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Fan Correction: Darth Vader Didn't Say "Luke"! - CONAN on TBS

by Team Coco • 398,963 views

Conan puts another foolish fan in his place with this exclusive "Star Wars" footage. Submit YOUR correction at

In the pre-release version Vader said: "Know, dude, I am your father!" ... "Dude, you can destroy the hemperor." ... "Joint me to gather weed, then rule the galaxy and farther and then some." They made an error in transmission and then decided that the result was better than the original and kept it. Happy accident. The script editor is now a chief writer.
Only a brony would be this retarded.
2:04 "Luke, I am your father... That's right, I said Luke. I prefaced my statement by using your name, Luke. I didn't want there to be any confusion about who I was talking to. I'm talking to you, Luke, and I am revealing that I am your father. I, meaning me, Darth Vader. So, to recap, Darth Vader, Me, has just revealed that he is the father of Luke Skywalker, that's you. So tell me son... How do you like them apples!!?"
+CorvusOfMellori Not exactly, that was ONE way used in Good Will Hunting it's a colloquialism used when you have bested someone or when you surprise someone with information they didn't see coming. "People are misusing phrases. I'm shocked, well, how do ya like them apples?" 
he says, "no luke, i am your father" their both wrong
+pooperface Well then, since you have no more intelligent comments, I'm Audi
Why not, "Negative, young boy, I am the one that delivered sperm to your mother and fertilized her egg.
that's what he said wasn't it??
+whatwouldmattdo You never know with all these versions
If "Star Wars" is the movie referenced, then he says none of those things. Star Wars was renamed "Star Wars The New Hope" where he says none of those things. If Star Wars is a series of movies, then yes Darth says, "Luke" he also says "I am your father"
Darth Vader sound like Castiel from supernatural 
it would have been funnier if they had James Earl Jones doe the new voice over for the skit.
He wouldn't do it for free so...
Even a simple pitch lowering could have made it sound a lot more authentic. Also, I'd have spoken all that in the exact same dramatic style as the original.
i remembered that scene to be diffrent... but if george lukes say that this is the right version.. then it must be true
Try telling he did not say 'Luke' to the thousands of people who have used that line on me over my life. name's Luke.
Luke... Father? Luuuke... Father...? Luuuke... What??!? No, look dammit! Oh, I see.
That scene will be in the next rerelease.
That wasn't Darth Vader, that was MojoJojo
I thought he said "Uke, I am so bothered"
Darth Vader, played by Mojo Jojo.
This is exactly why I hate Conan.
The thing is Conan is a comedian. His job is to make people laugh, so he probably act as if though he is correct on purpose.
Like you say its all a joke not really meant to be offensive
in germany he says Luke :)
Nu-uh! He doesn't say "Luke".He doesn't even say "I am your father".
its wrong i looked back at the clip when he said it and said i am your father in a low high voice
He did not say "look." In order for him to say that in context, he would have done something that proves it, like removing his helmet. Why don't people think first?!
So this whole segment is a farce and he cheats to win how classy !
That's what makes it so funny!
+Degrastic  It is not funny it is stupid
He just says 'No, I am your father.' pfft, I'm appalled at some of you guys!
How do you like Dem apples ?? hahaha
So tell me something... how do you like them apples?!
I always heard it as no Luke I am your father so tell me if I'm wrong
hahaha  how do you like dem apples
So which is iiittttt????
Didn't he say "Look", not "Luke"?
God, does no one else find this guy gorgeous? Fuck the quote. I need to find this dude on instagram.
+KOBAANNI. thats kind of mean  :I 
+drefozz well i said no hate from here :D
Durf vader ? LOL CONAN!
I thougth Darth Vader said "Dude, wheres my car?"
Nope. The line is "No, I am your father". No matter if it was in the script and said wrong, it was said with a big ass NO.
Actually he says "no Luke, I am your father".
remove the "Luke" and you're right.
I love the description =DDDDDDDDD
Vader says "No, Luke" so Conan was more correct
That clip's from the Very Special Edition. Stop changing it, George!
the way the clip was edited makes it possible that it was recreated just so Conan is right lol... but I don't think it'd lie
That's how fan corrections work.
+NutJob421 Yes. But Conan sometimes lies his way through and claims to be correct. I was questioning if Conan was actually right or wrong in this fan correction.
how do you like them apples? noooooooo! lol
wow, really? I guess out of the 103, 000 people who saw this clip, only you knew it was fake.. good job captain obvious!!!
wow I'm not sure if any of you have already realized, but when Conan says the link and when he says slash, there's a picture of Slash from Guns 'N Roses.
hmm yeah you could bought the dvd after the actual release there was some copies still floating around , but yeah idk why my movie is so different its only movie i think theres so many massive release u forget there's an actual update stuff lol.
I got a feeling that there not gonna take hes video because it's too good ;D
This may be me stating the obvious, but Conan is just going too far with the whole 'Error' gimmick. Now it's just getting sad.
Live like a windrammer as you fuck, Conan!
That doesn't look like the same setting as the movie.
lol...they could have very easily used "Luke" from a later segment of the movie and put it over "No."
what about the old 'bass clef position' thing? That was wrong, so conan was beaten.
how do u like them apples? LoL...
It's the same thing with Star Trek and people saying "Beam me up Scotty." That has never ever been a line on the show ever.
so how do you like them apples? lol!
Nope. He never said "Luke" in that sentence. He said "No, I am your father"
I've always known it was "No, I am your father". Saying "Luke" just allows for you to use it out of context.
He should have said "...and my friend George Lucas PERSONALLY said that he was going to put "Luke, I am your father!" in the next Star Wars Re-release!"
is it just me or does youtube change all the time??????!!!
Holy shit stop with the Baconalia commercials
Well, that cleared things up!!
y that is crazy. i wonder who started saying it wrong? :D
Yea He spoiled a 30-year old movie Spoiled one of the most well known lines in the history of cinema
The clips been edited!!! It's fake!
actually vader did actually say no i'm your father.
But still, it is a real contest and such, it isn't exactly fair.
It warms my heart to see a 3 year old learning to use the internet.
Mistake Conan....His name is Darth...Not Dirth :-)
Someone must have told you already by the time I was writing this comment: But it's a phrase used when you just beat someone out. :)
yeah but nobody knows what its called so you cant find it anywhere
Darth vader did not say luke; i am your father because GEORGE FUCKING CHANGED IT
Since when does Vader talk like Mojo Jojo?
It's a mistake that Mike Matei hasn't been in this section yet.
let me tell you about this concept known as spelling correctly....
i dont know why people are so excited bout mother fucker mike's fan correction....i just watched it and it wasnt that special, and if conan showed on tv he's just gonna have someone dressed as the monopoly guy saying what his real name is , it will be boring as hell
Would have been funnier if they'd asked James Earl Jones for a teensy, weensy little favor, and played it straight.
Don't give George Lucas any ideas. This is probably exactly how this scene will play out on the next video release.
Like anyone else I return it as it comes to me. If you don't like someone talking to you like a shit, try not responding like one.
um... He says " No, I am your father."
That's cheating he did say "No" =P
the thing is that they'll never point out a real error.
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