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Hikakin × Bee Low - Beatbox World Championships 2012 in Berlin

by HIKAKIN • 552,466 views

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thats a first for me........ seeing Bee Low beatboxin' awesome.
That was beelow farting
1:51 what is a sound? it is a sound on background???
Was about soclosetotoast
1:27 to 1:35 that beat sounded fucken crazy!!! love that part
dude the last few seconds, u really did that base  with ur mouth ???
woow hikakin serious you go away really sorry English and me its not going. big up bee low
almost everyone on thee comments say asia is an continent and japan is an country what happened
この頃の髪型超すき!!!!!! ホントひかきん大好き♡
bee low is shite. All he ever does is chat shit he never actually says or does anything remotely interesting
its bether than some of the skrillex! :D
lol the pringles sign in the backround
LOL ik he can do better
and nt saying that in a bad way
respect Beatboxing in Berlin Germany ;) awesome
Dumbass. Asia is a CONTINENT Japan is a COUNTRY. Japan the COUNTRY is in Asia the CONTINENT. Therefore Japanese is ASAIN. Also Japan had wars with different countries in Asia so please be more specific.
Someone booed becuz they cant beatbox like Hikakin
Dude.. did they make that guitar sound around 1:40 and forward??? O_O
Japans are now a race according to this guy... We better back the fuck away.. this guy knows his social studdies
We also owe money to Japan a significant portion second biggest debt holder I believe, we also owe a significant amount to South Korea if memory serves. Maybe even India.
japan is a country and Asia is a continent. how the fuck is japan a race.
WOW!!! This is the most idiotic comment I've ever seen, not only do you not know English grammar but also Geography as well. What is todays education coming to? Go back to school for God's sakes!
wow... you really ARE and idiot... Asia is a continent; one of seven in the world. Japan is an COUNTRY within the confines of ASIA. see how that works? Saying Japanese people are asian is like saying the English are European and Nigerians (from Nigeria... don't let your stupidity loose and think I'm being racist) are African. You should make it a point to be CORRECT about a certain subject before you try to "teach" or troll somebody else...
fucking random. suck a chode. all i know is that your blocked and this fight was literally pointless because of your lack of knowledge. plus, i know your life is very short, your going to die very soon c : bye :)
hikakin KING!!! you must be in the next championship!!
u must be a fucking nerd geek that just came to the internet.
Dude asia is a continent , and Japan is a country on that continent. .... and its a good one
lol, no you troll, my knowledge on my country is better than some random ass country no one cares about, china is the one we owe money to, a sht tone of gold. so fuck japan
This is in germany lmao they fought in world war 2 Together now They beat box Together
Asia = Continent Japan = Country Get your facts straight you fucking dumbass.
You do realize... that everyone is laughing at your stupidity right now?..
Lol moron, Asia is a continent, and its Huge, japan is also a part of it.. Google it and you Might learn something >_< or go to school.
... I must be in the wrong grade then cause I never learned about Japan being a different place than Asia.
Stupid, troll, or mentally challenged I can't tell, Japan is within Asia therefore being Japanese you can also be Asian just like if you're Chinese, Vietnamese, or Korean you can be considered "Asian". Plus don't judge how old people are unless you can use proper spelling and grammar, and you learn about wars usually throughout 6th up to college so be more specific, btw.
1:14 i was so surprised that some of the best beatboxe i ever heared came out of this little video. :D
haha, there teaching us about everything dumb-fuck, you need to read a book sometime you might be able too see me grammar is perfect, you have no balls, i can't believe i'm getting this from a guy whos name is xNYQUILx, Suck a 8=D
Hold up, did i hear an electric guitar??
Is 1:36 a human sound? Who does it? Bee Low or Hikakin??
you dumb fck face... that's like saying african american people aren't black... also saying chinese/korean/viet/indian people aren't asian.... idk if you're just trying to troll.. or if you're that stupid...
LOL Asia is a continent and Japan is a country in Asia (stupid people...hhh...)
lol hehe... "JAPAN AND ASIA are TWO DIFFERENT PLACES, therefore DIFFERENT RACES!" i cant stop laughing at how serious and mad he is.
You was in berlin.I live in Berlin! xD
ودي ادخل معهم هههههه ايه من جد اشياءه اللي دايم احسن
japan is a country in Asia which in itself (Asia) is a continent which means it has a lot of country's in it like Europe. are YOU in 3rd grad?
Is there a electric guitar in the background ?
love the sound Hikakin makes at 01.44. The 'hmmmmm' sound :D
N00b troll in audience. I hope he got curb stomped afterwards!! :D
never Go full retard. but i think he broke that rule...
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