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Romney- I would veto the DREAM Act

by ecompit • 20,784 views


"For those that come here illegally the idea of giving them in state tuition credits or other benefits" <-What a moron. That's not even what the dream act stated.
We need to secure the borders and send those bastards back where they came from!
Thats why you didnt get elcted Beooooooootch! ahaaahaaaa
what he said there fucked up his chances big time to becoming president. What a fuckin joke.....
the major problem is: mister (almost) president, whos going to cut your grass?
@MACs4GoodPeople You're so right on that, what they have to said about it? Where they ancestors are from? They were ILLIEGAL TOO!!!
That's why guys like Romney never move forward. God bless the United States and our president Barack Obama
How bout he goes back to where his ancestors come from and problem solved bye illegal!!
How does this not make sense???? tax payers money for illegals? why would you want to do that. If you support the dream act you do NOT support America
"The kids know the language" you are speaking of young children, teenagers and young adults who have only ever known this country their entire life. They have no experience or memories in the country where they descend from. They were raised to study and learn the history of America from elm. school to high school/college and so forth. So because their parents wanted a better life for them no one should give two shits about them? That is the most disgusting thing ive heard in a long time.
Please explain to me why we all have well paying jobs and great career paths. Don't exploit your ridiculous opinions until you've actually met people of other cultures and realize that not all Latinos are here for NOTHING or to bring CRIME. Such blasphemy!'s an unprecedented could immigrate legally and earn your citizenship in the same way countless many million others have.
lol Romney, this words cost you a chance at being president.
employers who don't pay taxes cough cough
they need to give them a chance to the inmigrants that came to the states when they were childs....they are humans with dreams ...we need a president with common sense and not a billionare moron for president
hey, Europeans stole 'America' fair and square from the native peoples. 225 years, we own the country now ehhh? Deport the illegals *sarcasm*
Funny how McCain said he would not veto the Dream Act.
fuck u u full of shit u races bitch fuk thoes who dissagree and dnt want illegals to have a better future what if you were illegal u assholes god made the world for everyone u stupid bitches go to hell lmao
Doesn't anybody realize that there's a Canadian border too!!! Damn!!!
if Obama wins, we are DOOMED!!!!!!! MITT ROMNEY 2012!!!!!! Stupid Liberals who want to hurt Everybody!
America is stupid because if they make immigrants legal we would have to pay a lot of money for entering the us illegal and the economy would go up. The lazy Americans make this country fuck up
There is nothing so stupid as the educated man if you get him off the thing he was educated in The release of Romney’s 2011 tax returns shows he freely gave away more than $4 million to charity last yr ( 30 % of his income). Comped when Biden first ran for vice prez his tax returns showed he had given just $3,690 to charity over the previous ten ys (0.2% of his income) Romney gave away a thousand times as much to charity in 1 yr. as Biden gave in a 10 yrs.
Mr. Mitt Romney i really don't like to act this way but seriously. There a bunch of American teenagers who actually spend there time causing problems at school, fighting with other teens, girls that always sleep with guys, there so many stupid white girls and guys that are
this fag aint getting my support
Europeans didn't come here illegally. they didn't break the law coming into this country. These people are criminals. Its as simple as that. We have a constitution and as long as we do... and we have borders... they are criminals.
True it would cost tax payers an average of about $6.2 billion per year that these estimated 1.2 million students were to go to college, but if you look at it in the long run according to a study by UCLA each one of these students would eventually contribute an average of $42,000 per year to the US economy. Now $42,000 times by 1.2 million people....that seams like a pretty good investment of only $6.2 billion. a way you don't support the DREAM don't support the US economy.
He don't have my vote........did he check his ancestors to see if they were legal!
sometimes big machines stop become small screws are missing. i love this USA. the only reason i still send money to my country it is because i cant buid a regular life here.
Romney is reversing himself on this now to get votes. He can not be trusted. Obama can not be trusted either.
solo militares pinche puto este puto pais le vale verga si te metes ala militar si te mueres solo te ponen una puta bandera en tu pinche cofre dan unos pinches tiros al aire y ya al dia siginte solo fuiste un pendejo mas que defendias un puto pais por un pedaso de tierra ... ...
The fence only exists on CA's border and parts of TX. Obama halted it. Get your facts straight. President Obama voted against President Bush's comprehensive immigration reform while in the US Senate to protect unions. If anyone has an actual anti-latino record, it is Barack Hussein Obama. Romney-Fortuno 2012!
It's truly mind blowing how ignorant he sounds.
this moron is bavked by a bunch of racist. how can anyone disagree with the dream act
boooo romney u lost my vote....!!!
I prefer Ron paul though,Romney flip flops,more than a fish outta water.
U need to speak english to work.Obama wants to give amnesty to millions who can't speak English. The cost would be termendous. We have MILLIONS of Americans OUT OF WORK you idiot ! How could allowing 10 million uneducated people in this country that are uneducated & have average a 5th grade education BOOST our economy? Many of these illegals kids who start school at the age of 5 do not even speak english , b/c the parents at home do not speak English U are a POOR american Ur self.I bet on it.
@cantina4celly Is morality a function of time?
"THE BEST DOCTORS, SCIENTISTS, DENTISTS" aren't illegal aliens. They come legally because they easily qualify for an EB-2 green card because they are actually educated and skilled. Asians are also the fastest-immigrating group now, largely because of their high education attainment. And they're doing so LEGALLY (I know that's a confusing concept to you).
illegal/ taxes As someone who lives in Ca & deals with illegals 1st hand, personal & professional. I believe it is critical we rem these are humans, with his own story, a vast majority of whom are good people.However this is neither good for America nor good for immigrants, legal or illegal, for our country to abandon the rule of law & to continue to absorb the cost of illegal immigration.This problem of Illegals Costs Net $100 Billion FAR MORE then we could ever take in from taxes.
this fool had mexicans cleaning his house and mowing his lawn. what hypocrite on the flip side(no pun intended) at least he created jobs lol...not. obama 2012
Secure the border with a [billion dollar+] fence... lol. Good luck Charlie.
Yo whats up with this religion shit we are talking polotics NIGGGGGAAAAA
What a fool. Do we really want this ignorant as a president.
What you need to do is go back to your country and apply to become a U.S citizen. FUCK the Dream Act!
right back at you stupid....ur ancestors were illegal
I can tell u Romney s remarkable wealth is built not just on his own efforts, but also upon the educational, political & financial foundation provided by his parents! The majority of poor people in America are White. What makes THEM poor? I suggest its work ethic ! Politicians learned hundreds of ys ago people who had little wealth were jealous of those who had more. This deep-seated envy was ripe for exploitation & the exploitation has been running rampant for generations
Romney was born in Mexico so he is racist to his own people thumps up if you agree
I didnt have a job for almost 2 year but because I lived in America I had hope and a belief that things would turn around maybe people in different countries want that same hope and belief that I had for their children. People think things in this country are bad but being poor and uneducated is a death sentence somewhere else yes it maybe a difficult time but I still have the hope and belief that things will get better.God bless America
I become icitizendhip 12 years ago icome to the us and learn english and work hard ithink what ilike its the goverment create more jobs and help the minory goo obama im ispanic iam with you
so he will welcome legal immigration but doesn't welcome any kind of immigration yet?
Dam REP hate everything, they hate imagrents , democrats, gays, giving money
The only right illegals should have is return to their home country. Why don't they protest to their governments like they do here? Maybe that would make a change. Illegals should request nothing! Freedom is worth fighting for. Maybe they should stop running away from it, and think of their families at home. Not racist, come here legally and we have no problem.
Romney changes positions more times than a cheap hooker, actually i would just call him a liar
3> Certain Criminals Will Be Eligible Under The DREAM Act amnesty, including alien gang members, aliens with misdemeanor convictions, DUIs. The DREAM Act allows illegals guilty of these offenses to be eligible.Absconders ( failed to attend removal proceedings) aliens who engaged in voter fraud, unlawfully voted, falsely claimed US. citizenship, abused student visas,committed marriage fraud, pose a public health risk, aliens who were previously barred are also eligible. I Say NO !
Well, Rommney expressed no contempt for people from other nations. The doctors and scientists you mentioned, as long as they play by the rules, would come to America without the fear of being deported. Only if they hopped the fence or failed to secure a green card would he crack down on them.
you def not getting my vote you ignorant fuck.
@1337wafflezz This is an old post so I don't feel like being long. We pay taxes, well at least my family does! believe it or not. We get no welfare or any benefit, if we go to the doctor we pay full price. I don't care what YOU live in a stereotypes not facts. Good luck surviving the world.
I'm not a Romney fan but he is keeping it real and people don't like the truth
Show your taxes of the last 10 years!!!
Romeny pandered to the right wing nut Republican base in the primaries at every opportunity, including immigration policies. He even outflanked Perry on the matter [ and as dumb as Perry is he seems, on occasion, to have a flicker of a soul]. Now he is reaping his just rewards and could well lose the election, even with economy struggling, precisely because of his spineless, transparent opportunism. The man is a fucking corporate cyborg.
How can Romney be doing this to his own people. His dad came to the United States and his wife dad immigrated to the United States.
He need to send his wife to talk to drug cartel "to say look my husband is running for President you know" and this what he want you to do stop you from bring drug in illegally and he going legalize drug, they have free passage,he got fixed so you won't a problem getting a green card. {which is a Lie} stop tunneling. if not he will double line the fence and border patrol those are the new jobs they taking application for....
@latinasdoitbetter1 My mother pays taxes so what's the problem? I pay for the exams that matter either way. My exams aren't free you moron.
When an illegals DREAM Act application is denied, the BILL STATES that the alien will revert to their "previous immigration status," which is illegal or deportable. The bill, however, prohibits using any of the information contained in the amnesty application (name, address, length of illegal presence that the alien admits to, remove him from our country. for investigation or prosecute .This is absolutely insane. We have borders & as long as we have borders these people are criminals.
Illegals DONT pay taxes. U have to make money to pay taxes. If you were making money , you wouldn't make such a ignorant remark. taxes how? On things U buy? we all do. On the gas , or cigerettes they buy? We all do. But they don't pay taxes on earned income They work under the table. So ... how are they paying taxes?
It wasnt the rednecks that started the genocide, it was the Spaniards. Therefore Mestizos are the ones that should apologize.
Haha, Romney. Bad idea trying to veto the dream act. Some of you people are so out of touch with reality its sickening.
I was gonna vote for you but now i say FUCK YOU !!!
Barack Obama is leading the country in to economic collapse anyways so i guess he let you guys in to help deteriorate our country faster?
if you did the research you would see that a lot of these people are already working in this country and they didn't "steal" the job. you cant steal something when the other person wasn't even close to getting it. By giving them work authorization it would boost the economy. And yes obama is a step int he right direction,romney says that he would create jobs for the whole nation when his state was #47 in job creation. Yea SURE he's going to accomplish that. Please stop being ignorant have facts!
Its not as bad as the crap that B O spews everyday. If BS was $-$ Obama could pay off our national debt. What Romney does with his money is his business , if it puts it in forighn banks thats legal, & its his business. What Barack O does to our money is our business.
@mayritahdz hey you redneck peace of s.h.i.t. your ancestors are the illegal immigrants why don't you go back to Europe?????????? and while your at it apologize for the genocide of hundreds of thousands of native Americans ?
Oh I understand ... however, 90 % of these criminals crawled under the fence. I could care less what geography class your promoting ...
Ignorant ? Ur are a fool. this man is extremely intellignert . the idiot is Obama . the man has never even run a hot dog stand. So... he got a law degree, he's never stood in front of a judge in a court defending ANY ONE. Hes never used it. Pretty difficule to keep track of money in the bank , when U have never even signed a check on the Front Side. Hes never had enployees or a business. Obama is a idiot ...
As a Mormon myself.....god, I hope I'm NOT next to/ and won't have to see his face in the Celestial Kingdom.
Despite the fact Bidens earned well over $2 million over that decade. fact his income was $320,000 in 08, thereby putting him comfortably over $250,000-a-yr line that marks the entry point for millionaires/ billionaires” in Obama-speak. Last yr, Romney freely gave away more than $10,000 a day to charity, an impressive sum by any standard. Course, it’s not hard to beat Biden’s tally. Over the span of that decade, or 3,650 days, he gave away $3,690 — an average of $1.a day.
I vote Romney what do Mexicans have against Mexico anyways? If it sucks thats not my fault,It's their Government they run it!
People like you, make other hispanics look ignorant. Please use correct grammer, and don't cuss. This is coming from a real Mexican. I speak both english and spanish correcctly, which i'm sure you do too. So please don't embarass us Mexicans.
@latinasdoitbetter1 Hey at least he's taking advantage of the education that's giving in this country. Do you know how many students that were born here are drop outs and fuck ups I know a lot of them and my undocumented friends are way more determine than the ones born here some of them wanted to join the marines but couldnt.
he need go to the border and stand guard his self. There is alright a fence there. And they killing people and border patrol every chance the get.
@mayritahdz hey you redneck peace of S.H.I.T. you and your ancestors are the illegal immigrants why don't you go back to Europe?????? and while your at it why don't applogise for the genocide of hundreds of thousands of native Americans?
What a stupid statement. If America is so bad why don't you GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM.
So small babies of no fault of their own who were drag here cannot be given a chance at an equal education when they grow up, but they can be given a gun and go die for a country who doesnt want to give him/her citizenship and doesnt believe in them? Wtf,,there is no logic in that,,,,that is just plain evil and ignorant.
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