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The Jeremy Lin Effect 2 - Asian Girl and White Guy

by FungBrosComedy • 405,457 views

*The characters represented in this video are fictional but based on true events.* Directed, Edited, Produced: Timothy Tau (, Written...

FACT: Not a lot of Asian girls like Asian guys, but the Asian girls who do like Asian guys are more attractive.
That IS generalizing .... OVER-generalizing....and is therefore- NOT valid
I've seen really hot attractive Asian girls with non-Asian guys
Not all Asians are dorky, nerdy, whatever. But on an average Asians are pretty smart. I'd rather be smart than dumb.
Not trying to start a race war but...  #IssacNewton  :P 
+Phanteus Do you have absolutely no idea how scientific reasoning works? It's not up to me to prove that there is no correlation, you idiot. You believe there is a correlation therefore it is your job to supply the reasons why. You could say a giant invisible elephant is sitting right next to you, it's not my job to prove it isn't, it's your job to prove why you believe it is. You complete imbecile, you absolute idiot.
Christianity is a white mans religion and Buddhism is the true asian religion. I don't consider anyone who is Christian either moral or asian
Check out the religion of China's first emperor.
HaHa! White guys r losers & gay! Asian population (& growing fast) r the majority in the world. Asian r going to dominate the dating market in the world!
+サムライレイ Yeah, awesome..You're cool man, I'm sorry for being stupid before.
Funny. I'm Asian and I am a Communication Major....So yeah...What does that mean?
Asian girls have got themselves a worldwide reputation for lusting after white guys. I think they're just self-hating, white wannabe, racists. 
BULL-shit  ...In Asia --- ALL the girls idolize Asian Pop Stars --- Nobody even knows  "Justin WHO?? " exists
How about Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee? Not cool? Not musculine?
no guy would chase his girl away like that
I hate seeing bitchy asian girl like her
rofl I just want to murder that girl, I mean the character she's playing
lmfao she said wannabe thugs who drive hondas and drink bubbletea LOOOOL
"And society and pop culture tell me that Ryan Gosling is hot" HAHAHAH that was hilarious.
 That girl ugly af anyway.
asian women have no problem dating whites blacks browns,asian guys are so loyal to asian women,why cant us asian guys date outside our race?
That asian girl totally looks like the girl in battlefield 4
that asian girl's sooooooooo pretty!!!
THANK GOD for Jermy Lin, and now MC Jin!
the ending is priceless   
Jessika Van from Awkward!!!!
Ewwwww it's BECCA! Lol
I blame Hollywood! These days every girl (including Asians) want to date and marry Prince Charming / James Bond, whose always played by a white guy (Ryan Gosling, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, etc). No girl, not even the Asian ones want to be with the "Token Asian" guy. We need more Asian guy leads in Hollywood "RomComs"!
Funny thing is Ryan Gosling isn't even an American, but Hollywood would fain hire him rather than Americans of Asian ancestry.
um asian girls would rather be with a good looking asian dude than any white guy. anyone can see for themselves that most white guys in real life aren't that attractive. also, even if what you said was true, wouldn't that mean guys of all races would want a hot white girl as well? because that doesn't seem to be the case
Not gonna lie here, I do drive a Honda and drink bubble tea while driving c:
Jessika reminds me of Meryl Davis...
You know what? This kind of dumb absurd story shall only happened in these videos, or in those lame asian guys' dreams! (btw, I'm an asian)
I knew that girl looked familiar!! She played "Becca" on the MTV show "Awkward".
i thought so too and then i remembered her from Awkward...she was funny and scary there haha
she even said "Jeremy who?" in this video.. LOL
Y doesn't she want bajurs spaghetti :[
White guys are GAY. White guys like to have sex with little girl who actually look like Men with no curves, boobs or ass. This paedophile race is almost extinct.
+Lofty Muses THAT is a racist statement.
wow this girls looks like the Battle Field 4 Chinese girl.
The Badger of European descendance  says hi.
Lol we need a Barack Obama effect now.
shes on awkward on mtv!
Punk ass white boy!!! Lol
+Blossom McMooch you just have to let other people know how retarded you are. there is no correlation between the two, dumbass. and for the record, most whites have small appendages and are ugly.
Wannabe thugs who drive Hondas and drink bubbletea. LMFAO
im an asian and this is my preference: white women; light skin; black girls lookin like auburn; asian girls. there will always be a minority and majority. just because the majority speaks that asian males are shy, quite, and basically unsociable, doesnt mean that we should be labeled as one. stereotypes are never accurate. just look at your own race and see for yourself if the stereotype coincides. as people, we are constantly breaking barriers- no one wants to be stagnant and stranded in the back of the line.
She play one of a charactor in bf4
+Wasan Suttikasem Didn't even notice. I'll sit in the corner of my room and reevaluate my existence... 
Awesome video. I like it. I also like asian guys.
haha its true. you can always just find another asian girl. 
Asian girl: I dont date asian guys because they are so this and so that. Asian guy: Then I wont date asian girls because you will never have a body like Gisele Bundchen.
yaoming? you know how many gold did China win in the Olympic ?
She obviously hasn't watched AsianPop b4...
Honestly, I think the real reason why Asian girls date white guys is because.... Based on my experience, 1. Asian guys are not proactive, or they are kinda slow. 2. When you date them, they are conservative and a bit overprotective 2. the cultural standards are too high and theres a lot of pressure. I find a lot of Asian guys attractive. The problem is they seem to fall into two types. The really shy ones and really cocky, obnoxious ones that think they're awesome. My first few relationships were with Asian guys. I have recently made the transition to other races and cultures, because it's refreshing and they feel like they accept and love me for who I am. I also think most Asian girls are probably so protected and pressured with high expectations (good in school, good daughter, gf, wife, obedient) in an Asian family, we don't want the same thing from our boyfriends. I also found Asian guys to be really sweet in the beginning, but then they change after a while. Once you're in a long-term relationship, it was... 1. I was too fat 2. I was too liberal and going out too much 3. He was jealous 4. His family was a lot to handle 5. He always thought he was right. If I found the right Asian guy, I would definitely transition back. I mean, there are definitely a lot of advantages by having someone that understands your culture . Now that I've dated other ethnicities though, I don't really feel like I would be truly accepted or fit into a traditional Asian guys ideal girl. The pressure of what I know is intimidating. Plus, I'm taller than a significant number of Asian guys... And looking down on my partner just makes me feel weird. I wonder if there are other Asian girls that feel or think the same way… These comedy skits are funny and thought-provoking at the same time. Thanks!
"And whats YOUR major?" Ouch.....
Dude, it's not what you know, it's who you know :P As you can tell, I'm White but I do plan on getting a degree in Astrophysics, not business. So I guess I'm not the typical White person who goes into economics and business (so boring!). 
david is so funny in jeremy lin effect
Too bad. But I love the concept 
What an ugly, shallow, condescending, chink slut! Why don't you go back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich you dumb anorexic bitch! I am an asian male and prefer to date my own race because of the many horrible experiences I've had with other races. But delusional morons that are prejudice against their own race like this bitch, I WILL NEVER DATE!! I'll treat her like the trashy whore that she is, make her clean my house and suck my dick! How can you debase your own race?! You must really hate yourself. I have a solution - go in kitchen, clean first, then grab a knife and kill yourself! This world will be a better place if you do this.
And you've made Asian guys look bad, well done. Counterproductive, much? 
+AlchemistOfNirnroot how does he represent all asians? you just made yourself look retarded lol
bitch no one's gonna approach you at a club you gotta get to class and get a job
i dont need the jermey lin effect to think asian guys are hot and attractive because to they were always hot!
This made me fucking laugh hard
O is the girl from battlefield 4 mission
Yeah she played as Hannah
"You never ate my mom's cooking." GONE.
im all for putting asian guys in a better light, but this... this video is sorta pathetic... and it reeks of stereotypes. i mean i know its a joke but still. And  based on true events? really? is that even necessary to say?
Holy crap... I came here for the video not racists comments! 
These hoes aint loyal
BS,have you ever watched 100%entertainment,the actors are muscled
this girl must not be exposed to men who were born, raised and live in Asia... have her look up K-pop idols, Chinese actors and J-rock singers
I love Jeremy Lin. Great video.
Hahahahahaaha, I love it. Thanks. 
"wait are you single? yeah of course you are" lmao
White guys could get a asian girl.asian guy could get white girls so fuck off.kick assss martial arts!!!!
Dude, she's ugly as fuck!!!
LMAO "HONDAS & BUBBLE TEA" hahaha that's so true!
Just goes to show how easily people are brainwashed by media.
only retarded people. it's pretty obvious that in real life, most white people are ugly; hell, even in movies, a lot of the whtie actors don't look that great. you'll still inevitably see attractive asian men in real life, which is why they always get the hottest asian girls. oh and by the way, the girl in this video is kinda ugly, so chances are, a lot of asian guys would think they're too good for her
OMG its Becca from Awkward!!!
how can u guys get in touch with a celebrity ? xD
I thought she looked very familiar, and then I clicked on her twitter and now I know who she is.
And women call men shallow...
that battlfield 4 tho
And one of the Fungs!
which is the rap song about Lin?
And fuck you fung bros for promoting these racist "jokes". Not everyone is insensitive like you naive, inconsiderate jerks. I don't care if its a joke or for fun, don't create videos that promote hate, prejudice, and negativity.
I'm Asian guy and I'm not offended, because I know this isn't true. Why are you so mad?
these lil mongoloids are bitter all non mongoloids are getting with their women. they make token videos of them with white girls or whatever to make themselves feel better but everyone knows the full picture reality.
+pxit212 fuck mongoloids, no one wants their chinky faces, any non mongoloid who procreates with mongoloids are fools.
+imaprouduclabruin mongoloid women are easy,submissive,goldigging whores, they are only good for being sexually exploited.
Based on true events? Like the true events of someone's dream?
Too bad the Jeremy Lin effect will not be in forcE when my children reach cooldom
I m white and looking for asian girl
Hahah I'm surprised that not a lot of people realize that she's becca from awkward
+Chick Nuggie well she is also Hannah from Battlefield 4  :)  When I First saw this I was like I seen that face before.
I guess that's the joke? 
Wow how are some of you guys too thick to see the message being presented here? They're clearly saying that dating based upon ethnicity is ridiculous and that our decisions are based too much upon what the media tells us to think instead of what we feel and what we know about the world based upon our individual perspectives.
+J Martz  1. I was too fat 2. I was too liberal and going out too much 3. He was jealous 4. His family was a lot to handle 5. He always thought he was right.  You sure that's not just a guy thing? All of us tend to be insecure at times. And to the guys, don't think im being a gender-traitor. You all know it's true. It just takes time to grow the hell up.
You're not being a gender-traitor. You're just projecting some of your own thoughts (and maybe insecurities) onto every other guy in the form of a blanket generalization.
+pxit212 ok, ok, true. What if I said it this way:  5. He always thought he was right. Then apply my comment. Then try and deny it. ;) To be perfectly honest, my response was a drunken, copy-paste hack job. And I was really only referring to point 5. I'm perfectly aware the way I said it didn't make it seem that way. And even that if you apply what I said to the what im saying now, it would make less sense. But, why is the rum gone?
Problem with alot of asian girls is they think anything of their race is a wannabe
I am pretty sure now adays the generation may be different, but Over all, its because Asians such as Vietnamese, Chinese they are usually either Nerdy or Gangster. But the gang fad died out most likely for asians since early 2000's, leaving only the reminense of some left
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