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Jack McBrayer & Triumph Visit Chicago's Weiner's Circle - CONAN on TBS

by Team Coco • 4,856,199 views

CONAN highlight: Jack McBrayer & Triumph the Insult Comic Dog pay a visit to Chicago's infamously hostile hot dog stand.

"Oh no you didn't, yeah, yo mama's shit and your daddy's shit, and your sister's shit. And your uncle's mouth has shit.That's right, I said it, and you know I'm gonna and you know I'm gonna stick my head in a marble sofa, where the faces fall off, and the juices, you would know that, that's where you go to take me out to the dog dick. Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, I don't even care if I ever come back, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat, fried green tomatoes, Steven A Schmidt, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, That's right, America Ferrera, 1-800-588-2300 Empire, Bitch." SO EPIC
I don't EVEN want to ask how you could figure out one frickin' word in that entire exchange.  I could only understand her or Triumph when they slowed down and started talking relatively normal.  
''You know why you work for tips? Because no one would put the whole thing in'' I lost it there...
+fableiceberg Lol that's a good one. 
Wait though...when I watched it I didn't think of anything racist...I seen black Americans making some money with a very unique concept. Kudos to them. They seemed like very nice people if you can look past all the yelling and insults! Seriously though.
Hell yes. Shits hilarious.
Is this the place? These people hurt your feelings? Lets fucking do this.
i know its no joke, but you should know that them yelling is for entertainment they are notj just like that. the owner, said it was planned.  
+MIKE ZEROH I was talking about the dog talking back at the woman.
why the fuck would any sane person want to go to a place like this?  disgusting.
...self-loathing - plus, self-abuse... ...the wicked case of heartburn and the acute, acid reflux disorder inflammation is purely ancillary.  Damn, I could do this joint on acid...
I remember seeing something about that place it's actually the most family friendly place during the day
One word: Gordon Ramsay
Gordon ramsey wouldnt last 1 minute in that place
When I see shit like this, it makes me proud to be an American, and i'm not being sarcastic.
i hope they close that place down those bitches got on my nerves, very unprofessional 
Not shit down, burn it down those fuck holes would chain themselves to that restraunt with their shit words
They dont even use fucking gloves. nasty.
Tell me, after you wash your hands, what's the difference between gloves and hands? Ya dumb shiet. Even professional chefs use only their hands.
+trewqpoiuy listen faggot, professional chefs at HIGH QUALITY restaurants wash their hands and not use gloves. This place is a shit whole food stand with bitches in fake nails and an over crowded kitchen serving food.  pay attention to the video next time, retard before you call others dumb. These are not prefessional chefs, OR you never been to a real restaurant to know one, "Ya dumb shiet"
"you like nikki minaj ( - ) the everything"... that's hilarious!! LOL!
YOOOO when he threw up!!!!! Lmaoo it went straight into jack's mouth lmaoooo
There are no words to describe the purity of how funny this video was.
+MIKE ZEROH​ I stayed awake until 6am watching some of the clips. I am looking forward to seeing his new TV show.
tell me you saw the star wars nerds one.
There are two types of african americans, respectful, and rachet
Same goes for ALL races you little bitch 
+Zachary Mancuso a stereotype isn't truth being told. its a group representing themselves in a disgusting manner and people like you making it look like they are the majority.
black Americans I am black European and I must say the black race is ok jst the ones in America r retarded in fact every race on that god forsaken continent is retarded XD
It's just the home that they were raised in. It's not the people themselves.
My friend who used to live here for school said that the people who eat here are usually racist and drunk. This place is by near bars and the cubs baseball stadium which is filled with nothing but rich white people who are sloppy ignorant and racist drunks who used to say dumb shit to them which is why they allow their employees to curse and be rude. customer aint always right bitches!! And this place isnt even owned by black people. lol its just another way yall are be exploited 
Who would have thought of teaming Jack McBrayer up with Triumph.
"Holy shit! I didn't know Tyler Perry worked here!"
do you kiss your pimp with that mouth?
Man, this is kind of old, but its funny ass fuck! Lol. Triumph did it again.
If I lived in Chicago, I would come here all the time to vent out my anger and eat my hotdog afterwards to eat away the pain.
This place isn't really like that. There is an element to be expected and some people go with the intention to have an exchange like that and they will talk back, but this was played up a lot for tv. I go in ther cause there are some stores around there I go to and it is very possible to go in and order without being assaulted. But it is fun to watch when they do lay into people but is always in a extreme but still playfully intentioned manner.
Zoo like service lol
That was legendary. I can see them running this one on a clip show for like a 30th anniversary
was that hot dog stand real?....are african american like that in real life?... im sorry if i am rude but i never saw such a behavour...:P....also i live in europe and i never saw african american(only 3 or 4 who sell jewells from hawaii and they were nice people)
Yea, it's what happens when niggers form groups. Their egos sky rocket like their welfare checks.
+James W What group are you in? The one that needs anything complex explained to you by a 12 year-old.
So Jack and Triumph were pals before their Adult Swim show? Wicked sweet! :D
I wonder if Tommy Sotomayor knows about this place.
As an African American, I'm can't help but to be a little bit offended by this.  Granted, it was funny and I did laugh.  I can take a joke and I love comedy. I guess I'm tired of hollywood and the media portraying black women and men in such a manner.  That is what really bothers me.  And that's not to say that some of us don't act this way, every race has its version of rednecks and niggas.  But I'm tired of seeing my people being presented to the world as ignorant and low-class with no manners, and promiscuous and money hungry.  If there was a fair amount of positive black women on tv, I wouldn't have so much of a problem with it.  But typically when a positive black woman is on tv she's dating or married to a white man.  I also understand that it may be entertaining to see black people act stupid and ignorantly.  But we are not animals at a zoo or here for your entertainment.  Whether you believe it or not, this kind of stuff gives many people their only impression of blacks.  This type of stuff only exacerbates stereotypes and racism.  I think black people in America had enough of this character assassination with the blaxploitation films in the 70s and the media relentless reporting on black crimes or hostilities from the 80s-90s.  Other than that personal sentiment, I actually thought it was pretty funny.  But we should all think about some things on a more intellectual level.  We Americans have to wake up to a lot of things that are obviously wrong.  Perhaps we're lazy and don't want to address real issues.  Perhaps we're too politically correct and don't want to talk about things that may cause people to be upset.  But we have to wake up in this country.  We have a lot of social and political issues that we are not addressing.  Our nation is being taken over by corporations and we sit back and plan our next Christmas list.  I personally feel that when we finally wake up it will be too late. Those who don't know about blaxploitation don't understand how black people's image has been aired and reported in a calumnious and vilifying manner.  Ignorance to facts and history allows our minds to be distracted by materialism, sexism, individualism, etc.  While we are distracted by these pernicious endeavors, the corporations are buying up and stumping out our democratic principles.  We are blinded by the American dream: like lottery ticket holders starring at their ticket until the numbers are called; which, for the majority, their numbers are never called.  Wake up, Americans! Your shit does not smell like roses! It smells like shit!   
Media will never be fair, only chocking enough to turn a profit. We just have to stop giving a fuck ;)
You're the racist here. I didn't even think about race until you brought it up. As Conan explained, this is their job. One of the main reasons why people enjoy that hot dog joint is because of the insults and abuse. They simply found an untapped market and capitalized on it. I see nothing low class about that.
Why the fuck would anyone give this " Business" 2 cents of their money?
The end was a little much with the mess they made lol and I feel bad for the girl who didn't get a high five
Vomiting on the drunk hipster doofuses was the cherry on top.
That Nicki Minaj comment struck a cord... that one cut deep. For a brief moment you could see the despair on her face.
Lol guy at 7:50 was not impressed!
I would leave in tears... of laughter
Precious and Tyler Perry working together. What a small world.
soon this is were they pitched in the jack and triumph show basically, they could have made this a pilot episode for it 
This just made my year, lol. That rant that Triumph went on was so epic on so many levels.
Did he sign her titty?
Holy shit Americans are insane.
What the fuck is this shit?
coming here when you're drunk makes it 100 times funnier lol
that was pretty good.  but this triumph sounds different then the one from 15 years ago.  i liked the other voice better.  but this was pretty good.  i like the restaurants theme of belittling their customers and non stop f yous and mofo
You cant beat Triumph!
Zachary Faughn Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Jack McBrayer & Triumph Visit Chicago's Weiner's Circle - CONAN on TBS:
Hahahahahaha !!! Hilarious!!!
The most entertaining 8 minutes of my life. 
Arent they getting their own show on Adult swim soon?
He show just came out yesterday on adult swim it was okay but not good for a pilot but I hope to see it shine next Friday
That ending tho did anybody see that guys face he was like "really?"
There are two types of white people, normal white people, and white people that wear Osiris shoes
This was Hilarious!!! especially that ending!!! XDD crying in laughter!!!
nothing gets past you...especially carbohydrates. Lmfao
Lmfao too funny "How do you sleep in your car at night lol "
Haha Ive eaten there before. When I was there they were nice.
That was the most beautiful redemption I have ever seen! I laughed so hard! XD
how is no one talking about the end. that was insane. do they compensate the people they sprayed mustard all over?
+ThePlatinumEagle sorry, puke. but still, i would be annoyed if puke was sprayed all over me, like that girl in the video
Verbal vomit turns into dog vomit. Definitely and forcibly cussed the bit into the video.
The dont even use gloves to grab the money or the food :O
Do you want this wiener to go or do you want to shove it up your ass right here
Neither fun to watch or fun to imagine being in. If I want an argument, I'll go find John Cleese.
What they should do is just a show with remotes instead of like a real TV show
That ending was hilarious
"Do you kiss ur pimp with that mouth?" Lmao XD
Probably one of THE funniest videos I've ever seen.
"I didn't know Tyler Perry worked here" too funny 😆😂
I wish they'd send Gordon Ramsey there.
Gordan would just kill everyone in the building with a cleaver.
Where's Barbie, Asshole.
7:48 That guy in dark blue looks somewhat unhappy.
Oh no you didn't wipe you ass today
Fucking CRYING!! lmao
so did he signed the tittie?
Marissa Wyss Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Jack McBrayer & Triumph Visit Chicago's Weiner's Circle - CONAN on TBS:
Elizabeth Poole Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Jack McBrayer & Triumph Visit Chicago's Weiner's Circle - CONAN on TBS:
This is the best thing I've ever seen.
Dafuq?!?!?!!!? Chicago is like a 3rd world country or something.
That place is located in one of the richest parts of the city near a big university. It's meant to cater to all the drunk frat boys during weekend nights. 
He is so funny😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
Some intense shit right there 
I only go there to get insulted and for bottled water. Maybe a napkin if I am feeling saucy. That joint is a must go to if you are an outsider.
Wow that's great costumer service how are they still in business
The customer service is actually fast and the reason they are in business is because of the insults.
Gosh, I hope they didn't destroy Jack after that!
"Do you want that wiener to go or would you like to shove it up your ass right here?"
That was hilarious.
Is this actually a place? But I assume they don't actually act like that.
Only on Friday and Saturday nights. It's a regular joint during the week. 
You gone sign this titty before u go HAHA I DIED!!!
IKR, I bet she is really a sweet lady.
Oh! Ya Triumph is back in action!. Good stuff.
Who the hell would wanna go eat there lol... im sure someone gonna get shot or stabbed there over shit talking
Get shot in the whitest most yuppie filled side of town. I don't think so. 
and it get fucking spelled WIENER not WEINER you motherfucker asshole dumb bitch! I am from germany and you dumb ass black nigger bitch aint nothing! your whole body looks like nick minajs ass nigger!..  that way to talk is definitely wrong guys….
Wow, really?
i like when he tells the blonde girl to tip bitchhh hilariuos
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