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wait a minute... This guy seems to think there was some sort of reform enacted to stop Wall Street from bleeding the economy out... Maybe someone should inform him that such a thing never happened...that any reform in the useless bills they managed to get passed was stripped from the law the instant they hit the books. That might help him to understand his job a little more.
many of the laws he passed wont take effect til years from now. You cant just expect this whole economy to jumpstart out of nowhere. It will take time. Years from now, we will realize the effect Obama had during his presidency.
For our country to recover and the world to prosper, we need to realize the universal truth of life that unites us all. Without the truth, we are constantly fighting over our different political and religious views. Search Truth Contest in google and click on the top result. Then read "The Present" on the homepage.
Obama is the opposite of fascist. Fascists are extreme conservatives. Everything else you said is true, but the last one is wrong.
i think its just because people are afraid to invest with Obama as president. They dont know whats next. If Mitt Romney gets elected, investors will start investing more money again and pump money into the economy
I don't think you know what IQ means. Please don't mislead people with words you clearly don't know.
december 31 2012 when the fiscal cliff pops up, stock markets drop 30%, write your congressman to take action now and stop with this bipartisan politics bullshit. stop worrying about this 99% vs 1% at the and start worrying about the 30% thats gunna drop
Struck a nerve? I'm chill. You're the angry one over here. Well, it goes without saying that we'll just have to wait until Nov. 6 and see what happens.
This election is a simple IQ test. Do you want to enslave our children with compounding debt and scandal? Or do you want a real capitalist to repair the broken government & economy?
The Dem majority in Congress that came in in '06 refused to pass the economic reforms Pres. Bush wanted leading to the crisis we have today. 0bama's policies are the same or worse than Pelosi's and Reid's and those policies are the problem.
Is this a robo-post from a paul-bot or just irony?
We need NASA to bring us out of this bullshit. We need the dream once more.
I agree but shame we spend less that 1% of the budget on Nasa programs which has been declining since the moon landing.But their plans are clear.. they want a police state allow the economy to collapse and marshall law to kick in, consitration camps is whats to come.. 182 so far as I know of.. seen 2 in my state
When you resort to name calling, it indicates that you've probably ran out of valid arguments to back your claims.
yeah this "Great fuck" must have all the answers. His arguments are so clear- he said obama is a failure so he must be! gr8phukup kid
well no god damn shit mother fuckers
The draco are returning woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
No fascism is a "nationalistic" authoritarianism, and it's not just a conservative thing. Hitlers NAZI's were national SOCIALISTS. "National Socialist German Workers Party" doesn't sound very conservative to me.
So... do you have a clue on how to bring back the economy?
Well thank god they admitted it...'cuz we could never have figured that one out on our own...
I don't think you know what that means, just as you didn't know what IQ was. Not so bright. Are you?
That's exactly what people on the right do--speculate. And speculating without evidence without evidence is all you do. Tell me more about these "American nuances." You really do live in that Republican bubble, don't you?
Any one who needs the white house to tell them the economy hasn't recovered is mentally challenged!
Suuuuure, let's blame the free market and deregulation that we never had and look for solutions offered by more government central planing that was actually the cause of the problems in the first place. Very smart. /rolleyes
It is obvious that you are not even an American, so go away you troll, (which you probably don't understand what that is) not quite getting the American nuances yet, come back when you graduate and get a green card, otherwise stay in your own country!
Obama hasn't done anything to help this country, so this November let's elect a guy from the political party that got us into this mess. Yeah, that's a good idea. NOT. Obama 2012.
Name calling? Kool-aid drinker name calling? If i were into name calling I would just have to look at your name and start from there.
as we can see, i dont think that ron paul will make it. I wish though but its time to think real and chose between Obama and Romney.
.....and here's the kicker. If by some retarded quirk of fate, obumma was continuously re-elected for the next 600 years, he would still be unable to fix the economy (because all his policies suck ass and only benefit his friends) and would STILL be blaming Bush. But hey, at least his golf game would rock !!
Clearly I do, and you being a coolaid drinking liberal who thinks the community organizer can do no wrong will get a harsh reality check on November 6th 2012!
And you do? All this jargon about how things are going to fall apart is ridiculous. You don't know anything, you don't have the information required to make any rational statement. Instead, you're just one of those ignorant fools preaching hatred for a man you don't know and policies you don't understand. America is a great country. Step outside of it, you'll realize it's not so bad. We're in hard times, but so is a good majority of the world. Quit with the bullshit and wise up yourself.
It seems I struck a nerve! The truth hurts, can you understand that, did you catch that on the uptake. You better get used to the change, real change, not that hype and blame that spewed from the mouth of the community organizer. You and you EBT using buddies will soon be in for a harsh reality when the new administration takes over this country and runs the people like you, The teat sucker who suck America dry, off the reservation, so get ready you world will soon change!
So the White House has figured out that the economy is doing poorly. Well DUHHH. Once they figure out they can not blame Bush then they might be able to open their eyes and see what caused the problem and take steps to fix it. I seriously doubt they will take the blinders off and look. Everything they have done so far has only made matters worse. Politics seems to be the rule of the day every day with them so they have got to go.
Angry, certainly not me, I’m happy especially with every new poll that comes out showing the Socialist/Complainer/Blamer/Campaigner–in-Chief losing. He’ll be gone soon along with his America hating minions. November 6th can’t get here soon enough 3.5 year of failure have been enough. At least Jimmy Carter can give a sigh of relief; he is no longer considered the worst President ever that title now belongs to the Community organizer, Campaigner-in-Chief, Obama!
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