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The Amazing Spider-Man with the Creatures

by thecreaturehub • 395,611 views

Subscribe to The Creatures: The Creatures head out to see the midnight premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man. - - - - - - - Website- Shirts-...

Back when James, Seamus, Max, and Jordan were skinnier. I like the fatter Creatures now lol.
Jordan isn't fat, just filled out a bit from age. And Seamus recently lost some weight after getting a little chunky. 
Wow i forgot gassy existed....
his channel is really good but alot of people just forgot him :/
Could never forget the one who shown me the creatures
Haha, I forgot about Gassy :P
I miss gassy as a creature
I miss you gassy ;(
hahahaha! i love the yelling at people from the car
Watching this and more recent videos just shows that James gained A LOT of weight, But he's still awesome
The amazing spiderman is more true to the comics the the other ones and the web shooters spiderman uses in this movie are the one they use in the comics because in the comics he built the web shooters.
Actually they got everything wrong The amazing spiderman movie actually follow the ultimate spiderman story in some aspects while the Spiderman movie follows the Amazing spider man story in some aspects but still a good movie
dang they dint say anything about the best stan lee camo ever
More i watch these the more i think it'd be awesome to work with these guys
is there a video of James and Sp00n yelling at people?
What episode is the one that James says I'm gonna suck your dick!
+Jonathan B I always thought it was this one lol
Wow, cant believe Gassy was still in the creatures since this movie came out. I literally watched it for the first time today lol. How time moves by so fast, still remember when this was in theaters.
Crazy amount of shotgun rain
As much as I hate to admit it... I miss Gassy :(
Aleks became a creature last year. Like one year ago almost.
I have the exact same keyboard as koots but mines green instead of blue 
Idk why Dan has problems with him if you see dan's haircut video compared to now i don't see a difference
Hopefully they see the sequal
Will they ever come to kansas
When was the year aleks became a creature
I was really happy that they added the web shooters. Then again, I am a comic buff.
Captain Stacey reloads the shotgun right before the camera is about to switch you can see him reach into his pockets
It was Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.
i love how french people actually sound like that
It's like you guys predicted the future because this has happened! o.o
"Byee! Yeah I know I look fatter" lol Dan.. I love Dan (:
Am I the only one that noticed your account picture is being worn by a wheel of cheese on the back of a cheez-it box?
They went to the orchard in Colorado
the 3 first are the real good ones with toby.. these ones suck D...
Go away spider-man James forever (:
hey hey wheres the vid with nova and spoon yelling best day ever
Now he can jerk off with that hand haha.
i like how Nova yells at random people in every movie trip.
is this where the battleblock luchador thing came from? in memory of max? :D
ya i saw the new spiderman "movie at cinamarc XD" <---- its really has XD in the name and it was the directors cut.
there is something very amusing about james screaming at people
Is Max still a creature or did he quit and go solo w/ goldy and crew?
James sounds like a lunatic on the street . AGAIN !!!!!
and of course NOVAs rooms the dirtiest XDXDXDXD
You'll actually notice that he reloads a few times in the movie. You just gotta watch out for it.
aleks wasn't a creature at that time
Just a question but what happen with gassy someone told me that him and one of the other creatures argued anyone have the true story?
thats not lame i know were your coming from and your not alone
i LOVE how james has his own computer room compared to the other !
i remember when gassy was a creature
more nova yelling at people lol
I wish you'd shut the fuck up and stop being a little cunt.
what editing system do you use?
EW KOOTRA USES THE RAT MOUSE. Get steelseries or razer bro :(
i realised. koots has bumps on his cheeks from having that pimple thing. pardon me for not knowing what its called. tell me if you can.
I love how Seamus doesn't give a fuck!
itsbetter than all the toby migure movies
As nova once said... Im gonna suck your dick.
One year later... I regularly return and watch every creaturehub video, it's all I did last summer
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