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DAT ASS! - Amnesia: Custom Story - Gary Dark Secrets - Part 2

by PewDiePie • 1,285,037 views

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TWILIGHT! was the biggest jumpscare in the video
I totally jumped as well
i remember the good ol days :') wish pewds would play more story orientated games
I dumped my load all over my keyboard when he yelled "TWILIGHT!"
Comment if watching 8n 2015 💰💳💲💵💴💸
I'm watching this in 2019
Pewds ...... YOUR RANDOM SCREAMING WILL BE THE END OF ME! I'll die of a heart attack
When he opened the wrong door I died😂
I jumped more when he yelled "BARREL!" then when the monster came out lol
"You must seal of the door"? I shouldn't nitpick. The person who made this was probably not English
holy crap when he yelled twilight I about had an heart attack.. xD
When he yelled Twilight dropped my Ipad on my dog!
I jumped too. I flipped my laptop!
i get scared,like,everytime he yells because my volume is ALL THE WAY UP XD
when he yelled twilight it kinda scared me lol :P
ik i was like O,O holy shit XD
Yep what seal of the door WTF
twilight is scary._.
that was an awesome chase scene. I kept telling myself, Pewds is gonna die again pewds is gonna die again. I was surprised how he survived all that. Brofist pewdie
Oh my god pewds your supposed to move the book shelf in front of the door!! Oh well, your way works too XD
you must seal the door with table
Did any body else see the smiley face in the painting tht fell
Yeah I know. The monster does like 70% percent of the jump scares! but Pewds does the rest.
any one else notice the typo? "You must seal OF the door" not off... No? Just me then...
i thought he said "fuck my wife"
Your awsome pewds plz subscribe me
man i wish i could talk to pewdie and  say hi
6:59 their looks like a lever that could help  it might not be one kinda hard to tell in the lighting  i jus thad to menton this
"Dat ass" Me: Pahahahahaahha!!! Omg lol
At 5:03 I thought it was the character.
It scares me when he says BARRLS
How to seal a door is find something to seal with the door I've played amnesia be years I completed it
12:15 pewdie recived a recruitment request from alquida
When you did the lalalllallalala thing you sound like Simonhds90
Pewds said he wanted to go outside in the rain and a few seconds later it starts raining
I have seen the stone age. I bet you that your thinking what the hell Im only joking I have learned lots about it yo phphphphp rap pewds plz someone reply
too many jump scares!!   DX
man how can he do those voices
I jumped when he yelled Twilight
damn near shit my pants....
Qu'en he seen the nu de Man
ı nearly died when he was stuck in the closet
TWILIGHT scared the shit out of me.
8:56 hes like welcome in mr monster
when he yelled twilight i fell down with my chair
when he said,"what do i use to seal the fucking door?!?!?!" i kept yelling," the book case!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
when the bro atacked him i herd acoo!
I don't know is it me or pewdiepie no it's me lol
Scared me when you yelled twilight
I love when he is hiding in the closet!
Push the bookshelf! To seal the door!
Wen you said twilight it scared the hell out of me
lol fuck my live 
I'm watching twilight right now
12:07 Do you have to sneeze pewds
I love you pewds ! I subscribed and put a thumbs up!
"TWILLIGHT" you scared the fucking shit out of me omg
Does he know he can pick certain candles?
I was screaming with him.. Hahaha...
2:01 , Uh Pewds..... I think it's time to run now.. XD
pewds please stop making fun of twilight
Hey PewDiePie! At Gary Dark Secrets Is there at the beginning Stephano! He is So Silvery not the Gold Edition. Can you please make a video about? I would be very happy! Please give a Like so he sees it!
pewds! I have found your true essence. It is Xena, Warrior Princess.
I almost peed when u screamed twilight
really pews you have to seal the door with the tabel
No you have to pull the lever on the wall when you leave the room. It moves the bookshelf in front of the door.
I was freaking out saying the bookshelf while flipping out -.-
Ive got to say, Pewds literally walking RIGHT BESIDE the lever to seal the door so many times pissed me off a little
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