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IPL - Marineking vs Hyun - Game 2 - TvZ - StarCraft 2

by HuskyStarcraft • 108,442 views

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i dont think a lot of people realize it all depended on that first watch tower and the fact that he hadnt droned hard just 5 sec before.
So Zerg made ONE mistake of attacking with shitty ultras and it cost him that game, yet Terran botched multiple attacks getting his bio fungal'd and baneling'd to death. That is why Terran is bullshit, that is why Terran is broken. No one else has get out of jail free cards, multiples of them. Banelings are stupidly cost-ineffective. If banelings were shot out of a long range catapult, they might be decent, but can you imagine the Terran QQs, but that's essentially what siege tanks are...
Husky your queen of the web.....Isn't it supposed to be king?
Forever Alone Drone....always send alone to scout enemy's base....or hide and expansion.... :(
Don't blame you, and I play LoL. The warmup phase of LoL is so long and boring. SC2 is much more dynamic and exciting, and it's not team-based or based on shitty mechanics like farming/Last hitting Moba games are the Leymans WC2. On that note Husky should cast another WC2 or SC1 game before HoTS drops.
Z late game - instantly recreate army through multiple hatcheries + saved larva P late game - instantly recreate army through bulk gates + warp So correct, no options for other races.
He is probably trolling us again -__- as he did with Doom 2, Husky tale Brood War he never finished them, why...I don't know......I hope he is not an asshole.
"I really cannot hold" hahahahahaha
It's crazy how important unit positioning is.
This poor drone forever prone sits back stage, cause hes forever alone.
marines are fragile. im so surprised that marineking even thought that would work. I would never think to go for an all marine timing attack
Every drone is sacred every drone is great. If a drone is wasted Husky gets irate.
Yeah he said this was a BO3 series... MKP won the first game, Hyun won the second... Just be patient, Husky is probably casting/uploading game 3 as we speak.
Yeah, but those were side projects! I've never known him to start casting a series and then not cast one of the games in it... he's probably just busy or something and will cast it soon.
This is why I hate Zerglings O_o
Husky you should play a League of Legends game :)
"ohhh he IS using the mouse AND the keyboard" i rofld hahahahaha
Dam i rly like your vids but thinking of unsubbing simply cuz i dont like the "i see you guys next time" in the end
You Subscribe for the Person not only his Uploads.
That's a bit unreasonable. Who watches to the last damn second anyways
lol, "you can't hang on when u have no arms!"
why the fuck do you like LoL husky?
I did notice the early bane nest as well, which saved him in the long run. I do think the watch towers and the fact that he had lots of extra larvae really helped as well. Hyun's style seems to involve lots of banes so maybe he likes to get it early on a T fast expo.
Actually husky in regards to the game speed, in both broodwar and SC2 the normal speed was used for the single player campaign and the "fastest" was always intended for ladder.
There are other casters doing that , I guess he 's trying to cast that are not around, or casted by "well-known" casters, there may even be an unwritten deal between them that they won't cast each others' games ;)
Nice touch with the protoss theme 3 from sc1! :)
LOL is one of the best pc games ever to copy dota
marine king sucks, why did he try that stupid all in at the start?
when are you going to cast or upload game 3 bettween Marineking Vs Hyun ??
do the forever alone drone to "im so lonely"
Anyone want to say marines are overpowered now?
Lala Land ;3 Been there done that :)
he IS using BOTH the mouse and keyboard haha
Is the terran tune from starcraft 2 derived from this Nelly Furtado song?
The only reason people played LoL instead of games such as HoN is because it was relatively free when it was released. After a while people just got used to LoL and refused to play any other Dota type games. :) I like HoN way better than LoL but that is just my flavor. :D
Husky tales is on hiatus because the animator is busy Also who gives a shit about side projects he does for fun? If he gets bored of it he has every right to stop
Forever a drone, I wanna be forever a drone.... dont you want to mine forever...forever.... (sung to the theme of forever young by Alphaville)
When i seen hyun i was like yeah! Then i seen husky casting im like h yell!
it is so you cant wall in at the bottom of the ramp
What happend whit huskytales?
wants so cool about husky you ask hes always making new jokes XD
This looks like a modified ForGG build. Which is a 1 rax expo into 4 more rax, but he never pulled scv's. He just built rines and rallied them. Works very well on 2 player maps where marines and bunkers are super strong early game. Better against P than Z, But you can't produce off 5 rax with basically one base mining. You need those Scv's to transition if it fails. If you dont win off rines, turtle and tech into MMM push and take a 3rd, super strong build. Would love to see it in pro meta.
Husky why are you queen of the weeb??
why do huskies videos have dislikes?
dear google...fix the fucking world of tanks bug
Allright Husky, I'll compromise with you. How about a x2 cast completely in Overlord speak?
You should comment some league of legends videos!!
Try playing a game at X2 speed!
Husky! Don't ever ever sing again.. lol
Is it just me, or is it that game 3 hasn't been uploaded yet after game2 being uploaded 12 hours ago?
Husky you should check out IPL team arena challenge I think it is. EPIC games between liquid and prime especially game 3 with liquid hero the most rediculous PvZ i have ever seen
only a torso, you say? 'tis only a flesh wound, i say!
sometimes when watching these korean replays i wish i new what in heck they were saying
can you give links to the replays?
Is it bad that the first tune I tried to attribute to that was Katamari Damacy?
If he subs LoL that would be epic, although I dunno how much he knows about LoL. BTW Husky your Pokemon cast is bad and you come off as you come off as more of a asshole and are a lot less likable. You seem best at casting SC because you like, it please stick to SC, if its anything like those bad Pokemon casts. Love you Husky =D
A game were you roll a ball around the world picking up objects slowly getting larger till you form a planet :) rather silly but in a great way.
Hey husky, have you ever played Tribes:Ascend? I get that your busy with sc2 but I think it would be cool to see you talk about an up and coming esport. :D
Dammit for trying to scroll down the map in order to follow the first wave of marines.... >.>
lol...."Forever alone drone" XDDD
you know its comming why dont u shut down the video before ?
was just a comment,,, was meant to be put here, you didnt have to read it...?
Husky can you cast a couple more Sc2 games, I only watch your casting really, sometimes feel I have to watch others just due to lack of content
Omg Husky you need to produce a song with your phenomenal overlord voice! 8]
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