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Ford GT Twin Turbo vs 7175 Toyota Supra

by briank03 • 57,976 views

View from the Ford GT's goPro, supercharged and twin turbo 1100 hp Ford GT racing a Toyota Supra with a single turbo 7175. Check out for chroming and polishing services and...

supras wind very fast esspically on roll race,by the time you catch up to it the race is over,lol
Ford gt spanked supra ass to bad for traffic
Pretty sure the supra got got the shit kicked out of it on the first run
This isn't even a race the ford gt had to stop before it could even get going.
if you watch the whole tx2k11 video, that gt got walked by EVERY supra in the 850-1300hp range
If you listen to how the guy drives his supra he can't even shift fast, it's hella slow and that ford gt got into low rpms on last gear... Supra had just started punching the gas ...
I've yet seen a Supra do 267 mph in a standing mile.... Or any I6 for that matter.
Damn the GT was realing him in!!
Advice - You can speed down 635 and risk everyones life. The guy at JRs thought he could do the same with his green Lambo. Then someone send the video to the Garland Police, and his Lambo and GTR were both impounded. Your tag numbers are very clear..... And it took me two minutes to get the cars registered owner, and address. Anyone else could do the same. I admire the work you do, I've been building for years. Just know that your taking a huge risk in Texas by posting this.
i will provide you with solid evidence from races- 60 roll, SW's UGR Stage 3 vs Mullet's 1147whp tt/sc/nitrous Ford GT. Mullet gets the hit, SW pulls him in and wins by 2 cars. 60 roll, Tag's 1187whp GT47-80 Supra, stretches 2nd spinning, reels in SW and loses by 2 cars. Mullet got the hit, and lost by 2 cars, Tag reeled him in. putting the power down, you tell me which one is better.
I dont see how a standing mile has anything to do with a roll race between the two cars.
the Lambo pulled harder from the 50 roll, from a 50 roll with 28 inch tall tires it would be lag then spin, the Supra actually just got into its stride at the end. :}
Exactly, but your Supra friends here don't seem to get that...
Sick Supra. That GT was def pullin. But did anyone notice the blue viper kickin ass? LOL
Saleen, SSC, Shelby, Mosler, Dodge (viper), Chevy (vette), and obviously the GT. All american, all badass and strong on the track.
@iPROFITDON Sorry dude, this gt is 1100+ whp I believe. Supercharged and on top of that, turbo charged....
@5388checho I really cant take people on youtube. Noone stated the fact the turbo is in the title of this video! Bunch of people who think they know shit on here! It has 71mm turbo which is considered to be small for supra now adays. This turbo spools better/makes more power then 74mm turbos. Anyway we got a 1100rwhp FGTvs 930 rwhp I believe was his highest #. Id hope the gt would win but Brians car keeps up fuckin GOOD for an underpowered car. Give respect where its due people.
lol hey there's no need to tell me at Mr. Deliwala. sure Ford GT's have better wight distribution favoring the rear end. but can you fit HKS coilovers in a Ford GT? does anyone have MT streets on Ford GT's? so you're telling me a TT Ford GT with 1900whp designed for the standing mile that has enough power to spin in 3rd hard@160+ will hook better on the street than a 1500whp Supra? wow.
You know that Hossier has tires for the GT right? I guess you did not same as how you banked on just HKS only having components for the ford GT. Btw I saw the video of the Ford GT vs the UGR lambo (SW) but I cannot find this race between tag's 1187whp GT 47-80 Supra vs the GT or the Lambo. Please provide me a link of this video.
Its not the gt got 1 gear twice and a car pops up in front of him. Hell clearly pulled the supra each time and given the GT gearing it be game over with no traffic supra would be a spec.
you mad man? its not my fault that shitty Ford cant take a single turbo Supra.. Plus Ford arnt made for racing because they are to slow to keep up with domestic cars these days how many american cars do you see on the track these days? all i see is the Chevy Corvette but that is the only american car i respect.. just stick to your cattle pulling and shit draggin.. Also I forgot to check but didn't ford mean F OUND O N R OAD D EAD ???????
The funny thing is, people still buy a 20+yr old car that's well out of production; that says a lot about quality.
Lmao please please, The toyota supra made the texas mile record way before that ford gt was even made.. Read the forms bud..
@JoeSupraR It's still a stock engine GT here, making 1054rwhp on street tires spinning hard at the hit. I maintain if he had some thick meats like that Supra was running he wouldn't have to walk him back down :}
That supra is just RIDICULOUS!!
so results of standing miles determine which car has better aerodynamics? are you denying the facts right in front of you of drag coefficient and frontal area? Supra's will never go 260+, they are aerodynamically capable, but the power those Ford GT's make makes them untouchable, Ray's GT made above 1900whp on the stock block, something which only Vipers can compare with. it doesn't change the fact Supra's own the streets. those GT's are the king of the mile and won't be anywhere but the top
Supra's are behind on traction, they aren't on aerodynamics, and they have the advantage in the top end with the killer power/torque curve and superior aero. yes, the GT's have potential on the street but there must be a reason even the big dogs who have seen them haven't started playing with them at the level of these other cars. the Supra days are far from over, and the GT's will just get faster and more powerful in the mile. nice talking to you and i will PM you the links :}
Love both cars but isn't that a 20 year old Toyota.
So your argument is that the ford GT does not have the proper suspension mods and tire mods to achieve better grip and high speed down force?? HKS does not need to have parts for a ford GT, I am pretty sure stillen or KW or some one else will have those parts, I saw the miami run btw, the road did not look any better than most highways do so what makes you think the Ford GT would be useless on the highway? Because the really high powered ones havent hit the street?
/watch?v=7kgK2DlEhZw&playnext=1&list=PLDDE9333C78E68A98&feature=results_video go to that video, watch between 18:42 - 19:16 That guy is one titan motorsports co-owners, one of the biggest supra specialists in the world. Listen to his comments. Nero himself admits the supra wouldve been all over the place, but the GTs ability to put the power down and make it look so smooth was just mind blowing. The look on Nero's face says it all.
Tri-Charged my ass, thats a single turbo GT IF ANYTHING!
another thing i would like to say is that standing mile doesn't really translate to street capabilities, no one is going to run a race rolling out the gears to get a higher trap, nor will a race be a mile long, very unrealistic as you must just shows aero, power, curve, etc of a car, not whether or not it can own the streets. :}
@Realityisthetruth Too bad it didn't perform like one....
Is that the only place you know were the ford Gt has made a record?
Doing a roll race gives the GT an even bigger advantage. The GT has wheelspin at 140 mph. So getting to that speed takes talent. A dig will give the Supra a head start but once the GT gains traction it's all over..
No Supra has beaten this GT ...not even is the video: /watch?v=ksxEwo7ySm4 266mph Fastest Supra 1 mile record: /watch?v=8xr58Fq9fwo 246 mph. Thats a 20mph difference.
aero in the GT's favor? i wouldn't say that at all. Supra has lower frontal area and the drag coefficient is the same. Brian's Supra is a 900whp car while Mullet's GT is at 1147whp. these were just fun runs
@mpfsupra That Supra looks to be running slicks, that would be the only reason it jumps on out the GT as it spins on the initial hit then gets reeled. This is a stock engine GT twins IIRC. Supras are monsters but on the highway like this a built GT will eat it up regardless of what turbo it's running.
Road was too busy. Seemed like they both kept letting off.
really? you actually believe a TT GT wont beat a Supra ?? watch it again.
I vote rematch. I think ford had him
6-35 and La prada is a good place to haul some ass. Barely ever any coppers around there.
of course, did you see the other links in the PM?
@iPROFITDON not always..depends on the driver too..
it maybe the 'only' thing but also turns out to be the most important thing.
LMAO. The Ford GT is not the original Ferrari killer, that's just a common fallacy you Americans like to live in. Look how much effort it took Ford to beat Ferrari, you even pulled out the check book and bought engineers in Formula 1 to help build the GT40. Ferrari are brilliant cars, so is the Ford GT, equally impressive in my eyes.
@beyond305 nope it isnt. the gt is running the stock supercharger along woth twin parrallel turbos. it runs 1135hp on full boost and on low boost runs 900+/- hp look up mullet gt
ok Pm me the links please or Tag's supra vs SW or the Ford GT, whichever you can find.
yes there it, it doesn't need a new tuner, there was a very bad clutch slip. hardly any tuners tune the gear ratios. yes he is a friend of mine
crying for being a 6cyl... love supra.. hate ford...
Considering a Gallardo is an AWD car, I don't believe that is a dream.
damn that was a rly good race... even though traffic was a big issue... may be, the supra wins because its lighter... but the GT has more displacement... so at the end of the day it should pull... respect to both cars and their tuner...
Aero on the Ford GTs is far superior to the Supra, also in this video there was always a car in the GTs way, so no good run were really there.
wow there my friend, "useless on the highway" was never what i meant. even if a 1900whp car was spinning till 160mph, it would still be moving. not as hard as a 1500whp Supra would though, but it is agreed Supra's and GT's are equal in drag cd. Supra's are lower in frontal area, Supra's cannot take full use of this advantage due to their power deficit when it comes to GT's, hence the GT's are the ultimate kings of the standing miles, and Supra's dominate the street scene.
The GT is faster stock for stock (obviously) mod for mod, better handling, better looking. A true supercar and will always be worth a pretty penny. It's a superior car. That's what you pay for.
@Chevymonster203 This fucktard again? Maybe youre just a closet "ricer" fan since you comment on so many videos of Supras... has American muscle made your dick soft? Does the sound of a 2jz make you feel like a man again?
so you cant really count that video as a win for the supra because the other car was in limp mode...but i guess if you play it by the rules, if you car breaks during staging or while the race is happening it counts as the win to the opponent.
@ballztothewall69 True, driver is a big part in a race with cars this powerful.
heres what i dont understand. Im a GM guy so how in the heck can a ford gt need the stock blower (i assume) and TWO turbos and a DOHC v8 to outrun a single turbo inline 6 supra
Nice to see you making videos again. keep it up man.
Lol!..those cars are so low to the ground it makes the sup look like an SUv lol:)
Theres nothing to try about, just look at the texas mile, the car that currently holds the top speed record is the FORD GT for 3 year or so now. No supra has come close to that..just saying. not hating on the supras, but you gotta face facts, if a Supra could have beaten that, they would have done it by now.
Ford Gt, Toyota Supra, Dodge Viper, etc etc...all I care is these are some very nice fast cars
cont- the most powerful Sup to run the mile was Banh's pushing around 1300whp-ran a 247.7. SW ran 246.2 on his off the trailer run with 1295rwhp, not the 1500whp+ all boost it was capable of. why did you even bring the Mile into this? i only talked about aerodynamics, and you brought up the mile. sure, aero plays a big role, but so does power, power/torque curve, drivetrain, how sorted the chassis is, how well the gears are spaced etc.
just because the GT holds the record doesn't mean it is more aerodynamic. anyhow, the Hoffman Ford GT ran the super smooth Miami mile, not the notoriously scary/bumpy Texas Mile. anyhow, i am taking nothing away from GT's, they are the standing mile kings and will be for a very long time. but the fact you said about Ford GT's being more aerodynamic is not true, the Sup is actually significantly better in that category. however, we will never see a 2JZ pushing 1900whp let alone on the stock block
Whats the point in getting worked up. I'm a Supra guy and it's pretty clear to me the Ford GT was the faster car on this occasion.
@Eddiezzxdito is called a turbo -_- lol, supra's don't use little turbos that spool by 3500, these take a while to kick in but then they whoop ass
sure thing, i'm not sure Tag ran Mullet but i can definitely find Tag vs SW's Stage 3 and Tag pulling an LMR 1280whp car hard. (clutch slip though)
You are bullshitting you can't even read the tags on any. Of the cars.
The Supra had it's time as the mile king. But it's over now.
Gook.. this shit was in fast forward and no one was racing.. of course the faggot in the supra was flexing nut, and the homo in the GT wasn't even digging.. Hang on to your idol while you can.. You slopes make slow shit cars that cost too much now. Glory days are over. Enjoy your 60 Yen to the dollar bitch..
Then why hasn't any supra dethroned the ford GTs texas 1 mile sprint record? When Heffner and Hoffman motorsports ford GT set the texas mile record at 266mph people in the supra forums themselves admitted that it was not going to be bested by a supra.
635 and centerville, northwest and 30
well, if we take the most even scenario, two stock tranny full interior cars, both with the same power, both weighing around 3500lbs. on the strip, the Supra gets the title no doubt, but that is a VHT surface. on the highway, Supra's reign Supreme, on standing mile records, the GT DOMINATES, and that is the way it will be.
والله راعي الفورد رمه مايعرف يدعس
Holly shit, the last race was a fucking beauty, loved to see that supra leading!
Too bad the GT had cars coming up too fast. I would have liked to have seen that race go a little longer
You state - "but a GT won't beat a Supra on the highway with the most even race possible." I think you are being a bit arrogant here, I can understand that because your handle is supra1722 so of course you are biased for the supra. I will say this, the supra is a remarkable car, but I do not think in a match of grits where a 1900whp GT squares of against 1XXX supra that the supra would win easily like you are making it out to be
lol viper tried to keep up, past them when they slowed down lol love both cars gt is definatly, i read that the gt from imvfilms was still on the stock fuel and bottem end and making over 1000+ rwhp is that true
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