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NBA 2K11 My Player - Should the Knicks Trade for Carmelo?

by Chris Smoove • 408,675 views

Do you think the Knicks should go for Carmelo now or wait till next season? Do you believe the rumor that Carmelo threatened to sign the extension with the Nets if the Knicks can't get a deal done?...

They should have not got Melo
And look at smoove now 👌
@85Hinesward i just pull up the auick play screen and call for a quick pick and roll but i think theres a quicker way to do it
Yup, Spoelstra never knows what he is doing, he's just there for the food.
The first one I ever saw u make
love the vids i play for the heat on 2k11
i got a pass like that against the knicks but it was 3 players and it went through stoudemire legs! haha
you should have fans in new york
i got drafted by knicks and asked to be traded and went to atlanta.
@AsianPersuASIAN22 I wonder if he will simply go back to 2k11 I hope soo :'/
look at ronnie turiaf's arm at 6:49 lol
4:22 Oh I'm open, they left me open, that's a noob move, SPLASH!!!! XDDD
What controller setup do you use or recommend?
@jkremix33 Dude im a big Chris Smoove fan but CommishAzure has the best game intros. Real talk.
at 5:34 i saw chris smoove being smoove
i cant get 2 the heat 4 shit but fuck the grizz hella cool
Hahahah Spoelstra looks 8 feet tall in this game
You're miami heat team is so different from mines. Lebron or wade can never hit a three and 60% of the time miss mid range shots, Big z misses wide open layups, bosh was the only good one for me.
@lilronnie365 send him a message because i think hes not lookin at comments at nba 2k11 videos and then look at one of his nba 2k12 new video
whats the beat smoove is using in the beggining
my player is on the miami heat and when we played the knicks we dominated them and won 117 to 86. my teammates got like 10 steals in the first quarter
well if u love playing in madisons square garden i play in the knicks with carmelo, aldridge and speights
u pull of a ron artes with that dunk mavs vs lakers game 4
o wow grand theft auto but still cool
I remember when u made this video it wasv
a smoove my name is stacey u have helped on 2k for a long time thats not me inthe pic thats my dad and im 10
it's a noob moove if you dislike tjis
The end skill point on that game 2001 was the year I was born
With all games Chris played I was hoping new York would win
i just got drafted for the knicks in my player mode!
He was playing grand theft alto iv at the beginning
@Fraplejuice42 haha one time in 2k11, Mike D'antoni got up and walked right across the paint to the other side of the court and the middle of a play! It was the funniest shit ever.
5:11 He just dunked it like Michael Jordan, look at that! XDDD
youre stupid as fuck this game came out when melo was on the nuggets so maybe you should stfu
04:41 what's with that penguin on the floor? (left)
Oh man running through the open paint for the jam at the end reminded me of my last match. Heat (me) vs Lakers, we are up by 2 and neither team has any timeouts. Kobe is chasing me up the court trying to get the foul, the paint is wide open, I get psyched over taking a free throw line dunk to end the match with a message. He goes up, flying through the air, reaches the basket... It fails. The ball bounces behind me, Kobe gets it, throws the centre line shot at the last second and gets it. Rage.
@2:50 he glitches to a further part in the game for a second
I miss these videos :( His 2k12 vids aren't the same cause he doesn't like the game... :'(
your the man smoove and your the bose
at 12:01 how da hell did he miss a dunk
nice freaky game holy crap this game was too awesome
9:25 you missed because your player was laughing to hard
At 4:43 the heat coach is in the middle of the floor
whoa 3rd QT glitch at 3:22 mark lol
can you do veido where you show what power forward can do??
The song at the beginning was smackin
wtf is up with you and saying cheeze
chris smoove should i trade heat to magics cause i used ur edvice i get A+ pergame and still i never got to be a starter so should i go to magics or stay which is best
@LightButDark575 Yeah the teams do some incredibly stupid trades sometimes. I was with the Heat (influenced by Smoove of course) and I requested that Derrick Rose be brought in since D Wade was in as PG at the time (I am SG) and he sucked. I was expecting Big Z or someone to get traded but nope... It was our rookie free agent that got traded. I facepalmed and then realised just how epic the team is with Rose.
that's not a smoove girl. Ha Ha.
Lmao the coach was comin for smoove after that turnover
if you pause you see niko and packie in the car @0:36
Hey Chris, I got a question for ya, if you had to pick one of the NBA 2K's to be your favorite which one would you choose?
i fukinnnnnnnnnn hate 2kkk this shyyt i wastin my fuking money im tired every fukin money i have i spen t it on dat shyyt and the is always fuked in 2 weeks immm sickkkkkkkk of thiss shyyyt
That's it. From now on, whenever my teammates make a 3, I'm saying "SPLASH!!!"
what the coach does at 4:40 ?!
Did any one else see the heats coach go on the court on 4:43
u should do allyoops off pic and roll i do it all the time
4:41 wtf is that one guy in the suit doing on the court?
anyone notice that smoove plays 12 minutes a quarter while we play 5 minutes a quarter i would never play 48 minutes on a game
i laughed my ass of when he missed the dunk lol
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