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by Tobuscus • 1,673,232 views

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I just bought the game yesterday, so I'm a couple years late, but at least it was cheap, and it's awesome!!!
I thought it was a lot of fun until I beat it then there was nothing for me to do after that
Check out the video The New Manson by Two Gun
y r girls always used as sex toys in videos but I love u toby...
Magnus is having no shannanagins
*Evil finger triangle* I SEE YOU ON DA TVVVVVVVVVV.............
Hottatattataatatattatat nosnosnos lol when I said hot it the same as Toby
@BooYes I can I was born here
Im danish and Magnus Jensen is danish..Wow..Toby met a danish..
I clicked pause to griffen did not pee on me
hahahhahah when he rides by on heelies and takes the nos
I luv how I can find comedy in people being impulsive! XD
You need to learn how to type, and I bet the only reason you clicked on this video is because you saw a naked girl. What are you, ten?
hothothothothot nossnossnoss 1:04 lol
Heelys are bad for Tobuscus when he's not being watched!
if i saw Toby, these would be my words: hothothothothothothothothothothothothot, by the way you're awesome and I love your videos! Keep being amazing!!!!
Look girl just because your in love with Toby doesn't give you the right to write retarded comments on youtube. Now be gone.
Hothothtothot..... NOSNOSNOSNOS XD
This video was posted on my BIRTHDAY!!!!
I died when he said "HELLO IM OVER HERE!" Then Toby burst out laughing. XD
Jajajajajajjajaja the face of the girl!!
I don't think these game creators know how to deal with Toby...
Lawl 1:04 : HOtototototototototot, no stop stop stop stop!!
"Hothothothot -Takes Nos drink from girl- NOSNOSNOSNOS" hahahaha great stuff
a hot hot hot hot no stop stop stop stop
Rant on phone corrections or something, one of his rants at least
Tim tim plays for days in the maze
Click like or he will pee on you. me: AHHHHHHHHH I WILL CLICK LIKE
1:04 HothothothothothothothothotNOSNOSNOSNSONOS!
How come most "Top Comments" are CAPITALIZED or is saying something someone already said? I'm not criticizing people but...
The part where he goes passed the girls and goes hothothothothot it made me LOL so hard I sh*t not so much
I'm now going to e3 just for tobuscus:)
If I saw you I would hug you :D You look like a great hugger.
Thank you so much for walking xD
Llololol hothothothothot nosnos nos nosss lol
All I can hear from Toby is HOTHOTHOTHOT!
Lol, he just.. leans out of the frame.
Throw yourself out of the frame yeah out of the frame perfect
She looks indien.... She does not have a top on.... O_O
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