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Jon Quick's Daughter: Playoff Press Conference MVP (PUCK DADDY)

by gwyshynski • 685,197 views

After Game 6 and the LA Kings' Stanley Cup victory.

@alwaysawinnerful You're so fucked in the head it's not even funny. I'll give you a 10 for creativity, cause I don't think anyone in the right mind would think of shit like that. Stop trying to seem fucking nuts over the computer, face to face you wouldn't say any of that shit you just said. Tone it down pal, you don't scare me
You know're right. I am pretty off base. I genuinely hate the entire human race and I especially hate children; I think they are the scum of the earth. But, now I'm realizing that the reason I feel this way is because I actually hate myself. Damn, I need to go sit in a corner and rethink this whole thing. Thanks, TheFindingmary. You really turned me around!
Nothing at all wrong with this. People need to grow up and Daryl Sutter needs to understand he won the Stanley Cup and gets paid a boatload of money every year and shes an innocent little child who doesn't really know what happened and just wants her daddy, Fair play to Jonathan.
I thought it was funny, runnin around with her little Kings flag, then choking on the M&Ms lol.
Her dad just won the fucking Stanley Cup. Let her do whatever the fuck she wants.
oh go fuck yourself... this video shows you that there is more to life than your job and sports you dumb cunt.
@alwaysawinnerful Hahah yeah pal I'm fucking shaking, so scared . And stop making up bullshit stories, you've never even touched a girl before with her permission. Rapes the only way you'll come close to getting it in. You're a fucking fag, get offff the computer once in a while you keyboard warrior. Paycee
this was the dumbest press conference I've ever seen. Get your daughter off the stage and make it look professional. wow
He brought his daughter because he wanted to spend time with her on one of the best days of his life. The coach and Quick weren't bothered so why are you?
wow i watched this laughing and enjoying it all your comments are ruining it some of you are. taking it way to seriously
Congratulation kings fan .You deaserved it ..-)From habs fan.
Yeah, one period of one exhibition game for publicity sake where she let a shot in from centre...I remember.
lol his daughter is trolling running around with the flag rubbin it in. If I had a daughter id make her do the same thing
2 weeks later....MnM business is shut down do to bankrupcy....random riots in MnM factories.....MnM outrage across world.....
@aquanet2 you're an idiot her dad just wonthe cup and and MVP now why te he'll wouldn't she be there. It's a celebration not a serious conference
As much as I would like to say this is cute and adorable, this was really hard to watch. Kids shouldnt be running around in a buisness setting. He could spend as much time with her as he wants at his home. You wouldnt bring a 2 year old in with you to a meeting would you?
haha people over-react too much. its just a kid. btw I have a bryce harper baseball give away on my channel!
Congrats to the LA Kings!!! Jon Quick's daughter is so ADORABLE!
Another Great Save by quick ;)
Or you could have a little forethought & realize that later in life they could all be mortified by this & wish her "precious" behavior had never been captured for eternity. There is a time & a place to share with your family & a time & a place that is where you are expected to behave in a professional manner. He was working. Work is not a place you let your child run wild. After the cameras are off might be a better time to share the moment with your wife and child
Cute kid yes, but this is a press conference. Not the time nor place. You wouldn't see this go on if the Leafs won the cup.
kids are kids. people need to get over it. if you've ever had kids you simply look past it and realize how you've been put in the same situation. if the Jonathan Quick proceeded to yell at his kid to leave everyone would complain about how bad of a father he is. People just love to complain
Wow people chill the fuck out.....its only the L.A. Kings. Their population only knew they existed after they won the cup.
Highlight videos and tributes on my channel, also I have a bryce harper baseball give away right now
In a time when a lot of fathers are absent, this is just wonderful to see, and something she'll see and cherish when she gets older.
The Quick family(even the little gal)... go dance with your bad selves; YOU EARNED IT!!!
Someday, many years from now, everyone will laugh at this...what an adorable daughter Quick has.
ok fucking pussy shit. the comment wasn't meant to scare you dumb fucking shit. the fact that you even said that you're not scared means that you are cause you were thinking about it fucking pussy. and by the way, i fucked your bitch's asshole and cummed massively on her face, faggot.
Late reply, but - t's not a business meeting, it's a press conference after a huge victory. These aren't particularly cutting hockey analysis questions they're getting - the reporters are looking for a nice way to wrap up the Kings' Stanley Cup run, and "MVP goalie celebrates with adorable daughter" is as good as any. It's an entertainment setting, not a business setting. If she was on the bench during the game, that'd be an issue.
I agree it may not be that meaningful for you or I. But these news people need these quotes to do their jobs and give you the information you think comes out of nowhere.
fuck the Queens. Took them almost a half a century to win the Cup
Three things, dork... 1.) like a guy with a huge clan like Sutter's doesn't know what to expect with family members 2.) He just won the Stanley Cup, yeah I bet he's BRIMMING with frustration 3.) I'm sure being around a group of guys half to a third his age day in and day out for months has taught him nothing but impatience around youth. Yes, calm, cool collected Daryl Sutter has been broken by a little girl, THIS is what pushes his buttons, HAHAHAHA
If any of you watched the stream live on NHL you would have seen that her mom was going to take her down but Darryl said its fine let her be before the press conference started. And its amazing that people think the mom's the bad parent here like the daughter interrupted a serious report or something and she is now going to grown up to be an uncontrollable child. Calm down. You already knew the answers to the questions before they were asked.
Who's complaining about the kid? That was adorable.
She's 2 years old!!! Who would be mortified by this?!? The media thought it was endearing, as did the entire sports world! They just won the cup...the guys are often already buzzed at these pressers. Come on.
Congrats LA you guys where amazing!!! From a Panther fan thank you for taking out the Devils!
I didn't even know hockey was going on?? lulz
check out: RUDO , song The Next One
I have the same name as his wife (uncommon name) and my sister has the same name as her sister (another uncommon name).
Wish my kids shared my triumphs like Quick's little girl. Way to use a kid to exit a boring interview, Coach.
wow guy, you're an asshole. You're not really rolling with the ladies huh
Who cares? He wanted his kid to share the light. He can bring his kid there.
This video has more spam than I've ever seen in my life
That is so cute to question my grammar and then go on to say "stupid to noticed." Adorable :) Towards/toward are both correct and interchangeable, dork, though maybe not in the other two languages that (hopefully) you're better at than English. And yes, still observant enough to NOTICE he isn't pissed.
kid didn't belong there no matter how cute you think it was
ladies and gentlemen i would like to introduce to you ADHD
You obviously don't know Sutter. He's a family man through and through. Believe me, he was absolutely cool with this.
She was eating candy. And like most kids that age the more they can stuff their mouth the better. That's what she was choking on.
To me it shows an unprofessional look, not a family one.
guys am i the only one who thinks quicks wife is fine as hell. !!!!!!!! fuck if he was good or not his names on the cup and got the con smythe trophy nuff said
Oh shut up. 'We' have had problems with kids since day dot. Yeah it'd be inappropriate if this was a serious press conference about a serious matter. It's not. Quick just won the biggest thing possible in hockey. This was the exact time and place for this.
why does darryl sutter look mad all the time?
Chris Paul's son and her should be a couple lol
that's what parents are for. some give a shit and some don't.
@hawkeyfam3-- Your right i don't know him
Years from now, Quick is gonna show her this and be like "You were the star of the show that night."
What's with all this fucking advertisement in the comment sections
She carried to Kings SC Championship banner. She pointed to the trophy her dad had won. The only thing left was for her to say what a great team the Kings are and what a great goaltender her dad is and what a great coach Darryl Sutter is. Maybe next year she will get it right.
Sutter looks like he's gonna blow LOL
The morning after the game, half of LA woke up and said "we have a hockey team?"
why was this kid at a press conference
you mean the idiot who gave her small child a hard candy to choke on then couldn't keep her out of the press conference where she would obviously mean that typical bimbo airhead...Yeah, she's a trophy bimbo...
if you look at the time its only around 8:36PT where they are so it isnt even that late
Why would you bring a kid that young to something like this?
In this case, not really. He just won the Stanley Cup and the Conn Smythe trophy. Nothing wrong with wanting to share a moment with your kid. But, it starts to get annoying when you do it all the time and almost every press conference.. like Chris Paul.
Well, let's hope for two things... 1). That you're not a hockey player or if you are, you don't play at the level to win a stanley cup and 2). Let's hope you don't poison our society with your demon seed and have kids.
I also will add I saw these highlights on many sports shows and news stations and literally none of the anchors cared or even brought anything up about the kid. And the few that did thought it was sweet that he brought his daughter to share this special moment with him. NONE of them were whining about what she was doing because they understand kids are being kids.
Yeah, but you're not Jonathan Quick, so no one gives a shit about anything you have to say about anything.
Little girl had a little too much champagne.. Unreal
Actually, that was Dustin Brown's kids with the chocolate milk, not Quick. So Idk what that proves. And regardless, they won the cup and can do whatever they want. If they act in a way that you think is trying to get attention, so what? Do you think they care? Why do you? lol
yes you are! for god sake they are celebrating the win and they can do what they want or who they want to be in the front of conference. and that is not some during or before game interview so i guess that is the right time for ur family to be with you when you are celebrating the win.,
true..thats exactly who i was thinking of too. chris paul and his jay z looking son
I think people are making a bigger deal out of it than it is. Are the kings mad at Quick? No. Her mom probably had been holding her back but she still ran uo there.It would have looked alot worse if the mom was interupting the press conference to get her. It drew a look the nhl wanted: a family look. like this was something for the family to have too.
shut that baby up, shut that baby up, shut that baby up....
she's so young that so she doesn't even remember anything of this in few years and certainly doesn't understand what's going on.
real professional press conference. what do you expect from the nhl.
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