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I Want My Bikini Body Workout

by diethealth • 472,793 views

Get in shape with Celebrity trainer Valerie Waters in this bikini body workout video. Get your bikini body today -

wow what a tough workout but it soooooooo works!!!
@pandamanluvah i didnt even notice until u mentioned it hahaha
What's your definition of a "Bikini Body"? I like small waist, big boobs and huge hips plus a big butt. That is my definition of a bikini body. I think super skinny girls with no curves is an ugly bikini body, just me.
i like the video but what if you do not have all that equimpent
if you look at 1:27 you can just see the fat melt away!
@beautylogic234 I'm wondering what's your legs look like. I am sure not like hers.
@queenbthebitch she is wearing an exercise bra i am sure which mushes them down.
Whys she doin this work out? lol, the only thing she needs to have a bikini body is lose some muscle.
Instead of the slide thing, you could put a plastic bags on your bare feet and slide on carpet. It provides enough control, without losing balance.... oh and make sure no-one's watching, it could be embarrassing .
Ha ha....believe me, guys LOVE curvy girls, not those toothpicks who are built like 10 year old Asian boys.
Love the videos as always guys! Had to look and see if it was a sxephil vid,as the music sounds the same.
dont have all the equipment ?
Were you born stupid or do you practice?? That chic is smokin hott, incredible legs......gorgeous face...TOTAL PACKAGE ! QUIT HATIN !
@adsweaty I'm actually more of a BUTT person to be honest. I honestly don't see a good set of big boobs as much as a big butt. I think big boobs are out of style these days. Anyway, girls with big boobs and big butt hate having curves and girls without curves hate being skinny.
I'm amazed by some of the comments regarding Katrina. She has an athletic build that would look great in anything, especially a bikini. This is how it goes for most guys I know (I'm biased because most guys I know tend to go to the gym) Athletic women > curvy women > skinny women > fat chicks.
@babyohbaby7 thanks for defending me :) sending love... xo
the valslide thing, you can get at lowes if you look for furniture slides, for like 2-3 dollars. itll do the exact same thing for very cheap
no they're not pointless... women have the right to be in shape too.. maybe you're just biased because most of the women you are around when at work look and act like men anyway.. not downing anyone because I am a fellow military personnel officer myself.. but that couldnt sound more ignorant. not all women's goal is to look like a man some of os just love being fit and have fit tone bodies.... :-) i've never heard a guy complain about it.
@sophierocks1234 she is perfect, she is not a bodybuilder, she is very firm, I think you have to do this workout to gain a little more muscle...
its ashame this bikini body workout does not include a girl working out in a bikini
how many times a week should we do that? and would we do this after, say like 30 minutes of cardio?? and then how many times a week?
Well I love big butts, not too much of a boob person. I see plenty of girls built with curves these days. I know it's unfortunate for some, but you can't do nothing about it. Skinny girls are still sexy too.
The girl has wonderfull legs, but i don't know about her Arms.. it's just too much. She looks fine they way she is..
Just use a piece of paper on a hard word floor. It's just like the Val Slide!
more like " i want to get famous on the internet cuz im a stupid whore"
To all these PERVES who leave rude, nasty comments..i wish i could cut out ur intestines and use them as my jumprope for a good workout :)
How often do you need to do these to get the bikini body? Baring in mind i go on holiday in 5 days :/ x
what's with all the flies :-)
she has gorgeous legs.. curves are beautiful.
the exercises one after the other is called: Tabata..and that slider she calls the "Val Slide" can be bought on Ebay for cheaper OR like someone below said..using a magazine. great workout!!! :)
how often do you need to do these to get the bikini body?
@petroniuss if you want bigger hips and have minimum effect! do some squats!!! takes care of butt, core lowerback and your legs
I love this video. I do go to the gym but this helps me do other things in my home that I am not able to do in the gym. And her legs look awesome, pure muscle.
her leg musles kinda scares me :O
Katrina is just an overall beauty. geez
Love this great detail...How can I get a copy of the vid?
I really hope this works i need a beach body ! lool
i wonder if she stink there a fly following her head or i guess her hair needs to be wash
Those Plank Ab Exercises look wicked with the sliding foot pads on. Good stuff! Keep it up. Cheers!
Nice man legs. Manlegs are not hot on a chic so you know.
Love this workout! And @sarahkarpel31 thanks for the magazine idea!
same here!!! godh i hate definatley gonna try it...if this doesnt work im gonna like die!!!!
@Natashasweetheart12 I bet she worked really hard to get to where she is now. GOOD FOR HER!
I know, I still think skinny girls are sexy as well. I understand metabolism plays a role as well. But curves are more popular these days.....I love it.
OMG she's all muscle!!! i don't want that lol she's already in great shape I think she should just do some lean exercises.
Believe me ladies, you'd have to work your ass off to look that muscular. We don't gain muscle easily. You could do this exercise every day for the next year and not look that built. Toned, yes. She's a model. Do you think the Philadelphia Light Cream Cheese model looks that thin and fit from eating a pasteurized nonfat milk product?
great video where can i get the weight ball and the slide disc from is there a online website?
such a good workout i did it 2 times feel like a champ
in the time it took to do this video the flies have multiplied
where can you buy those green sliding pads?
@beautylogic234 You (and the people who agreed with you) are a complete dumbass! You're failing to see the entire picture. Those calves are in complete balance with the rest of her legs. They "stood-out" because that was the only focus the camera was on (for the purpose of the exercise). If you look at her calves when the camera focuses on her entire body, she is perfecly fine...which will make for a nice time in my bed.
am not watching the girl am just watching the fly
@dudeet25 I started this workout last week, I have done it a few times. I workout 6 days a week and I'm already noticing a difference with this workout.. especially in my core stability. I reccomend working out 4 or 5 days a week but if your new to exercise maybe 3 or 4 days a week.
She should have done the chest presses with the band first then the rows after. Pulling her shoulders back into proper posture. Doing the chest presses after rows just tightens the chest again and returns her to poor posture. Sorry Valerie but that's a pretty big FAIL! I just your too busy taking thera-bands and calling them Val-bands to learn the basics.
I'm going to buy those exercise equipment I can't wait to try them out
they just want to see some things moving up and down leave them alone! XD
her legs were flexed.....did you want twigs for legs? They aren't man legs...
@Gorillazfreak18 okay. now i understand you ;D and i agree ... . (:
@beautylogic234 Ahahahahahah .. well then I think you would be better suited for Tracy Anderson's bullshit training advice. Have fun twirling pink dumbbells around that are heavier than your groceries. Katrina is sexy as hell.
@Gorillazfreak18 i agree, everyone has their preferences. what it really comes down to is confidence.
@ToneItUpcom not a problem!!!! you look really good...
you win. haha, that is yummy what you described. Super skinny girls are gross.
def a fave and def getting the valside
those flies were distracting me lol
where do you buy tht stuff??? it looks really awesome i want those slider things.... i think their called erox pads????
Why oh why workout vids for girl are so pointless? Girls shoud train like guys lift weights and do cardio. There is no way you can look like Ronnie Coleman if you're a girl. For that matter there is no way a girl can build as much muscle as normal guy if she doesn't inject her self with testosterone and growth hormone. So forget all that nonsense, just do some bodyweight workouts buy dance dance revolution game and you'll be ok.
WOW Katrina's attractive I wish my body was like that!!! except those fly's where distracting
why was there like 6 flys flying around the blonde lady through out the video?
It's called muscle definition. If you're OK with your legs jiggling every time you walk, then avoid having amazing legs like Katrina.
@stilettoDreams87 only thing that bugs you are the bugs lol :D
I want a gym like that in my house.
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She does not have a mans legs. Her legs are freakin sexy. Let me guess, the girl who posted that she has man's legs must be a skinny girl, with no hips, no tits and no ass. Her body is perfect!!!
wow...this is really difficult.... is there no oter way?
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