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by DAYGraphics2012 • 1,818,775 views


My only time in there was the Grateful Dead in 1989, 2 shows. Great place, great shows!
Like ladygambit... great videography, sad subject :-(
Did they dig a hole then covered it up
Sort of like the "turn me on, dead man" message heard when "Revolution 9" from the White Album is played backwards legend???
I can't bring myself to like this, but thanks for sharing! Lots of wonderful memories at the old barn.....
They recycled a lot of it. A good portion of the roof was made into christmas ornaments that you could buy for a mere 30 or 35 bucks.
All those times I watched my heroes in that magic place, simply gone. Sadder than I can explain in words...
كيف تتخلص من الوزن الزائد
From that vantage point, it looks similar to a reversed version of insects building a nest.
If anyone has any ideas on the matter, give me a shoutout at I know DiCesare-Engler Productions must have lots of images from the many, many great acts they brought to Pittsburgh.
@nerdynegger It's not fake moron. It's called time lapse photography. Cities actually tear down buildings when they are too old. This is one pic a day of the demolition made into a movie. Get it moron?
I believe that there is legislation being proposed by Pgh Councilman Lavelle, that would direct all new taxes generated from parking on the site, to development in the Hill District. Not sure what legs that has, but under a deal struck way back in 2007, the Penguins won the right to develop the 28-acre publicly owned tract, which borders Downtown and the lower Hill District.
They should've kept it... So many good times there.
Definitely not fake. All over the news at the time of the start. It's REAL 100%.
Amazing video, but also sad for me. So many great memories, especially some of the concerts. I'll always remember the roof opening to a starry sky during Average White Band's "If I ever lose this heaven" and the ethereal wail of Philip Bailey of Earth Wind & Fire filling the arena. Oh yes, and Dan Fogelberg ending a show with "a place in the world for a gambler" with hundreds of lights in the audience. What great times so many of US had there. RIP Civic Arena...
PS- until I saw the video I didn't even know it had been demolished. To Moodster- Great informative post for those who don't understand the mechanics of proper demolition. To Joshmam, yes, its very real.
They are putting down blacktop. Go get your dirt now... before it is ALL GONE. I have continued taking a photo a day - actually "more frequently" now that they are moving fast!
They used to call it the "Igloo" because of it's dome shape. Here near Philly, they did the same to our Spectrum, which was historic, with guys like Springteen and Joel having 70+ concerts there each. Now, it's a fancy sports bar and mall called Xfinity Live
Or Galster89, your a potato counter and did realize it went from 2011 to 2012
A prelude a things to come at daygraphics . net / PRELUDE . html – Coming your way in exactly one (1) year to date (9/29). Will try to get the exact same time 11:20 A.M. also. Plug in that URL and take all spaces OUT...
no this is real i saw it in real life being taken down
@nerdynegger It's not fake dumbass. It's called time lapse photography. Cities actually tear down buildings when they are too old. This is one pic a day of the demolition made into a movie. Get it moron?
@nerdynegger You must be stupid. What is fake about it? It's called time lapse photography you dumb fuck. This is how cities tear down old buildings. The maker of this video took one pic a day then made it into a video. Get it dumbass?
Good job, such a simple, TIME CONSUMING, entertaining video:)
my penguins video shows how they realy did it mike lange blew it up
my penguin video is better, mike lange blows it up
So he did the time wrong unless they magicall took it down backwards lol
Otherwise, cool vid, ive nvr seen demolitian like that
The makers of the new batman movie filmed in pgh wanted to blow it up in the movie and were gonna pay the city to do it. Instead they took it down piece by piece instead of sealing the video of the destruction inside a movie for ever
I have one of the club seats out of the civic!
this is awesome, what a d-bag to say its fake... very impressive
I wish they dedicated a spot to put a plaque or something that payed homage to the Civc Arena. It was such a regal, iconic and historic structure; with my memories it kills me to know that it's all gone. Why, why couldn't they have just left it there?
Ground it up... on the spot (that is those piles you see forming, and moving around) - and hauled it away in trucks.
You can't blow it up there are houses right across the street dismantling was the safest way
That was pretty cool(In my Miley Cyrus voice).
And the taxpayers paid for Console arena and the Penguins now run it as if it is their own personal property, which was the whole point of building a new arena in the first place.
Saw the best concert ever there.... KISS ARMY RULES!!!!
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