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Ulzzang Makeup Tutorial - Sexy, Innocent and Elegant

by PandorasPalette • 25,959 views

Hi everyone , Thanks for watching ,this is a requested look, hope you like it Follow me on Twitter: my facebook fan page:...

pretty good. u have nice hair as well :)
@PandorasPalette okay okay thank you ^_^ so i would only where them for partys and just fridays when i go out shopping or for food with friends is that also okay :)?
Who else danced to the intro music? Lol
@asiangrl101 lol.... Thanks so much for your comment i reload the same video with a louder voice pls check that out too if u like my channel ,pls sub , that would make my day ! have a great day!
you are really pretty i love your video :) !!
this makeup tutorial is awsome... u look so beautiful =D
@xChicaxBombx Thanks so much for your comment
how long did it take u to complete this look? I dun normally go into the gyaru or ulzzang look, n im also wonderin is the double lid tape also in need for this look?
great video!!!!!!!. question i wanna buy another pair of circle lenses but i read online there bad for your eyes and can effect your eyeseight. how are your eyes with circle lenses and how long you bin wearing them for? and what should i do ?
@Overmelodramaticteen thanks so so much for your nice comment
@DANCE437 in this case, i think any kinda contact lenses would affect your eyesight in a long run if you don't pay special attention to the way you wear it or clean it .etc. i suggest that don't wear it over 5 hours a day, and for me i only wear it when i film tutorials, so it's not that bad:P just don't wear them all the time, when they get dry, just toss them.
hey u didnt line ur waterline with white eye pencil...its a must in signature ulzzang look
@PandorasPalette Btw , i didn't think about doing a Ulzzang look myself , my subscriber from korea requested it
luv the gonna try this
@sweetkuromi i spent like half an hour to complete the look , but in the video i have to speed it up ...don't want to make people bored the eye makeup is simple ,the most important part is the base . i don't use double lip tape myself(cos i have double eyelids already:) ,but for single eyelids , it's better to use the tape ... but a dramatic eyelashes kinda make ur eyes look bigger already thanks for ur question , sweetie , let me know if u have any request .
@rumah1988 Well thanks for the suggestion , i did put some shimmery shadow on the lower lashline and i think we might have a different understanding on Ulzzang look ... as long as we achieve the same result that's the only thing that matters
@DANCE437 yep sweetie, i think that would be fine, be sure to get as high water content in the contacts as possible:P good luck)
@Stardust303 yeah the lighting makes it look very pale and actually the BB cream is even darker than my skin i'm actually fine with "pale" cos that's most asian girls are after prefer pale skin just like most western girls prefer tan skin , we always want what we don't have :)
@PandorasPalette well i also have to say, you are beautiful! and you are really talented with makeup. are you a makeup artist?
@rumah1988 No it's not, lol. Just as long you can make ur eyes have a bigger appearance, that's all that matters.
@AngelParadiseKiss Thanks a lot sweetie , your cute yourself lana
@mo0nANDst4rz i'm wearing GEO Nudy grey contacts lenses makes my eyes look a little "blue" cos my natural eye color is brown :)
@Stardust303 Thanks so much for your compliments ! if you meant a licensed makeup artist ,then i'm not , but i was a Marykay consultant before and did get some trainings :) but the thing that helps me the most is my passion on makeup and fashion and willingness to learn and create . i'm most likely to go to a beauty school one day and become an licensed makeup artist :) you guys are my inspiration ! have a great day !
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