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Jeb Corliss wing-suit demo

by Jeb Corliss • 2,357,204 views

Fallow my latest news on twitter @ jebcorliss :My favorite wing-suit flights up to this point... Like me on Facebook : Web Page: Music: The Prodigy...

I wonder if they build suits with a little bigger wings so they don't lose altitude as fast. 
I used to think fighter jet pilots were cool...sorry dudes
Прыжку лет 6 - 8. А лучше ничего и не было.
hes still in the beginners suit i think o.o
Dam this is so cool!!! I envy you :) you must be really amaze of the view and it's beauty.. and how you're only one of the few that do what you do. Pure sweetness
I bet I am your number 1 fan Jeb
He is going about 164 mph
Man this looks like soooo much fun.. how fast is this guy traveling? Does anyone know??
Skydivers free-fall at about 195 km/h, since he has drag from the wind suit, his speed is probably around 120 km/h though the exact number would depend on how wide his chest is, and how much surface area he has with his limbs stretched. Certainly 100 KM/h at least.
Jeez man that's still fast as hell. I would love to do this. However I think I would have to be pushed out of the craft. No way I could jump on my own.
정말 해보고 싶네요~~^^*
интересно какова скорость полета ??
Bold and daring stuff! Check out the wingsuit operators in "World War III, Not How You Imagined"
I wonder what is the speed of flight,??
unbelievable fear less 
He will die one day from running into an eagle
How do they land without breaking body parts or dying?
Gianluca Masci Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Where to I signup to do this?
yoshiyah hawkins Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
IMAGINE how many distance intel gatherin tha first jump?
Why doesn't he just fly a helicopter thru the mountains
Pfft, yes! Why not?I mean what's the difference anyway?!
The first on is the Matterhorn or no?
i need this background song name ! PLS GUYS !
You have shut me down in no way and have only been wrong the entire argument, including with the principles of stalling and flight itself. I never said he stalled coming out of the bank, and he executed the bank with plenty of speed coming into it due to the straight trajectory at which he entered the valley. Not to mention the loss of speed is quite apparent by looking at the cameras attached to him, not the stationary camera. Your argument is invalid because you've only argued against mine.
You've shut down my argument in no way. In fact, I'm still going strong. You're the only one who needs to step away from the true debate to something else unrelated. Though the paragraph on stalling that you copied and pasted from the internet was a correct form of a stall, it's not the only stall, like you claim it to be. In fact, it's the only stall not being discussed in this debate. Furthermore, what you have stated has also been wrong, such as "he can't stall" and numerous others.
btw, if u look at the vid carefully, he was well above the camera guy that he flew over. now if ur telling me that from the ground up to where he was is 5 feet, then ur pretty fucking stupid and need to go back to school "idiot."
How the hell do you start doing this kinda thing? Sign me up!
Please think back to the original debate about him being more maneuverable than an FA-18 jet. If you watch the video, even with a fair amount of bank, he turned relatively slowly. He can not turn faster because it would cause a stall. I never said he did stall, but he must take these maneuvers slowly to avoid a stall. Therefore, he is not as maneuverable as an FA-18 because he is limited to what he can perform due to this reason.
i dont think it is hard to go so fast when you are falling from sky :D but his manevouring and reflex are famos :)
naw but he did break a bunch of bones in his legs when he base jumped off a waterfall in africa. ended up breaking his knees, most of his ribs, and some other bones i forget which
1:05 there is a house in the middle of fucking nowhere and it's awsome!
I wonder what material they use for the actual wing part. It is strong enough to take that much downward air current, yet seems light.
the one that contantly repeats "invaders must die?" you're on youtube...
My son wants to know how fast do u go?
looks as tho the suit is inflatable. if so, Is it inflated with air or helium or ...? Great stuff. I have dreams about similar flying, but much slower.
awesome but how do you stop exactly?
I love how he's so cool he's just wearing sunglasses.
it's real purpose of this sick sport, Today died Wioletta Rosłan, a 37-year practitioner of extreme variation Polish woman, died jumping from the 300-meter high cliffs. The woman was heavily pregnant, she killed herself and her unborn child R.I.P
These are the movies which need 1080p!
He wasn't flying. He was... falling with style!
This Music is awesome. After watching his documentary he's a big inspiration. he turned depression into base jumping (not drugs). After his accident Jeb said "he takes NO pain medicine". He's not only a smart intelligent human being but he's very very good at what he does; that's why he's still alive. He's the michael jordan of Extreme sports.
if ur saying my arguement is invalid because ive only argued against urs, wouldnt that be the same for u? and again tell me how ive been wrong the entire time? the "principles" of stalling and flight that I have provided are wrong? tell me how they are wrong? sorry to disappoint but ive already shut down ur arguement.
I never get sick of watching this.
Again 185 jumps before the Wingsuit!!! Oh yeah!
My nuts just sprouted their own nuts after viewing this. I.MUST.TRY.THIS.SHIT!!! *and the soundtrack is fuckin A!!!*
the suit itself is over 1000 and u need over 100 hours of parachuting solo minimum to even be allowed to base jump
I would love to go see one of his flights! Are you out of the hospital and into a suit again yet?
Didn't this dude disintegrate his legs or something
Whats the point of even wearing a helmet? You touch the ground your dead
have watched this a dozen times, and it still blows me away.. sick music selection.
I wanna do this at least once in my life!!! amazing!!
Way to go Jeb! That video is unreal. I'd so love to try that.
whether he came out slow or not, he didnt stall so i dont see wut ur trying to get at with that. ur original point is he can stall by changing his arm position slightly. my arguement was all he had to do was tilt his body to maneuver which he did so again tell me how ur right?
How many Jebs did it cost, I would ask... Looks great, but scary.
This shit is RUDE BRO!! No fear!!
this video is a symbol of epicness
how does jeb cross the road? he dont, he flays 120 mph 4 feet over it! you fucking rock dude!!!!
who said that humans cant fly?
same could be said to u. u said if he changed his arm position even slightly he will stall, and guess wut he moved his whole body without stalling so again, ur arguement is invalid.
no its just dead space that is brought tight by the wind as he falls, like pulling a piece of fabric tight
This footage was the only thing that survived that fall
the write brothers are probably urnning in their graves
I am curious where you get your knowledge of stalling? I saw in previous comments that stall occurs at 15 degrees angle of attack, which is not often the case (if you have ever seen an airplane perform a loop, you can see that stall does not occur, even when the airplane is upside down). Stall depends on several things: air density, angle of attack, airspeed, shape of the airfoil, and even the roughness of the material the airfoil is made of. You cannot strictly determine when a wing will stall.
lmfao ur arguement is going strong? i need to step away from the "true" debate? how is it the "only" stall not being discussed in this "debate?" flying at a speed that that exceeds 100mph, yes he cant stall, also because his angle of attack isnt critical, and wut "numerous" others that i have stated is wrong? please indulge me. I have indeed shut down ur arguement.
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