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Cute Day to Night Hair, Makeup & Outfit!

by Bethany Mota • 1,041,617 views

What video would you like to see next?! Let me know in the comments :))) Thanks so much for watching! I really hoped you guys enjoyed this video. I LOVE YOU ALL and missed you so much! I'm glad to...

Get ready with me : Day to night routine on weekends for fall
but bloopies? :( 
Bethany, I would just like to take my time to say thank you so much for inspiring me in life exscpecially right now because I have been very stressed xoxo-Mia
Does any one think she sounds sad?
Do a updated please!!
Why do you have to be so perfect?? 😊😊😍😂😇👸👸
whats her curling iron? i really wanted one please help :D
You sometimes remind me of Victoria Justice... dunno why o.o
Anyone know the name of the song that plays during the night routine?
its the remington 2 inch wand. you can get it at target i believe :)
i love u bethany!!!
Holy u look exactly like victoria justice
U are just a princess!!! I love u
What's the name of the first song?
Bethany u look like victoria justice at 0.01
she looks preetyer then victoria justice
was she wearing colored contacts at the end?
Wow @bethanynoelm you really look like Victoria justice in the night routine! Wow!
Can someone tell me the name of the second song? :)
this video is so professional looking!
I need those sunglasses in my life !!!
I'm watching your video and your aeropostale spring collection came on as the ad
I have the same brush as you!!!!!
Morning and night and day routine :)
I love u bethers u have a nice dress but it is kind a to short
You don't even need foundation and concealer...
closet touur!!!!
That dress is the cutest!
Ikr she looks like Victoria Justice
omg i love her glass
where did you get everything?
If I had your face I would not ware make up
⬇⬇ then don't watch it??
One of my favourite videos by you!
she should get back to doing more videos like this and also do somo get ready with me vids
And the next video u can do is what to do wit h a bad hair day
Michelle phan's makeup techniques
sshe really looked like Victoria Justice in this
Can you make a birthday outfit and makeup my birthday is on April 14 I don't know what to wear I am so confused I always mess up on what makeup to do so if you can help me it would be great!
At night you look like Victoria justice
She kinda look like Victoria Justice in this video...
PLEASE ... it will make y day if you would check out my channel :)
Love the dress!!:) follow me on Instagram @samanthahall17
You should do an Ariana grande inspired makeup and outfit videos! I just like Ariana's style and makeup it's very trendy
also your hair might just be different from beth's because it's a different type. Like mine is a lot thicker, so when i use my remington they look different. :)
i love this video so much:) please do more of day to night outfit!
You look really pretty without makeup :)
she looks like Victoria Justice sister. OMG
That's u casual? What is u dressed up? And if that is the outfit why not go heavier for makeup.
no she looks like Victoria Justice, if You dont know her then Look her up on google images
for the night time look she looks like Tori Vega (0:11) O.O
can you post a vid on makeup/hair for going out
omg you look so much like victoria justice in this video :D
At night you looked like Victoria justice
Did you end up getting it?! I know this is really late but im pretty sure i replyed to this before :o anyways, i'm interested in knowing your thoughts on the one you bought because I really want to buy mine! :)
OMG ur so naturally pretty please may I be u x
Can you please do a closet tour
Who ur camera has really good quality
This came out on my birthday :)))))
This is one of my favorite videos by Beth <33
You should do more videos like this c: !
I think you look like Victoria Justice :)
when i saw the intro i thought it was like a movie
this video is where she really began to grow on youtube
Where did u get the life proff hair thing
U should do like going out to the club or nightclubs
that primer potion tells you how old this video is :P
Did you use an ipsy glam bag for this video?
Imperfections? Bethany, you have no
at 4:10 you look absolutly STUNNING!!!!!!! OMG I CANT EVEN....
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