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An Evening With Sips - Towns

by Sips • 236,497 views

Welcome to another Evening With Sips! Tonight we're going to play a pretty cool indie game called Towns which is currently available through alpha-funding through Desura. I'm going to be showing...

I've been watching all the evening with Sips. Swear to god, this one is soothing. His old mic, very stressful.
The guitar in the background reminds me of the duelling scene in Final Fantasy IX
i like this intro so much better... makes me feel relaxed!
when i start towns after a couple of minutes it shuts down...... can somebody help me!?
I think Sips should LP Dwarf Fortress instead.
@TheRealDoctorBonkus I never said I play games solely for the graphics, I said they do matter.
I hope they do diverge from it. It would be cool to see more of an emphasis on building towns, as the name suggests, and making that easier to do. Eventually grow into a big hamlet with castles and stuff. That'd be a cool thing. It would be really rad of them to credit Tarn for the original idea, too.
really? never played it though, I thought it was old since it looked very old.
Yeah, that's the impression you get because of the graphics. It's an incredibly complex game though, much deeper and more detailed than any other video game I've ever played, probably. I'll admit that those looking for a more condensed version of the experience might enjoy a game such as this, but I've talked to Tarn Adams personally and I just have a deep and abiding love for his game. SUCH crazy events can happen that there's a whole forum devoted to DF stories. It's a masterpiece.
well, why the hell are you here? Its for comedy reasons or to see what the game is like from someone NOT trying to sell it to you.
this game is £7:99 if any one is wondering :D
yeah but dwarf fortress is already finished and very old. These guys simply took a great idea and build on it, giving it great new potential.
id like to see wips with dwarf fortress current , phoebus graphic update
he already did a series of towns , it ended about a year ago
The music sounds like a mixture between House of the Rising Sun and Fade to Black...
This is like Minecrafts sister game, PLEASE PLAY THIS MORE!
Why isn't Sips talking into his toaster anymore?
yo dipshits he's doing a play through SMH
that looks awsome i cant wait for him to kill more froggys .please play more
An Evening With Sips - Dwarf Fortress (Heh good luck)
its like terraria and minecraft face fucked
What is it with sips and beavers... Maybe he's just a stereotypical Canadian.
this game is a much easier version of dwarf fortress. :)
its the fucking internet, spelling doesnt mean shit, and in fact, if u cant read my comment then u must be the ILLITERATE one
This game sorta kinda reminds me of Virtual Villagers... kinda
@C0BsT3R Content > Appearance, in the olden days ALL games were ascii!
Sips is too funny. And if Dwarf Fortress had good graphics it would be by far the best game ever invented.
Keen to see more - this or you playing Dwarf Fortress =]
A dash of Stairway in there too it seems to me. I agree.
I like it, please do a playthrough with it :)
idk...I kinda like Dwarf Fortress as it is...although I do use a graphics tileset I suppose...
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@k4l4suPP What kind of retard would record with an intentionally out of tune guitar? This is not a boundary-breaking microtonal composition, it's a shittily-tuned guitar that ruins the soundtrack.
I like how his voice sounds all high-pitched compared to the 2013 videos xD
@WirlWind494 Dwarf fortress would literally explode your computer with any decent graphics :)
I had found that one, but I'm looking for the background music for this video :/
Dwarf Fortress is nowhere NEAR finished, bub, and it isn't even that old. Constantly being updated, very active. Version 1 is a loong way off.
in the game is a heroe called Sips, the Campmaker. is this a funny coincidence or not?
alright then im glad u see it my way
And that is because you have no meaning in this conversation and you were never called a dumb fuck.
@C0BsT3R Then again dwarf fortress plus graphics = win :D
Presumably, you needn't say it any more, seeing as he's doing a lets Play :D
but correct me if im wrong but from what ive seen of dwarf fortress, this looks better.. but i think £12 is a bit too much for an effective remake :L
Dwarf fortress has a less user friendly interface. I played it, tried tutorials, and still havn't figured the damn thing out.
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Sips, you should do another Towns video but with the final version!
@WirlWind494 Oh i'll deal with you and all your kind
does it look like i was crying, no when have i ever done that,
@WirlWind494 Playing a game because of the graphics is like watching porn because of the story.
I for one would like to see at least a 6 part series of the game.
This also kinda reminds me of SPORE....tribal stage.
honestly what are you right about, you just say that because u have nothing else to say, i insulted you because u were bitchin for no reason,
how much does it cost? cant bother looking around on the site
If you can say it's a funny coincidence that the devs decided to give a hero the name Sips, to thank him for the popularity it gave to the game, then yes, it's a coincidence! :P
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who knows you can play snake in youtube
the music in the background is a butchered version of stairway to heaven..
if u cant understand whats going on then go back to kindergarten
My problem with Dwarven Fortress is not appearance but interface. I would have no problem with the graphics if the interface didn't make the learning curve so steep.
do more sips i love and see all your series
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