??
I love this song lol my daughter loves it too. :)
+Augie Espinal Fantastic! Thanks for watching.
Gretchen Williams Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
fun i would recommend this
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