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FG - SNSD EP 1 [10.08.08] (en) 3/3

by soshisubsclassics • 103,981 views

[SoShi Subs] FG - SNSD EP 1 [10.08.08] (english subbed) Translator: boxclub Editor: SCBet & Soy Timer: SCBet, xxnary072xx, Kanki, Soy Encoder: renesis Register at and follow us...

watching girls do what they do is funee. especially SNSD.
FEARLESS SUNNY AND TAEYEON XD omg I love them I agree with the manager's decision. I think the bright pink heart and the black pig didn't really match well and the makeup was just set up in front. The snake brings a more edgy concept and it catches your eye. I like how the editors were surprised by the snake XD Good job, candy girls!
Dandyu are so brave as espected <3<3 i love how Taeyeon tpuched the snake without gloves
And I just love how Fany keeps mentioning The Devil Wears Prada *__*
Jessica's blank expression... is kinda scary T^T
@ForeverCellist yeah of course, :)
At 12:43 i was like "WTH? What are they going to do with a laundry machine?" then later on i realized those white blocks are desks.xDLOL
ahahah tiffany "you're messing up everything !" XD so cute how she's talking to the pig!
I touched a snake before and it was not what taeyeon called SOFT XD DAEBAK hahaha!
jajajaja that pig is troll jajajaja cute!
OMG!! Jessica's expression?! 6:09 is so hilarious, haha!! SNSD!! Nothing is impossible!!
like if your watching this in 2013!!!
@randompeople14 invincible youth?? can you send me the link so i can see the episode please?? live chickens? this i have got to see..... :)
Pahahaha Tiff. "Dwaeji neomu yeppeo."
Hyoyeon is so cuuuute! Sunny is a man lol their fashion sense has improved a lot now! Girls are now ladies. XD
i knew it that the A team would win.. although the sound effects really makes me nervous
lol at 8:44 The girls not show how they do that hard work maybe they're young and begginers
Jesus, the girls screams are far more annoying than the pigs xD! At least the poor piggie has a good reason. Still, love them all =D!
jessica looks different in this eps. prettier than usual
Sica my favorite member and her glasses looks sexy on her she looks like a teacher punishing a student *role playing* in a porno outfit
jessica at 3:35 looked so annoyed and mad lol
sunny taeyeon so brave!! Taeyeon was like...ït doesnt bite!"
@TraceyLouise2260 dont watch then. why burden urself to be annoying?
danshin fighting..:D they are so brave..!! ^^
pig is so pretty (8) instead of 'noona' aww, SHINee & SNSD fighting!!
Tayeon:Why are you scared??It doesn't bite Hahaha taeyeon and sunny is the best XD If that is me icouln't do it even we loose
Fany always sings SHINee songs :)
@yamcy23 and dont forget SHE CAUGHT A CHICKEN!!! she is amazing :)
She did bungee jump first..goes to a hunted room alone..and now holding that snake..OMG Sunny you sure is the bravest!!..and also my Taengoo
@SmileForSwift well its supposed to be cos..................for girls when we lose we usually goes sad ^^
Remind me a LOT of the hills lol
so funny sunny and soyoung hahahaha sunny talk to the snake and soyoung when she know she need to take back the snake at 6:10 - 6:30 SNSD is so cute and funny in here love them alll =D
at 3:35 and 3:42 jessica's stare looks so evil and me the chills.. ><
@Yuki1993snow its so weird how it hadn't come out yet cuz they debuted in 09 and this as in 08
If it was me holding the snake when he started to edge towards me,i would have drop the snake and scream xD
Sunny jjang! TaeYeon jjang! Sica jjang! Yuri jjang!
12:42 clothes and accessories and shoes everywhere? Yeah, I can quite guess why they reacted like that <3 That's GIRLS' Generation after all <3
@ForeverCellist Nope, I'm Singaporean. ^_^ I'd love to be a Korean though LOL.
why is the cutest one or the aegyo queen is the bravest?!! She is so brave first she wasn't scared of anything at the Horror Movie Factory then she picked up an alive snake!!!SUNNY IS JJANG!! LOL. Jessica's stare is WAY more scarier than the Editor's!! Ice Princess Jessica FTW!!
03:35 & 03:39 Jessica scare me!!! I can't sleep after watching this..
whooah!., what sunny did was so amazing., clap!clap!clap!.
I love SNSD and all,.. But can someone PLEASE take that piglet off of them??? Haha Poor Piggy ): xx
jessica in glasses looks awesome
1:11 SNSD Tiffany singing SHINee's Replay in her own version . . . LOL
i really like hyoyeon's dress\shirt
The danshins aso brave. Sunny and Taeyeon -3
@heyvm66 they have veen return to the place where they all juz lent....
@SNSD9sone4EVERalways chill out, and get used to the internet. there's no bad connotations attached.
lol its ok if its just a barn, well today is ur lucky day! ITS NOWHERE NEAR looking like a barn!
Jessica looks gorgeous with specs and long hair :D
sunny and taeyeon are so very brave there not afraid of snake WOW!!!! GO TAESUN!!!!
Wow .... When I'm watching this .. I was like .. "Wow, it's really awesome to be an editor. I want too ! ><" xD
omg jessica look so cool at 8:57
hehehehe unnie jessica look's like a teacher
really fun watching this in 2013
Yuri:Nooooooo! Be Careful! Taeyeon: It Doesn't Bite LoL
Jessica looks so cool in glasses~<3
8:30 this editor's name is Sooyoung... :D
Love u Sunny and Taeyeon! u gals are jjang and fearless
its funny how sica covers her ears when you know she's the one normally making others do it miss her dolphin scream
Naahhh Im A girl im straight not Lesbian My Fave member is Tiffany But why I WAnt to kiss Taeyeonie??? Maybe she makes me laugh? And she's very dorky!!!
why are they so scared of the animals? especially jessica, it's annoying to watch lol
The danshins couple Sunny & Taeyeon (SunTae) are the best <3 !!! ^o^.
sica now knows what ultra sonic sound sounds like lol
@ybadong if its annoying dun watch.. ngahahaha./ stupid.
I love it when Sunny is teasing Sooyoung about returning the snake, "Send my greetings to the tarantula".
I..... really like snakes a lot..... and the snake team... so..... snakes team... mansae.... and..... the snake is sooo cute... I would love to hold it
I love sunny and taeyeon, aigooooo fearless!
...when you try doing groupwork with a bunch of girls,that is the outcome unless you work with those who know their shit
lol it's not that scary to pick up a tiny snake guys..
LOL at the sound the pig made at @1:23, it's like it's saying "Weeeee~~~~"
@jihyoseumdwa Yeah i know dude. It sounds insulting if you didn't know. -.-''
Funn how at 11:01 everyone stands to greet and Sica just sits LOL :D shes a lazy girl ~
Lmao, Sunny's face when they took out the pig is just like "Dafuq are you guys doing??"
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