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Let's Play Minecraft: Ep.55 I feel idiot.

by HuskyMUDKIPZ • 28,970 views

Uploading the save with the next video.

wow i was yelling that those werent fences.
Some point around seven and a half minutes, you breathed down your mic, and I thought you were passing a zombie. xD
@HuskyMUDKIPZ husky i have an idea For your house, on middle floor why don't you make a balcony to have partys with the creepers!! :D?
whe you said im guess im going to go over here at 1:16 goole says you said "i guess trooper grigloloth" >_<
at 10:30, transcribe says "seattle's started against homosexuals"
@TheSgtWilkie He was making a joke to defuse the tension created by his ladder antics...
"for the love of all things made out of bread"
How come you only have 22,000 subs but you are a YouTube partner?
@wweironman12XBLGT yeah before when minecraft was in alpha it was somthing like £8 so be lucky you got it now because at final release it'll be like £50 or more
Husky I only have one thing to say.... BEWARE OF THE ANIMAL REVENGE!!!!!!! :o
I betchu when he went to poor his Reece's cereal he put the milk in first.
1:30 with autotranscript is. Mindfuck, you'll shit brix
@skullman49a nobody cares....Husky can have watever title he want.
I just saw a minecraft video when spiders can actually climb on walls and climb through fences,did not know it was true or not....
I think you should find a way to get lava on top of your underwater base but under the water :P
nothing else can go wrong...... ssssssssss
Dude you should see what I did to update your clay house save I would post a save now but I am on my iPod:P but ya btw make sure u put up some over hangs on ur windows because spiders can climb bot walls and fences and the last thing u want is to be sitting in ur home thinking ur safe then out of nowhere BAM you get raped by a spider this has happen to me so ya gl
I was kinda yelling at my screen when you were making ladders.
@maximotheone no, they're neutral in the day, they don't become completely passive. if you attack them they attack you, same with the pigmen.
the only thing that can go wrong now is if you die in real life
@ExtremeTurdball LOL area is not the same as perimeter jackass he needs 48 fences
quentine, i had an idear for you. you should make a house completly out of obsidian, in a mountain, with parts of it extruding (idk if thats the right word im half awake right now) poking out, then encase the building with tnt, set it off, and voila. youve got a floating black structure surrounded by a crater, and two halves of a mountain. if you know what im explaining, then i hope you will give it a shot.
something else is going to go wrong (im not a lier)
@abcdef12330 Ah, that's what I meant. So I'd get the full version, but no updates after that? What would I do to get those updates?
@sasukadanielle I meant Light Level 0. Light Level 0 means there is NO light. Monster Spawners are in Light Level 0 because that is the only place they can spawn. Anything with a 3x3x3 area of Light Level 0 can spawn mobs.
LMFAO in the url it says gay W4oV*gay*MjM
man keep smokin that bud an drinkin the goose
You should make you house go all the way around those cliffs instead of just that one side.
@ipwnyoucopter12 Not in Finland, Sweden, Norway (i think) and Russia etc. If you readed the last sentence you should understand what i ment:" Rare in minecraft ofc" ;)
Rofl he made ladders not fence xD
@somesortofthing1 "...conspicuously inconspicuous.... wait... HRRRRRRRRRR-" *passes out, wakes up 5 minutes later* "... ugh... what happened... WHAT THE FUCK?! HOW DID THAT BRICK GET THERE!?"
you should make a house floating in mid air
@skullman49a you failed to see the point....idiot.
lol transcribe audio... "seattle's started against homosexuals" ? WTF
hey Quentine, how many frames per second do you get while playing on far and fancy and recording?
@ThePokeFan21 3 up 3 to the sides 3 down? okay i understand nowish.
@SpritezPride they can since the new patch....quite annoying
transcribe audio between 10:30 and 10:40 and it says seattles started against homosexuals
dude you have a SKELETON DUNGEON make a bone farm out of it !!! you can get unlimited bonemeal
hey do you watch rage gaming vids?
@wweironman12XBLGT $20 for a $10 game.... $15 if it was the beta...
3:43 "i thought you were a nice spider you jerk!" no that was the one upstairs, you should have him as your pet!
haha 3:24 ooooh...lightbulb =)
when is your next livestream? :D and i also made alot of ladders instead for fences or stair once XD i was saying stairs and was thinking ladders^^
@Sonic2918vids Oh I didn't mean you are a jew but you were talking about Yew trees.
You accidentally all your wood.
Dude, 12 on a side = 12*4 = 48 fences, just grab 12 more sticks and you're set.
I enjoyed gouging out my eyeballs with chopsticks while he made ladders instead of fences.. =D
Laughed so much when he made "fence"
@Supreme4321 dumb ass he had to extend his little hole to 12 x 12 so he does need 144 fences.
@idonthavevids1 and in snow biomes theres yew trees,
@TheSonicWarrior Notch said that it might not get a full release... xD
Lol "I got morning mouth... haven't brushed my teeth... oh god it's gonna be nighttime!" xD
i like how spiders become nice in the day
Actually, 144 is 12x12 so 121 is 11x11 144-121= what you need.
btw gold tools now brak the quikest in the game even quicker than diamond but there durability is still the same
@TheFreelancerPower thats what i mean neutral is nice
... all I could think was... those are the strangest fences I've ever seen.
LOL if you put the CC audio transcribe on at 10:25 It says "Seattle's started against homosexuals" LOL
the worst part of this is that the ladders are labled
What about the end of the world thats worst
@moderatoradmin xD your right sorry. failing math over here :P. i dont think often soooooo. no hard feelings bra?
What is that thing "transcribe audio" thing??
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