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$20 Makeup Challenge + Contest winners!

by Dulce Candy • 613,901 views

My Official Facebook Page: Contest winners:...

I love you so much :) Your style is amazing!
I purchased rimmel clean and clear foundation as well..and i noticed after a couple hours my whole family noticed i was completely ORANGE!!!! ahhh!..yeah i threw it away....not even worth $3!!
lol at how the video starts at 5:49
how come u don't film in your office anymore?? :) just asking.. :p
i really appreciated your honesty with this one. that and trying not to get all elf. good job! :)
I love your necklace!! where did you get it?!?!
Dulce yay I been waiting for this! (: xoxoxo
I have the foudation, I dont like it. I agree that its way to heavy. It also turns my face a little orenge. I wouldnt try it if u have dry skin either. But thats just me my friend loves it and uses it everyday
omg, I am in love with your necklace!!
Like if you saw her editing picture and her makeup on Instagram!!
Thanks so much for uploading this video. I love 20$ challenge tags!
I am really glad that you did something different rather than just using elf products!
wasn't that $23? or am i wrong? i still loved it though! BEST ONE IVE SEEN!!!
Dulce! love your necklace where did you get it? :)
woah!!! alot of blue eyeshadow! love it :)
It looks great ! LOVE youu Dulce !
I love your videos, also it would make my day if you replied back:) xx
Should you not put the makeup on in this video?
You're amazing! Love you and your videos<3
I've actually been waiting forever for this video :) yay
could you please do a 20 dollar head to toe outfitchallenge
I love you so much, thank you for your dedication to youtube! Love all your looks, and style!
she waste money on the eyeshadow brush lol still like it ! <3
Video starts at 5:49:) your welcome!
ooh i saw that revlon shadow at biglots for 2$ i should have grabbed it.. it looks really pretty
yeay! I've been waiting for this video!:)
wheres your phone case from? i loveeeee itt!!!
That royal blue shirt looks great with your skin tone. :-)
I love you !!! Hugs from sweden <3
Like if you saw the editing and makeup pictures on Instagram!
I think a gold shadow would have looked a lot better. Too much blue.
not a big fan of the blue eye shadow but the color on your lips is gorgeous. and i love that elf eye liner as well. it is one of my favorites! :)
But would you actually use these products dulce?
You look so pretty in this shirt and necklace, the color suits you so much. :)
that foundation break me out like crazy
how about a make-up challenge that uses ANIMAL FREE TESTING PRODUCTS?????? that would be cool, and furr friendly.
Nice job! Wheres your necklace from?
Dulce the Rimmel foundation is supposed to be 4 dollars not 5
thats a good idea but i dont think that would be that hard because alot of companies have stopped testing on animals in the past few years
the eye shadow and lip color are really pretty!
i bought that foundation a long time ago and i seriously love it. my skin is so sensative and i can use that foundation without any problems, plus it's got amazing coverage & works perfectly and is so cheap. i lalalala love it!♥
holy crap 6 minutes intro and like a 2 minute makeup challange footage, for what i originally clicked on for ..
you fail at limits lol i love you tho
dulcecandy87 your one of the first girls that are a good at making the 20 dollors work yea!!!!!!
Congrats to the winners, great videos! Dulce, can you please link their videos in the description box so others can view them automatically? Thanks!
You are so beautiful dulce! On the outside obviously but the inside mostly <3
So long intro, but i didnt even notice it...
Dulce! Where did you get the pillows on your bed? (: really love the look! thanks for making this video:) xxxx
I like that you did a bold, bright makeup look, with only 20 dollars! :D
Love how you didn't just do a neutral look <3 loved the video
with all of theses $20 makeup challenges going on, i have so much cheap looks to choose from! woohoo!(:
Thank you for being like the ONLY guru who didn't think it was a challenge about just using elf. You branched out to other brands that were still affordable. Y
Hey girls if you enjoy beauty videos I would really appriciate if you could check out my channel for a few minutes to let me know what you think. I sub back just let me know!
dulce you're awesome and keep doing what you're doing. We love you!
Check out my channel and subscribe ladies! :)
hey dulce! I love your videos so much, and I've just started my own channel, I was wondering if you could check it out? Thanks!
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