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Class with Glass

by Michelle Phan • 1,601,162 views

I filmed this video last month, finally got the time to edit it! Class with Glass! Who here wears glasses? I'm going to show you how to create this wearable makeup look that's perfect for work or...

Whoa she looks wayyy different it's her top lip and her cheeks?
Remember when michelle used to use the right foundation shade instead of one 3 shades lighter? Good times.
I really want glasses because they look nice but my vision is literally 20/20
there were no lenses on her glasses.
I hate wearing glasses because they never fit my nose, need to find better glasses.
Here your chin looks really round and I'm the girl vs boy with som your chin looks more defind and pointier
I suppose that she did this look before she made THE VIDEO because her lips were very pinkish/redish colored which is not how it looks in (mostly) all of her other vids. TMI
There would be a glare if there were lenses
You look so different
Them glasses are cute on you
I can't wear mascara with glasses.. my eyelashes get way too long and I can't blink!! But I don't like wearing my contacts because I look awful with them.. my face looks super ugly without glasses.
what happened to your chin ?
Not sure what's up with the music but the makeup is pretty
You don't like Regina Spektor? You are missing out on some good music, good hair, and occasional songs in french. :) 
+Miranda Rose Regina Spektor is amazing I love her so much! I saw her last year in Tallinn and Jack Dishel gave my letter to Regina <3 she loved it!!
I tried this look out and it seems that when I personally wear this look it looks better with bubblegum lips and a hint of red gloss in the center
i really love the eyes but i think the bright pink lipwear is a little much. But awesome tips, thanks so much!
Wat happen to ur lips its bigger doesnt look good
Does anyone know how to avoid your eyes from blinking while applying eyeliner? Thx
Michelle we're not that stupid we can tell theirs no lenses on the glasses!
you realize she took them out for the purpose of no glare in the video...
Leah Raji Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
We are not blind stupid..glasses without contacts huh...btw u r so ugly withpur makeup
Not that I ever thought Michelle was ugly before her facial tweeks, but she looks so much prettier and happier in herself now.... in a weird way she has more natural beauty ...( i know it sounds like a contradiction) but anyone that has followed her through her transitions will know what I mean.  We're all happy for you Michelle! Keep the great videos coming :) <3
You look so different
I love Hello Kitty, where did you get that mirror??
I just got glasses and I love this:)
I have an eye appointment next Thursday, and I might need glasses... D:  I'm a little... scared? Don't know why... but hey, at leased I'll be able to see. :P
Don't worry it'll be fine! ♡
she's wearing retainers
and what if the glasses does not have a frame?
I like your vid I wanna try this look.
so what you're saying is that I've been doing it right for the past four years or so?? 
when you have the glases on you look like my friend illeana
Perfect tutorial for Alex Dunphy
What lipstick is that? The colour is beautiful
i wear glasses but i get the mick taken out of me   
It's hard to do that without glasses, we don't see correctly.. But your video is amazing ^^
She doesnt has lenses in her glasses because she is already wearing a lense I can see a contact lense in ur eyes!! <3♡♡
She doesnt has lenses in her glasses because she is already wearing a lense I can see a contact lense in ur eyes!! <3♡♡
I'm having that problem! At the end of the day my face is shinny >< But I still don't understand how to avoid that from happening? I get confuse at the applying foundation part..
Hey michelle can you do more glasses look but with something to do with more eyeliner :)
I love that lipstick! It's not red or pink
well she wasnt being hatesome so i think she is confused
Omg her nose does look bigger! Lol and her cheeks. Hmmm plastic surgery? Oh well she looks great now
Not that dramatically. Besides she admitted to having chin fillers.
can u make up tutorial the nicki minaj please thanks
Comment doesn't exist. Comment never fucking exists.
Why does it even matter? People, regardless of whether she got corrective surgery or just lost weight or ANYTHING... Just take a deep breath, and slowly repeat: IT DOES NOT MATTER. Quit hating on her for that tiny thing. I see NOTHING but comments on her chin nowadays. It's pretty hateful, and immature.
michelle, do a video on brushes! what stippling brushes do, what to look out for in brushes :)
i think this look goes better with nude peachy lips. and what with the pose at the end of the vid? i mean it's funny. Thanks for tutorial anyway.
what kind of palette are you using?
I have to start wearing glasses soon so this really helps :)
I'm a beauty guru with a dream & a passion for fashion! It would seriously mean the world to me if you checked out my cahnnel,& helped me reach my goal of 600 subbies! I am so devoted to youtube and try to upload good quality videos three times a week! I work super super hard on each video, and hope you guys will like them! Also I am doing a giveaway soon, and redecoratng my room for a room tour!! PLease take two seconds to thumbs this comment up so I can share my tips with the world :)
I love this song! <3 regina spektor... good video!
Are there even lenses on those glasses? Lol.
i am sorry but i don't like these songs
I wear class and need something for middle school
You're so pretty! And I love your make-up tutorials for glasses, they rock!
can you do a really light make up for vietnamese high school girl who wear glasses ,because school in vietnam mostly ban make up, but most girl want to look beautiful.
You look better with new chin haha
And I don't use dramatic mascara but there just naturally long
I need spring makeup with glasses! Can you please do this?!
I wore glasses. Degree glasses to be exact. Degree 175.
Primer is also great before painting your gutters, your car, or your garage!
Hey, Yeah heres the thing. She can pull it off. If it doesnt work on you thats fine. Dont be the reasom of hate
U don't even have any lenses on your glasses
Are you wearing contact lenses ? You seem to have a different eye colour in every video
Love this!!! Can you do a tutorial on how to apply a liquid eyeliner to your top lid? I don't know if you've maybe already done one?xxx
can you do a tutorial for those who have a really round shaped face?
hi!I just started out on youtube and really want to focus in beauty.Do you have any advice?Im asking anyone
Hi will u do a look your worst tutorial
SMH. Little people like using tiny things to make themselves feel bigger. ARE ANY OF US HAPPY WITH WHAT WE'RE BORN WITH? NO. OBVIOUSLY NOT BECAUSE WE ARE ALL LOOKING AT MAKEUP TUTORIALS. Geez, people! No one gets it! Even if she did it because she wanted to, versus her twitter explanation, how is that any worse than us using makeup to change our appearances? It['s not. Get off your high horses, people.
You can notice if you look closely that the lipstick shade she applies blends perfectly into her lips "before" she's put any on. One can gather from this that either her lips really are that color, or more likely she's had the lipstick on and is just reapplying it.
The lipstick it's rouge in love 340m or midnight rose :)
I love it. Only if I knew how to do it. All I add to my face is blush, mascara and a nude lipstick or just lip balm. My lips have a natural soft pink look.
What colour eyebrow pencil is this?
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