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Minecraft - Part 10: "Renovating" the Yogcave

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 3,918,049 views

Simon and Lewis carry their spoils home on a freezing cold evening and begin work on improving their home. ● Yogscast Gear: ● Facebook:...

watching this in 2014... wondering why the HELL lewis put his whole inventory in a chest before attempting to stop the fire...
Yet, still bugging...
Ahh, i remember this patch, back when the game was just fun, no stress, no hunger, just plain old survival
+Arne Rademacker The mobs have gotten smarter though. 
+Youngerhampster True. Although you can still outsmart them easily if you have some blocks with you. Maybe the game has not become easier or harder, it's just different now because you have a lot more possibilities.
It still bugs me that Lewis never wend down that hole...
what hole?  wait the secert one now that i think about it????
2010 was a good year
A really good year for youtube, namely BlueXephos and Company
The yogscast inspired me to get minecraft. *sheds a Tear* good ol days!
2:58 have just caused an eternity of pushing people off cliffs and into holes.
ah the good old days of there vids. now its other peoples maps
The days where people did not complain about the length of the video.... Ahhhh that takes me back....
Anyone else feel this series would be great from Israphel's point of view? Just seeing whoever played as Israphel back then setting all these booby traps and building everything? I know it's probably impossible since they've likely deleted any footage from then to have room for other recordings, and likely no one recorded from Israphel's point of view, but it would be pretty interesting.
I doubt they filmed his pov but yh
Ah, the old days of minecraft multiplayer, why did they ever remove players colliding with other players?
When Simon got Booby Trapped, I jumpscared. I forgot I had the volume on 100% (including headphones) and..... woah....
back when Lewis pushes Simon :D
This video is the turning point where Simon becomes the noob instead of Lewis.
I still always burst out laughing when Simon falls into the trap :D
Maybe your world is haunted by herobrine
No i havent, but I now know that herobrine doesen't exist, it must of been another player
+TheOfficialMiningTeam Well keep watching :D This was my favourite survival series a while back. A same they stopped it :(
I like the old minecraft versions... Because that's what i started on ;)
Yes! BURN BURN!!!! Oops, sorry. My pyro's showing.
Mmmmmphh! Mmmmmmppphhhh! MMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPHHHHHHHHH!!! (Ah references)
i did this with my house but it kinda smells bad now and theres a lot of ash what do i do?
What u should do is do absolutely nothing, that's what Lewis and Simon would do!
Like if you are watching this from 1.8.1
Lol like if u you are watching this when the 1.7 version of minecraft is out.
I'm watching when the 1.8 version came out #rekt  
well i'm watching when 1.8.1 is out! #SHREKT
use a bucket on the water
man in Minecraft alpha it was really fucking dark, in Minecraft at night in the new update its practically day, I miss the old days of the old graphics.
You do realize you can adjust brightness, right?
I always wanted to know what was in that hole in the ground in their home. But this was a time before they switched cameras back and forth. Mmmm, maybe I will never know.
2:23 "Idk, I think I kind of like it.." ~Simon IT BEGAN THAT DAY, RIGHT THEN
That old hurt noise... oh my god, the nostalgia.
now that i go back and rewatch these 4 years later i can see its very staged 
Lol I know right
It's safe down here - it's just me, a sapling and a rose... OH MY GOD, I'M DYING!!! :-D
Now i know why they are good in this video because there no bloddy screaming every 5 seconds. They just sort of have a delay on the old hearing. So they bit of a pause which make it nice. It's like. Ouh... Yeah.... isn't this warm? Unlike. Oh Yeah ofcourse it's fantastic in here i could stay here forever like you know in those movie reference reference blah blah blah.
Look at these noobs,they'll never make it at
Memories... I wish they would still upload this... :-(
only if minecraft was like terraria where you dont know everything in the game and you have no idea whats going to happen when you find new stuff  if only minecraft worlds could sometimes be like this..... that would be amazing
I am begging you on my knees and bowing before you please bring back shadow of israphel!!
re watching this   
I love the old mic quality and the okay graphics. I wish yogscast didnt get more popular coz now they're a bit more serious. I love this series
This looks like a complete setup
I keep getting an ad w/ Santa and a new laptop after clicking it did I learn it was Simon as Santa
theirs a spider on the tree la la la la la
wow, they really were noobs back then
I've always wondered what was down that hole
God lewis is a little bitch man just jump in the fuckin hole god dammit!!!!!
The fire will cleanse the world!
Did someone play minecraft Alpha when it came out?
i started in early beta
I started at 1.0.0
Simon installed the trap.
Back when fire spread like butter
I miss the old yogscast
Lol I like how Simons like it's fine but luis is like how to I get to the crafting table
But I still love it XD
This makes me so incredibly sad, this was almost 5 years ago, sweet memories
Ye olde days when you couldn't stack pork.....
I miss the old days :(
I don't know, I think I kinda like it - Simon Lane
me: just hit the fire.
+milos98k still better than letting it burn at least you could control the fire until you got a water bucket or something
+milos98k yes it did. halfway through this vid lewis just punches out the fire quickly and effectively.
ah Alpha, your so shit compared to 1.8
I miss this SO MUCH
Sorry Simon, my little brother was on your server and made that trap.
This is why i dont have wooden floors. I usally have a stone brick layout. not a house in a cave
Y'all ant gona break the gold on the top of the p
wow simon cracked me up so hard "come on in i've put on the fire" XDXDXD
I forgot all about how fire used to spread infinitely! Ah, memories of accidentally burning down entire forests.
The world may never know what that hole looks like down there
HONEYDEW IS THE ANTI CRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the double-take Lewis does at the hole.
4:27 i was like JUST JUMP DOWN ALREADY
They should put the screen on Simon
Simon: "Its just me, a sapling, and a rose" Lewis: "I dont want to see that, Ill be trapped!" This was too funny xD
Some men just want to see the world burn O_O
Just watching the yogscast survival agean
its weird,i got here by the anamation
Dear god.... The pork chops don't stack...
Why are u makin youtube videos when u could have been comedians #LOL
hahahaha welcome home honey ahhhhhh a frire 
i must have watched this series abt 5 times now cause its so good
We need to take out the source of the blaze! simon gets hurt 0.0
They did more damage to their own home then the TNT
Wait a minute, wasn't Simon a Pyro in the tf2 episode where he was the leader.
The start of simon the fire maniac
THE Yogcave is sooooooo beautifull nowwwww :)
This is my faveroute one!!
Give me upvotes too
Everything will be reborn in a baptism of fire lewis
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