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Huge hidden doorway! Minecraft masterpiece

by hej100 • 578,415 views

A huge hidden doorway with pistons. This video was made on a smp(multiplayer) server with minecraft beta 1.7_02 Please comment if anyone wants a tutorial. It is possible to lower both sandwalls at...

You did that on creative and then changed to survival
I want to know how to do that make a tutorial on it that's sick
Yay it worked!!! Now I have to remake it back to normal!! -_-
OH SHIT A CREEPY better run back home....tick tock tick tock tick tock....sssssss BOOM you died
Bro can u plz make a tutorial
u use movie maker me too
It closed the opposite way. Does that mean it won't open again?
lalaalala normal day in minecraft oh a hill ! hmm... the wall looks suspicious oh lets push that button ...... OMFG A WALL OPENS UP!!! ok lets get in here then im safe from all the evil mobs walking in ok now im gonna close it and im safe lets push the button again to close it ... WHAAAAT IT WONT WORK!?!?! creepers incoming from the back .. aaaaaw crap... idea AHA ! i know !! lets make a piston extender to push the sand up again!!! ... didnt think of that ... :P lol
how did he do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Quick open the door there is a creeper comin
then a random noom with a bronze pickaxe mines a hole in it
or step one make iron door step two place iron door step three put a lever by the iron door
Sick! lol the 1 piece of glass at the end haha
so much better: /watch?v=2sTJAGJQT4Q
yaay now lets put the whole thing back together again!
Wow that is amazing, you have a lot of redstone skill
you know you copied of of someone else
Its acuarly RELALY simple it clearly uses some fancinating methods
or you could walk over and jump in to the house
obvious it is there (giant flat walls like that aren't natural)
If it's sooo easy make a toturial for us.? perhaps you might get a few subs?
cool and useful door,even other playrs dont know whats behind that big wall=).
dude ummmmmm people can still get in the roof is not covered
you should make a video explaining how to make that!
that is the best hidden door i have ever seen
I suck at redstone that was cheating to me
Or perhaps if he had a second "door." And there's also the problem of reloading the sand.
If there is a redstone dust right below it, then it can.
What if a giant mob was chasing you?
nice i like it :D keep it up!!!! (i cant belive it a nice redstone masterpiece than i can make :O)
how could you have the second greatest invention, next to a 2 way elevator, and NOT have a tutorial on how to do it?
Or, you know, you could just use an iron door.
and now ur done with the gate maybe put an roof on it?
why would u have a door when there is a bib hole in the btw it's to slow
Dude Awesome Door Could You Make A Toturial?
You can see that as it closes and opens, the sand goes the same way, which means that if he tried to open and close it again, it wouldn't work.
can you give a tutorial for this super amazing secret door i will appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Maybe, that's possible if there's a second switch or if he completely turns the whole thing around, but I seriously doubt it.
wow that is amazing it must have taken hours to plane an build that.awesome secret door that can be used MULTIPLE times.great job
where r those spiders coming from. says the man. FINSIH THE ROOF IDIOT. says the women
whoops! i forgot something! (pushes button) ah!!!!!! a cree- dead
I'm Popeye the sailor man. -blows whistle- I live in a garbage can. -blows whistle- I eat all the woims and spit out the goims I'm Popeye the sailor man. -blows whistle.-
Yeah, but there's the problem of having to manually reload the sand. Unless he accounted for that in another way.
Nice door. Will work for Single player as well as creative decorating and stuffs, but not for faction sadly. :(
Flows I love the way that sounds flowwwssss awwwww in my pant flowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwws
Quick ! A creeper! Hold on.... I'm opening my door...
very cool man waching in 2013 not sure if you made a turtourial
I might know how to make that better Replace the button with a restone torch
dig underground and make lovely house... UNDERGROUND. then cover it with dirt. :)
although that is supper cool... you should have a way for it to close after you go in in. then when you want to get out you climb the ladder and have some water for you to land in!
i think that the thing goes in a square. so the entire thing rotates.
oh my god this is amazing will you show us how to build it?
It's cool but it's kind of slow
I like this video not too much for the doorway but for the amazing nostalgic bomberman 64 music
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