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Double Rock: Downtime

by ThrasherMagazine • 49,063 views

Not every session at The Rock is an intense, trick-getting affair, but when you put all the random clips together it's easy to come up with four minutes of really rad skating.

I really wanna give that lizzie girl a golden shower. you know, like lizzie mcguire?
what! tyler tutaj?! austin tx reppin!!!
that is your opinion, but here is a fact, no one on YouTube wants to hear your opinion
i kinda like this one more than the normal ones
no pivot to boner here :(
lizzie win every bowl contest that has a women's section. wayne is better at selling more concert tickets than you could count if your lifetime.
actually youre second, but even if you were first, you would still be the last to get laid
HOLY SHIT He went under a ladder! Fucking awesome! Just kidding. This video is cool.
anyone else seeing this really subtle white aura?
chee mao! stoaked to see him getting into videos
Thrash. It's that train wreck that's got it goin on. Unfortunately, right now, the fizzle is concentrated on the hands. It's torture. Hard to reminisce while immobilized. I haven't seen any reduction in this horror at all this year. You people have no compassion.
if people hate wayne so much why do they bring his name into any video?
0:51 if i saw him on the street, my last thought would be that he's a skater.
Fuck yeah for skating a ladder! So awesome haha
They support monster because monster is a 14 billion dollar company that will pay for anything that thrashed wants... I.e. plane tickets for skaters, new skateparks... you get the rest... stop hating.
black and white exposes the skaters so well, high as fuck
there is a n bs heel pivot fakie and a smoking pivot fakie if you just look closely
1:06 A GIRL!!!!1!!!!1!!!!111!!! !!1!1
@DrProductionsSkating it says at the end
Finally good skating! Good video!
This video is a gudd ass reason as to why sponsoring isn't easy
I really wanna skate double rocklkkkkklklklk
dude....Dennis Durant is soo god damn good...Jesus.
it freaked me out when he went under that ladder.
Get some guys from Denmark to rip this shit up...
he dosent need to change shit about his skating.. thats why hes pro and your not. thats like saying you need to stop sucking your dads dick which we all know will never happen.
no he's telling the person who commented first that they rock.
Have you seen here shred a bowl? You wouldn't compare them.
can't believe youness made it this seems like last year he was just ripping the local parks in belgium and now he's in america and on the trasher channel damn
I could sell my mom for skating this park ...
1:06 A GIRL!!!!1!!!!1!!!!111!!! !!1!1
That park would look weird in color
Lizzie is better than lil Wayne
@573mjs @ajt19901 poor effort on both parts in that reply, 4/1-
peter molec ss bs crook... i'm proud to be slovak
why is the double rock a place constantly void of color
why does thrashr premote monster for fuck sake
im sure alot of people feel the same way about monster
are they all glowing or am i just really high?
practice man, you'll spell it right eventually... just keep practicing...
Yea,shes got stalefishs in the deep at potrero skatepark.I agree.
i honestly jus noticed that all double rock vids are in black and white :O
well, i know what im gonna do with MY ladder now.
nothing in that park looks secure...
I was expecting another stale Lil Wayne session.
those highlights are tripping me out
The old rock was way cooler :l
sometimes when im at home and no one is here, i like to get naked, cover myself in vaseline and roll around on the ground like a slug
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