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Triumph The Insult Comic @ Occupy Wall Street

by Team Coco • 1,598,995 views

Watch CONAN @ - Triumph the Insult Comic Dog gives it to bankers, protestors and a bull.

8:25 Wasn't that guy from the Star Wars bit with Triumph?
Burger King! Where all dragon masters eat! hahahahahahaha
Went to the comments to write this haha. How awesome is that
this is so funny. Triumph is awesome
They should send triumph to the Westboro Baptist Church protest, if they still protest haven't heard too much about them in the news.
+mortic0n probably wouldn't be as funny as you think it would be... 
+thatswhatisaidyeah They would accuse the puppeteer of bestiality
How the hell did they get the giant triumph on the bull though?!
2:27, I KNEW he wasn't really asking them questions live.  The guy wipes his eye and coughs just like he did earlier around 2:00 (just like means EXACTLY like, iow, it's the same clip but funny, Triumph is saying different words!). He overdubbed his voice after the fact. :(
it's called "creating a narrative." 
Old news now (sadly) but I always found it repellent the way the "modern wannabe hippies" completely F'd what could (and should) have been a legit protest. The second they came in masses to do their ignorant, drum circle, kumbaya shtick it was over. The vast majority couldn't even give an educated, concise answer as to what they were doing there when interviewed. They destroyed local business restrooms while leaving the things that should have been Molotov'd alone. It was a joke to the banks & bankers and why it's going to happen again sooner than later. They don't fear public or legal consequence because there was none when they knowingly brought the WORLD ECONOMY to its knees. In a protest for your country's soul & financial health you have to go in with violent intentions that you are willing to back up with action. The OWS protests were a sad joke. First, it was mainly people glued to their phones/cameras just to be able to show that they were there over Facebook & Twitter - like it was some event that was nothing more than hip to be a part of. Then the ignorant, dirty, childish modern hippies came to completely kill it. A shame. I truly loathe those types. We need to learn from other nations how to protest acts of such magnitude because one cop shouldn't be VERY CONFIDENT/SECURE in his job of protecting the bull statue. One cop and a tiny, entrance laden metal barricade kept EVERYONE out. That's just one example! The bank employees (esp those bragging about income disparity) shouldn't have felt safe going into work, yet, they mockingly smiled with no more than a few cops at the doors. There is time for peaceful protest and there is time for violent protest. Those banks should have been invaded, hostages taken & demands made. Molotov cocktails should have been thrown. Streets should have been blocked with tires and set ablaze. Rocks thrown, etc. We had the numbers. We didn't have the guts or genuine concern. People just wanted to be at a party to act like they have a damn and show pics/vids off later. It's why I left after a few days. Very few (maybe 1:1000) knew what had to be done and we're ready to do it.
this as well as the Michael Brown protests were taken over by ultra leftists.
Pitch that to Michael Bay. Maybe he'll stop remaking cartoons.
The Black Dude at 8:26 is the same as the crazy Starwars Guy from the Video "the Clones premiere"!!!
The thing about Occupy Wall Street was that it never had a message. "We're gonna stand around and not bathe until we get what we want!" What do you want? "Action against the fat cats and polluters!" What do  you want done? What policies do you want implemented, and what laws do you want changed? What is your solution to the "problems" you talk about? "Shut up, capitalist!" goddamn hippies.
+Calvin Maynard Some of them just complained, true, some of them had ideas en legit concerns. It's perhaps easier to just call them a bunch of lazy, smelly hippies I guess.
+thatsmyrail concerns I get. God knows we have our share of problems. But without a proposal to discuss, nothing's going to happen. There's no debate, no producivity, no change. Just disappointed entitlement.
Holy shit its the wizard from the star wars nerds episode 8:25
Wow how dumb can Conan's staff be to not recognize the difference between Bahrain and Tunisia? At 2:10 Triumph says "during the Arab Spring in Tunisia" but the image that follows is filled with Bahraini flags and the "Saxophone rectangle" players are dressed in Middle Eastern garb which doesn't even exist in Tunisia. Plus how can the joke be funny if they're using the Sax, a western instrument? Fuck Conan
hahaha dude, good one ! :D
And the "Overreaction of the Year" award goes to...
8:25 isn't that the wizard from the star wars opening that triumph was at? 
I must have watched this about 20 times and it NEVER gets old!  LMAO!  Triumph FTW!!!!
If this video doesn't show the stupidity of the #occupy  movement then nothing will.
Triumph's great humor seems to be inclusive of almost anything, to his credit.
downtourth Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
lol.. Dr[sic] Gerson is a quack.. anyone who believes that quack, is also a quack. lol. Go Triumph!
The Occupy people definitely needed some piss taking, though TBF to them they seemed to take this is pretty good humour.
T Triumph is freaking hilarious I don't care what anybody says he is my favorite comedian!
"He has entered into his own GQ brand of zen!" ha haaa, absolute truth, lol. "Oh I am so trendy I do yoga and trascend myself and the world"...(rolling eyes)
2:12 Interesting that the Saxaphone Rectangle that took place in the Arab Spring of Tunisia featured Bahraini flags... that Triumph:D  made my day sooo much better, thx
4:41 looks like a young vladimir putin
+Kathie Jefferson got a little potty mouth on ya, huh? well i guess what's goes in must come out.
Why Conan? Why are you making light of the Occupy Wall Street cause? Did your Hollywood bosses put you up to this? Of course they would, Hollywood is part of the 1%.
+voteZDLR Yup, I have a bunch of "concerned liberal" friends with iphones and other hypocritical bull.
8:25 its the wizard guy from when Triumph visited the attack of the clones premier!
Wait, he reunited with Blackwolf and they didn't use any of the footage?
I wonder how they left Triumph pull up that stunt with the Wall Street bull, lol!!
did anyone notice the guy dressed like a wizard at 8:25? He was also in a much older episode in which triumph makes fun of star wars nerds.
That one was so awesome. I laughed my nerf herders off.
I hope that dog doesn't get raped.
I can not believe that over 200 people have pooped on this YouTube clip
What's up with the cunt in the Marine Corps blues at 2:42?  What a disgraceful piece of shit.
Triumph seems to lose his accent from time to time.
Leave it to Occupy morons to not be able to figure out that they need to look at the puppet not the puppeteer.  Dumbasses.
The wizard from the star wars triumph video is at 8:26 lol
"My other sign is a yacht." I didn't get that one.
Triumph was eating that bulls ass
This friggin' guy is brilliant.  Triumph...don't EVER die!!!
You can see the guy that controls Triumph at 7:44
That 'meditating' d-bag made me lose what little sympathy I had for the occupy movement...
you should have zero sympathy for a group of hippie jackasses that just want everything handed to them..."oh we cant get jobs" no they can but you have to start somewhere.  they think they are too good for mcdonalds or walmart.  well tough shit.  if you want money fucking earn it.
1:44 the guy's drum fell the fuck down
communist/socialist leaders are always part of the 1% like Hugo Chavez was and Fidel and Raul Castro are. that is what this 99%ers don't understand
+danusty This is where your  computer; shoes; cell phone; pharmaceuticals; TV, etc, etc, etc, are made: It has the second largest current account balance in the world, and we've run trade deficits with it for decades. USA has the largest debt in the world. Tick tock, tick tock......
They also talked about the hippies and how they were doing drugs and smelled bad.  This is a complete and intentional distraction from the cause the people are fighting for.  They're standing up for what they believe to be right for their country, and all their critics can say is that they stink.  
Ku Klux Krats are giant FAQS(Fascist Al Qaeda Sexuals).
his point is to be funny not accurate to what people wanna say or do
It's Snaggletooth at 8:25!
This made me laugh. LOL
Anybody else smell the malted hops and bong resin? Wait... My bad... That stink in the air is just the ode de smug emanating from these hippy duchebags.
5:12 looks like Alexi Lalas
8:25 Hey that's Black wolf the dragon master New York's unofficial wizard!!!! I've never forgotten...
I hate this show but this Dog is funny as fuck.
The wizard at 8:26 was also at the Triumph Star Wars He tried to use magic on Triumph.
What a bunck of fucking pussies. Where's the rocks, pitchforks, and molotov cocktails?
Yeah, fuckin RIOT!!!!!! Let's fly in some Euro scrappers to help us out! TEAR DOWN THE WALL!!!!!
was that the lord of the rings nerd?? 8:25
Hipsters and hippies are the embarrassing rednecks of the left.  If we get rid of them and the rednecks we may actually be able to discuss something rationally.
08:25 the wizard from "Attack of the Clones Premiere".
Lol m&m's and trail mix lol...
8:25..Really?! Isn't that guy from Star Wars episode? Who is calling himself Black Wolf the Dragon Master:D:D Wow!
Im from Portugal and i cant watch this!?
That was really good!
Zinedine zidane at 2:35? 😂
8m26s OMG what a surprise its the lord of the rings nerd from the Star Wars episode lolz
that s not Tunisia you piece of shit 
It sucks when you are trying to protest, and then smelly, uneducated hippies show up. The ones that meditate are the worst. It is like the term D Bag was created by God to describe them. They just drain the relevancy out of any protest, and devolve them into jokes. Geez hippies. Stay the fuck home in your VW Camper and get high there. This way you wont cause any harm to innocent folk with your high levels of Douche Baggery 
8:26 The dude from the Star Wars insult comic dog? The filet o fish guy
@ 8:25 that's the same wizard from the star wars part!!!
Exposing the OWS'ers for what they really are.
Black Wolf the Dragon Master @ 8:26
I made the huge mistake of drinking water while watching this video...
Wow, he killed that guy with the tongue in the air. Instant death...
rolmfao!!!!  so good, oh,so good!
there was that black gandalf from the attack of the clones premiere...
If anyone seen the old Triumph, they would have noticed the same wizard guy from Star Wars Episode Two opening. I noticed him, who else?
8:25 isn't that the "dragonmaster" from Truimph at Star Wars Episode 2 premier?
tell me sir, what is your cause, except protesting the high price of scooby snacks HAHAHAHHAHAHAH I'm crying.
Lucy Dyer Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
Master Chief-117 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
You guys have to check this out im dying cause of this XD
This guy , I love this guy
Was that Peter Dinklage in the triangle?
that was an awesome way to start my st. pattys day lol
Thrasher with a Suicidal Tendencies cap and Havok shirt, that's awesome \m/
Best triumph in a while. Reminded me off the stars wars one.
Best triumph in a while. Reminded me off the stars wars one.
TonyUnplugged Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog invades Occupy Wall Street #occupy  
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