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No Apology from Paladino over Anti-Gay Remarks

by CBS • 3,142 views

Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino (R-NY) spoke with Harry Smith on his homophobic remarks he made telling Orthodox Jewish leaders that he doesn't want children "brainwashed into thinking that...

@clockwork2345 i was referring to THE Civil Rights movement when african americans fought for there right to be treated like equals. Thats a huge difference. Homosexuals don't drink from separate water fountains or sit at the back of buses. They want the right to violate a union set up from a religious standpoint. the issue lies between church and state. but i hate that when someone says they don't agree, they are thrown under the bus.
@wntoply6 Think what you want. I chuckle when idiots such as yourself use the tried and true red herring of "you think your group is above reproach". I'm not a Christian, I'm not a Republican, so right there your ASSumptions have fallen flat. In any case, no matter what you think "my side" does (I don't identify with any example you used anyways) it does not take away from anything I said. Apparently two wrongs make a right to you though. You must be a liberal. Anything else, child?
@clockwork2345 From what I know , from the gay people I have know, many are indeed born gay, but don't know it until they reach puberty. There are people who are openly gay, and there some who are gay but keep that fact private. That is what I mean by lifestyle choice. When I say the people can say no to gay marriage, it is a political issue. I can neither approve or disapprove, but from experience would warn them off about getting married, you do not want that state involved, trust me.
republicans shouldn't be allowed to brain-wash children
@clockwork2345 Its a completely different situation because I KNOW God. I have a relationship with him that is unexplainable. I may not have everything always right but I know theres a God because I KNOW him. I don't care either way about homosexuality but u haven't accepted any proof of the Bible, therefore i can't take u seriously either.
@awretchlikebruce But don't get me wrong. I look foward to the post where you DO give me something to think about. So long as it's an arguement that you can back up with fact and logic, and avoid "I do it cause a book told me to", then chances are I'd have to think about it. Your points are just a little too light for me get anything out of. You need to add more meat to them, if you get what I mean. I don't mean that as a put down, but so far you've just not given me anything concrete.
@awretchlikebruce Dude, this debate was dropped WEEKS ago as far as I was concerned. You're the one that stirred the pot again. But as soon as I hold you to address the points I've made, you wanna bail. Of course it must be like argueing with a wall for you...You can't move forward your side of the arguement without facts (which you don't have and have not ONCE brought to the table), and you can't step back without looking like you're avoiding my points. I'd be trying to bail too if I were you.
@awretchlikebruce I'll also add that the Constitution expressly states, in the 11th Amendment, that the rights of the minority shall not be infringed upon by the majority. Our leaders are hired by votes, our rights and our laws are not. So it really is of no consequence what "most" people think on this matter. If you don't think gay marriage is right, you don't have to get one. See there? You're rights are preserved.
@awretchlikebruce Hahahahahahahaha....How do you promote the search for truth? You've already made up your mind and your WHOLE POINT is about following unchangeable, unchallengeable words in a book written by people long dead. There IS no searching in what you do. AND you support the belief that homosexuals are a perversion of nature, which is a little beyond just not supporting the lifestyle.'ll understand when I call bullsh*t to you saying you harm no one and promote love.
@awretchlikebruce I guess it's like Blake wrote..."the vision of Christ that thou dost see, Is my Vision's Greatest enemy". (Taken slightly out of context, but the point remains valid none the less).
it's a differacult life because of assholes like him.......
@clockwork2345 truth is singlular isnt the proof. its just a fact saying that absolute truth means someone has to be right and everyone contradicting wrong. the proof come in the thousands of prophecies, the history and books coming about themselves. It is naive and foolish to think that several religions contradicting each other can be right. And it's not egotistical to lean on research for truth. thinking you are right doesnt make u egotistical. gloating about it does and i dont
@awretchlikebruce I understood what you meant, I'm just saying that both causes have strong parallels. They're not exactly the same in the details, but both groups wanted the same rights that other americans enjoyed. And gays don't want to violate the union of marriage, they just want to be able to enjoy the right as the rest of us do. And when people can't seem to grasp that, of course they tend to get thrown under the bus. It's not like they want any EXTRA rights then you have.
@clockwork2345 We aren't restricting rights because the right for 2 people of the same sex to marry was never given. You could use the "you're not ____ so you dont know" argument against anything. But honestly it doesn't matter. The debate is a church and state problem. The church won't cave and neither will Homosexuals. Someone's rights will be violated either way.
@criskity No shit watch the papers for him- he'll get caught in a men's room doing the wide stance boogey.....
@awretchlikebruce Dude, really? THAT'S what it says!? First off, I never had anything against it, I only wanted to see how "to the letter" you followed the bible. I have tons of them myself. Second; HUMILITY - Definition: the quality of being modest, never being arrogant...connected with notions of transcendent UNITY with the universe and of EGOLESSNESS. I'm amazed that this is your code, yet you follow a religion that is, in practice, counter to it. By your own code, your religion has no honor
@clockwork2345 the problem here isnt that Paladino or most people who disagree with homosexuality are discriminating but it lies in the fact the something of the church lies within the legal system. Your stance depends on whether you follow the Bible as your foundation of government or not.
@moopism notice how those like bennett9109 seem to shut up when you hit the proverbial nail on the head. it's the same when they assert homosexuality is a choice. but, when asked for the date and time they made the pivtal choice to be straight or gay (cause they knew they could either suck cock or fuck pussy with the same desires, zeal and passion), they shrink like the cowards they are, since they've either been exposed as ignorant, intolerant, liars, or they've just been outed!
@jbennett9109 NO, marriage is a right our government provides. one CANNOT marry until he or she has a civically granted license by a town or city, and NOT by any religion. it IS NOT validated until duly recorded in town or city annals. a marriage rite can be done by clergy or any number of civically elected or appointed officials. a marriage not duly recorded is not a marriage no matter what you think or say! get your facts correct before you post again or i'll duly bury your ignorant ass!
Why does everyone make such a big deal about LGBTQ people? Seriously? Everyone should have the same rights when it comes to marriage. Heterosexuals and homosexuals are both natural. It is love between two human beings. Who cares what people do in their private life?!
@btjohnson96 u dont offend me. its crap i have already heard. read back through the arguments on here and say something original.
@awretchlikebruce I'm never said to throw it out the window. You always seem to either not understand the points I make or you willfully side-step them. I was simply pointing out that it's interesting that one form of defiling is ok by you and one isn't. Convenient, ain't it? Slightly hypocritical and convenient.
@imax1971 - is the only reason you are with the person you love procreation? do you only have sex to make babies, and not for love or pleasure? homosexuality exists across the animal kingdom - that's pretty natural sounding to me
@Doinitbig112 how does that make gay people selfish? why cant homosexuals have rights? i know plenty of people with gay parents who have never been bullied about it once in their life. and for you to use the word "disgusting" is totally ignorant and disrespectful. you are a moron and you fall right in the same category as a racist.
@clockwork2345 It's great your heart feels pain for others as does mine. but "the heart is decietful above all things." that really applies to your defiinition of soul here as well. right and wrong have to be based upon an absolute good, which is God. You shouldnt follow blindly but u shouldnt ignore blindly based on your heart, which is decietful. And use that strength to keep following and deciphering his will instead of thought-noble causes. If we follow the same God, get to know him better
@awretchlikebruce My only problem with you and people like you is that you try and feed us sh*t and call it ice cream, just so you can bitch about being thrown under the bus when we don't like what you're serving. You're a bigot. An egocentric bigot...and you can deny it all you want, but your words paint the picture better then I ever could. I AM a Christian, and Christians like you embarress me. This is just what it looks like when a Christian places being a good person above words in a book.
@Bigrobkerr ohhhh i'm sorry "big rob"! does name-calling offend your delicate (yet manly!) sensibilities? let's break your comment down. "homophobe, what a stupid word." well, what about them bothers you then? articulate exactly why you think their lifestyle is wrong, other than fear of something you do not understand. ok, next: "baby dolls r actually scarier." that's a jab at behavior you attribute to gay dudes that you consider effeminate! gasp! that sounds hateful, big ole tough ole rob!
Paladino..............GO FUCK YOURSELF ASSHOLE......fucking moronic bigots
@awretchlikebruce Its like this. If I said to you "hey Bruce...I believe in Faries, and they said to tell you not to play guitar anymore, then if I really expected you to restrict your actions to conform to MY beliefs, I'd HAVE to give you something more concrete then "well, that's just what I believe, so I'm right." You see what I mean? If you want to curb someones freedoms, then the burden IS on you to back it up with the FACTS as to why. If you just EXPECT compliance, that's intolerance.
@awretchlikebruce "Nothing is more unjust, however common, than to charge with hypocrisy him that expresses zeal for those virtues which he neglects to practice; since he may be sincerely convinced of the advantages of conquering his passions, without having yet obtained the victory, as a man may be confident of the advantages of a voyage, or a journey, without having courage or industry to undertake it, and may honestly recommend to others, those attempts which he neglects himself." S. Johnson
@AntaresInScorpius yup, cigarettes can't married! neither can neanderthals like you. since you have no say in the matter, your ignorant bigotry can rant & rave ad nauseam. just in case you weren't aware, gay people can and do get married and legally in a number of states here and in other countries. i'm sure, to your utter dismay, we'll be able to marry in all 50 states of america in your lifetime. you can bet your bitter life on it. so, fortunatelly, the laugh's on you!
@awretchlikebruce GOD didn't write the Bible. You want to know how I know that? Because an all loving God wouldn't punish people for things that they CAN'T HELP. Come on people, open up your eyes. A study has been done, and it finds that most homophobic people have homosexual tendencies. Or else why would they care? I think I'm sensing a bit of insecurity mixed with a bit of ignorance with you.
@awretchlikebruce It's too bad that there is no room in your arguements for the possibility you MIGHT be wrong, which is why I really do hope you don't have any gay kids. Just imagine for a second that you might be wrong in your belief about homosexuality, and how hard you'd make your childs life by instilling a belief that how they're made, something that they have no control over, is wrong. Hey maybe I'm wrong, but if I am, at least my beliefs don't hurt anyone. Yours do. How Christian of you
@clockwork2345 also its really sad you need a spiritual miracle to believe that God is God. its not enough that thousands of prophecies have came true but u need God to sit u down and read it to you? faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Check out "The case for faith" by lee strobel but chances are you aren't really looking for anything because it may actually take a risk to believe in ... well something
@AntaresInScorpius Aah. I can sense the frustration of your closeted self-loathing. You exhibit all the classic hallmarks of repressed homosexuality. Stop living the lie, and admit the truth you fear so much: come out of the closet once and for all. You'll feel much freer.
no apology ? he has not said nor done anything that requires an apology. Has still has a right to his own opinion. (even if I do completely agree with him). He has a right to his opinion AND he has a right to express it. NO APOLOGY NEEDED
@clockwork2345 i don't promote predjudice. I promote loving everyone even homosexuals, but i wont support the lifestyle. I promote the search for truth which is the opposite of ignorance. and i have harmed no one and that falls under loving. You promote love no matter if truth coincides or not. True love is telling the truth even when it hurts or isn't popular. how does following his word bring evil? it may step on toes but thats because its coming up against evil.
@CJCA915 i dont think people are bad but i do not agree with the behaviour.thats just my personal viewpoint that i have the right to pass on to my children.i would never try to teach biggotry or intolerance.but telling every kid many who do at one time or another have homosexual feelings that never develop that if they have that feeling it means o my god now i have no choice when in all actuality i feel they do have a choice.
Psycho dirtbag Carl Paladino hates gays but he's heavily in to bestiality. He's a Family Values Republican.
@awretchlikebruce Also a good way to write someone off who refuses to see logic and will follow thier beliefs "no matter what". Yes, God COULD write a book, but he didn't. You and I both know He didn't write the bible personally. Come on now. And since there are many ways to view the TRUTH of a situation (looking at it openly from ALL sides) it is VERY important to prioritize socienty if you claim to believe in freedom, patience and compassion. And as yet, you've given me nothing to think about.
While I don't agree with Paladino. If gay people want to marry, have at it. If a church/temple/mosque doesn't want to perform the ceremony or recognize the union... so be it... those that want to... cool. Live and let live is the best policy here... I find it ludicrous, however, to force someone to apologize for expressing his opinion. The gay community lacks credibility in their ever present cry for tolerance, as they only extend tolerance only to those who agree with them.
@AntaresInScorpius oh, it's dead all right. all you have is faint hope bigotry prevails. from the start it was unconstitutional, violating the 5th amendment! try to comprehend, you god damn ignorant fool, the majority never trumps guaranteed rights & protections. it takes great effort not to burst out laughing at your down right hubris. that you add bigotry & hate to the mix makes it comical that i bother addressing a low life like you. lies & ignorance consume you! fact & truth are mine!
@clockwork2345 yes leviticus was old testament law and it was referring to a cult who believed they could communicate with the dead through these tattoos. those laws were to set the jews apart as a people. There are verses in the new testament referring to homosexuality as wrong too (1 cor 6:9-10). I am 24. I'm not a kid. and i don't understand how on a rant about discrimination, i get all the persecution. "I'll be a better christian for it?" pretty judgemental for a nonjudgemental advocate.
We need to leave it to parents to explain homosexuality to their children. I think gays are born that way, now , it is normal? NO Gays should not have special rights and if the people say No to gay marriage, then that needs to stand. No court should overturn the will of the people. Gays need to understand your lifestyle choice is yours, but other people do not have to approve of it or like it.
@flightvegas Also, I'm an atheist, whether I'm gay or straight, so can I kindly tell you, to please not say "God Bless" to me, thanks. Blessing me, will not do a single thing, because I've had people say it before, to me and others, and nothing happens, and if does, it's not by any god, but their own self doing.
@CJCA915 you are right i do not try to force my opinion that usually ends up working against you. i state mine and thats it i do not at this time state my opinion to my children on this subject and i wouldnt want anyone else to ..if we can keep my opinion on religeon out of schools i think we can keep the gay opinion on homosexuality out of schools.but i do agree with an aggressive anti bullying campaign.which many kids gay or not suffer from
@awretchlikebruce It's funny you should say that...because I DO love god with my heart, a heart that feels for the pain of others. With my soul, which instinctively guides the way to what is right and wrong from all points of view. With my mind, which I use to question and understand instead of following blindly. And with my strength, which gives me the drive to rail against what is clearly unjust. Funny that we follow the same God, huh?
2:23 Yes, Paladino, being gay is difficult. Because. Of. People. Like. YOU.
@awretchlikebruce Fine, let's stick to the issues then. How can you NOT compare this to the civil rights movement when it is clearly a civil rights issue. DEFINITION - Civil and political rights are a class of rights that protect individuals' freedom from unwarranted infringement by governments and private organizations, and ensure one's ability to participate in the CIVIL and political life of the state without discrimination or repression. That includes sexual orientation, genius.
@CJCA915 well i appreciate you stateing your pro-gay position without name calling and seems that most pro gay people apitamize the very behaviour they denounce biggotry,intolerance,and bullying.i have no doubt you are attracted to the same sex its the natural part i wonder about.but whatever its your ask me not to tell you if its a choice or not ok and i would ask you to stop telling my children that it isnt thank you .god bless
@awretchlikebruce I agree that faith is the confidance of things hoped for, but "the assurance of things not seen"? Interesting choice of words. ASSURANCE: 5. Excessive self-confidence; presumption. PRESUMPTION: 1. Behavior or attitude that is boldly arrogant or offensive; effrontery. EFFRONTERY: 1. shameless or insolent boldness; impudent presumption; audacity; temerity. Hmmm, on second thought, not so interesting. Using "assurance" is quite an obvious word for you to use.
@awretchlikebruce So you DO pick and choose. Tell me, how do you know what parts of the bible are the word of God and what parts are ok to ignore and not be bound by? After your last statements, you clearly left the road of the rational arguement in favor of the irrational "it says so in the bible so I follow it", so yes, I decided to have a little fun with it. Oh and what does it say in the bible? Judge not lest ye be judged? I guess you don't like that one either.
Now as a gay Dutchman I don't think mister Paladino is discriminating gay people, BUT he should realise that everybody should have the same rights and that includes marriage for same sexes. And it's not the ceremony in the cityhall, it is about equal rights, that's the issue. In Holland we arrenged that some ten years ago, but that does not mean there is no discrimination anymore. I've never encountered any problems as regards, but I know people who have. How tolerant tnis nation may be. Thanks.
Good job Paladino don't apologize! You shouldn't have to apologize for your own opinion, if you don't want to accept homosexuality into your life you don't have to!
I don't care if he apologized for "that thing", referring to the pix of the horses and women having sex....HE has absolutely NO ROOOOM to judge anyone's behavior as acceptable...PLLZZ!!
@clockwork2345 a book written by over 40 flawed authors from all walks of life over 1500 years in 3 languages over 3 continents and yet reads as one book and has thousands of prophecies. whatever. and God was pretty straightforward when he lumped homosexuality in with greed, sexual immorality, adultery, etc. I don't think hes "down" with same sex marraige. I think God could care less about a pointless youtube conversation too.
@flightvegas I didn't choose to be attracted to guys, I felt a natural attraction towards guys, and not girls, I have never dated a girl every, as so much as got any sexual feelings, guys on the other hand, and my attraction to guys is as natural as your attraction to the opposite sex. Well, to tell that, would be lying, and I'm not one for lying, that'd be like telling someone who likes something, that it's not okay. Telling people something isn't bad, isn't going to make them that something.
@CJCA915 Its obviously biological for most. It could be a choice for some. And so what, if it were. I think Larry Craig is one who made the choice. Just got bored of no blow jobs from his old wife and asked for a trade.
Simply saying "truth is singular" is about as useful a way to prove a point as saying "the sky is blue" Both statements are factual, yet neither validate your opinion AS the truth. It's naive and foolish to think that one religion HAS to be right, and egotistical to assume that it's yours. Really think you got the wrong tattoo Dude. I don't see any humility in your opinions.
@markpmccracken Paladino was 100% dead-on on what he said about gays. The only mistake was that he took the cowardly route and apologized for it. Not like gay liberals (I'm not saying all liberals are gay) would vote for him anyway.
@clockwork2345 i used assurance because its a bible verse. hebrews 11. and to debate issues involving God you have to debate his existance or else it wont make sense. and the "rights" in question are considered a perversion of eros, romantic love. and i know u love words so hypocrisy comes from the greek meaning "play- acting" and "acting out". well i am not pretending to be anything I am not. and to stand up and say I am humble would negate the statement itself.
@clockwork2345 well the fact is lies hurt everyone and whoever is wrong is spreading them. and considering i believe the bible is infallible and it says its wrong, then I put a lot of confidence in not being wrong. but i'm sorry you have been hurt by Christians so much that u have this much hostility toward me. and i sincerely do mean that apology
Obama has the same views on marriage as Paladino!!
@Bigrobkerr It's always the "heterosexual" males who are the greatest detractors to gay men. They like females behaving as gay women in front of them in bed but when it comes to gay males "oh no that's gay". Not all about what gets you hard mtb416. The only thing I'm bigoted against is SELECTIVE ignorance. Great job of displaying it as have the other hetero (closet gay) males here who jacked each other off during adolescence. You think I'm not aware? Circle jerks weren't invented for girls.
@Bigrobkerr and i don't expect a response, big bad rob. you can't even explain it to yourself, let alone to me or anyone else on here who doesn't care who total strangers we will never meet choose to fuck. because you're a boring, bored, backwards absolute nobody with nothing better to do than judge other people for their lifestyle. being gay? not a choice. being an idiot who thinks his uninformed opinions deserve to be shared? that's a choice, Large Masculine Robert. Leave them the fuck alone.
@awretchlikebruce It's not ridiculous Bruce, you just refuse to see it...If one argues "I believe I'm right, but I acknowledge the possiblility that I may be wrong" then one is NOT egotistical because he is not asserting that his views are superior, only that they are HIS unique views. If one argues "I AM right therefore you MUST be wrong" then one is the TEXTBOOK DEFINITION of egotistical. Listen to you own words. “I believe 1 is right, therefore in my eyes all who argue against it are wrong."
@clockwork2345 when it comes to moral issues people always have opinions. The bible saying homosexuality is wrong doesn't negate the historical backing of it just because our society thinks its right. If you say the sky is blue, the world is round, and licorice tastes bad that doesnt say anything about the first 2 but if anything, you look at the truth of the first 2 and it should make u look at the 3rd more closely. but you wont come to a conclusion because its a matter of opinion.
I'll answer the question of "is homosexuality normal?"... It's not. Couples of the same sex cannot reproduce without the intervention of science... I could care less if someone is gay.. It doesn't effect my life at all... However, it is not normal..
@Jesterswords actually i dont care what denominations have fell to peer pressure but the Bible has stood its ground on homosexuality. I follow the Bible, not the pope, Billy Graham, or Oprah. I follow the source of Christianity not the followers.
@clockwork2345 and talk about the pot calling kettle black. you are ridiculously judgemental to be someone standing up against so called wrongful judgement.
@clockwork2345 my groups beliefs are what founded our view of marriage. i think they have the right to say what it is or isnt. and i'm not trying to rob homosexual lives of anything, but i am trying to preserve the sanctity of marraige. again i can be wrong about a lot of things easily, but considering I KNOW God, I KNOW i am right about Him. and humility is something lived out day by day, not judged on a youtube comment section. Is it wrong to state publicly u make your best effor to be humble?
@awretchlikebruce And just so you know, the definiton of EGOTISM in the context I've used it is: A belief that one is SUPERIOR to or more important than others. Can you PLEASE explain to me how your religion does NOT see itself as superior if it believes it is the ONLY religion that could POSSIBLEY be right? I've never tried to paint my beliefs as superior. You have. All I've ever said is that I don't know EXACTLY what God wants, but that neither could you. That makes us equal. You disagree.
@awretchlikebruce Well, if the bible is the word of God as you so clearly state, then he was also pretty straightforward in that you should cut off your wifes hand if she touches another mans genitals, even if she does so as an attack to defend her husband. Do you follow that blindly without using your own brain cause it says so in the bible? Or do you just pick and choose based on what suits your own close-minded view of right and wrong? God help your GF then, cause she loves touching mine!
the word homophobe hints that there is fear of them which is wrong. If someone disagrees with homosexuality, they get called a homophobe. stop comparing the gay movement to the civil rights movement or womens suffrage. thats bull. you are born whatever race you are or sex you are but there no proof that you are born gay. you may be born bent toward lust, violence, homosexuality but that doesnt make it right. and theres a lot of ignorance but fighting fire ignorance with ignorance solves nothing
@awretchlikebruce Cool, and I just wanna say thanks. This Anti-Gay video is now filled with as much silly opinions from the church as I could possibly get out of you. You're clearly a lost cause, but there is still hope for the future YOUS, if you get my drift. Anyone who reads any of this will DEFINATELY think twice about the church standpoint from now on, because its ridiculousness shines as bright as a star thanks to you. Thank you Bruce, my boy. You DID serve the good in your own way.
@flightvegas ... it's not a choice, I didn't choose who I'm attracted to, I'm also attracted to straight hair, over curly hair, let's say I don't think being attracted to curly hair is right, but you do, would you want me to tell you, that what you like isn't right, and force you into liking straight hair, all because I don't agree with your attraction to curly hair? Also, why would I choose, to be hated for who and what I am?
@Bigrobkerr did you see the video pal? oops, too bad the media had video, recorded it, word for word, as he said it, as it happened, then played it for all the world to see. damn those liberals for showing the truth! what this world really needs are more "christians"republican bigots who say one thing to one group, the exact opposite to another, then blame the whole thing on liberals. yeah, that's what we need, more god damned "christian" liars in this "christian" country! BULLSHIT!
People are right when they say Paladino is entitled to his opinion under the Second Amendment, and thus has no need to say sorry. The same amendment allows others to call him and his Tea Party backers out-and-out Nazis. Paladino may well be a self-hating closet gay, a sub-group that the GOP seems to specialise in. What's important here is that he is just spouting the same filth that reptiles like Strom Thurmond and George Wallace used against blacks. Only now the 'new Jews' are homosexuals.
This guy clearly by his own admission could not manage his own speech at the Jewish Center and he clearly was not able to handle Harry"s questions. How could he possibly be expected to manage NY?
@Venus1Star In this country's history people have said the same thing about black rights and women's rights. No one's trying to shove anything down your throat so quit being an intolerant prick.
@AntaresInScorpius argentina, belguim, canada, iceland, netherlands, norway, portugal, south africa spain & sweeden. whether they qualify as countries to you, i frankly don't give a flying fuck! they allow gay marriage. it's a answer you should have found on google by yourself...but you're just too god damned stupid! gay marriage will be legal here whether you like it or not! your ignorance, hate & bigotry don't pass constitutional muster & will fall as did dadt this today, you backward ass!
@clockwork2345 the old testament law came was there to set God's people apart. When Jesus came saying basically "thats not necessary because I came am making it possible for everyone to have relationship with God." and how about twist not scripture lest ye be Satan. that is out of context to the extreme and I lay myself out there to be judged (hence awretchlikebruce) I'm a sinner and just because i think homosexuality is wrong doesn't mean i think its worse than other sins. we're all guilty
@awretchlikebruce Well, if you're an American, you should have a better understanding of the US Constitution, not to mention the particular religion you tout. Marriage as it relates to contracts issued by the government isn't biblical. And the Episcopalian, Methodists, and Lutheran denominations of Christianity, as well as Unitarians, all support same sex marriage. So are First Amendment rights only granted to those you agree with?
@jbennett9109 You're awfully good at trying to put words in people's mouths. So I'll say this- there is nothing wrong defective or deficient with being homosexual, and the fact that you gravitate towards that language demonstrates that you have deep seated issues that lead you to try to dehumanize others. So here's my choice- you're a fucking douchebag and you deserve to get your ass handed to you.
@awretchlikebruce And this is NOT a debate of love. I'm not debating the existence of God or your right to love and have a relationship with him. I'm debating the fact that when a group (nazis, kkk, some christians) advocate that the rights of certain others should be supressed because they do not meet the believed ideals of said group, then that group is defined by society as superiorists. I'm debating that you are a hypocrite in that you do not live the creedo you have inked into your skin.
@1Guitarslayer If you don't like hearing about it, why are you here? We all can see right through you.... closet case.
@awretchlikebruce And once again, a little lesson in words. "I don't promote predjudice"? PREDJUDICE is a prejudgment, an assumption made about someone or something before having adequate knowledge. You, Sir, are not gay. You, as of yet, have not been able to proove that the bible is not biased. Therefore you ABSOLUTELY promote predjudice. I know you'll come back saying you don't, but anyone that reads what you've previously written I'm sure would in the end, my point is serviced.
@Jesterswords I'm from New York. The United States was founded on the religion of Christianity, therefore the Bible is where we obtained the views of marriage. Yes everyone has the right to speak freely and practice whatever they please. But considering most of the US claims Christianity as their practicing religion, when everyone expresses that free speech it will probably lean the way of the Bible.
Your comment makes no sense and you're contradicting yourself. They're "born that way" but it's a "lifestyle choice"? They're "born that way" but it's not "normal"? What YOU need to understand is that your opinion is YOUR choice, and homosexuals don't have to approve of it or like if they want to get married, they shouldn't have to live their life based on what YOU approve of. THEY are "the people" just as much as you are.
@clockwork2345 i didn't side step the issue. I'm just saying that i believe sex before marraige, divorce, homosexuality and horrible marraiges are all displeasing to God and true marraige as homosexual marraige but u don't promote it because its already gone downhill. and it said heart soul mind and strength which was basically hebrew for all of you. Also if you follow God maybe you should do some more research in how to please him and not what he can do for you.
@awretchlikebruce ...And you do have to admit, there does seem to be QUITE a few intelligent sounding people who seem to disagree with you here. That ain't something I'm making up. It's not something I BELIEVE. It's all here in black and white. And still, you won't even consider for a SECOND that MAYBE...just MAYBE a teeny tiny sliver of what you believe MIGHT be wrong, and if you are wrong that it serves evil more then it does good. Ego man...terrible ego.
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