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Utica Police Officers Caught on Tape on 02-11-2011

by uticaphoenix • 581,636 views

For the full video, please visit: UPD Caught on Tape - On February 11, 2011 UPD pulled over two people...

That was my boy Grady!!!!! I can't believe I just watched that.
Why are they searching the car?
Police officer clearly pulls drugs out of his own pocket around the 1 minute mark and plants it in the suspect's vehicle. #truthwarriors  
B.A. TruthWarrior Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Police officer clearly pulls drugs out of his own pocket around the 1 minute mark and plants it in the suspect's vehicle. #truthwarriors  
J.J. Truth Warrior Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Police officer clearly pulls drugs out of his own pocket around the 1 minute mark and plants it in the suspect's vehicle. #truthwarriors  
Police officer clearly pulls drugs out of his own pocket around the 1 minute mark and plants it in the suspect's vehicle. #truthwarriors  
РдҭяЇӨҭ Јѻє Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Wow. These costumed thugs know no bounds.
Sun Tzu Said..... Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Police officer clearly pulls drugs out of his own pocket around the 1 minute mark and plants it in the suspect's vehicle. #truthwarriors  
The Truth War Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Police officer clearly pulls drugs out of his own pocket around the 1 minute mark and plants it in the suspect's vehicle. #truthwarriors  
Question Everything Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Police officer clearly pulls drugs out of his own pocket around the 1 minute mark and plants it in the suspect's vehicle. #truthwarriors  
Daniel Hatfield Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
One minute in, the cop sets the innocent up for a fall, #truthwarriors
+Daniel Hatfield Good catch, this one goes into my collection!
Meme Smith Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Police officer clearly pulls drugs out of his own pocket around the 1 minute mark and plants it in the suspect's vehicle. #truthwarriors  
Not at all. It's just getting to be out of hand.
I may have missed it but I didn't see anything
@smalldoorman it turns on when they turn the siren and lights on, they can easily turn those off.
Watch the full 30-minute video... I'm not sure why they don't show the entire thing. If you do, you see the police officer taking the drugs off of the man that is arrested, and place them in his pocket to free his hands. Don't watch a clip and assume the title matches the truth. There is no racism here, it's just a guy getting arrested, and a cop seizing drugs, and then not following procedure and placing them on the hood (for what reason only he knows).
this case is already done and over with. it's a small clip that intended to make the cop look bad, which clearly many people overlooked. time to move on to another video.
to protect and serve them selfs thats who. the protect when they feel like it and they protect never they never solve any crimes with out the help of the community.
this is why you say no to searches and seizures.
@jordypoe the underage rant was to drive the point that people get upset when they get caught breaking laws. True there are those exceptions to the standard officer but I believe the vast majority are serving to better our community rather than to cause harm to it. This video is (the whole one) is just an error on how evidence was handled, no more no less with no race factors at play.
NYPD is one of the finest department on this planet, but there will always be je*ks in every department!
@evlwhitdude saw the full vid. there is a bag in her pocket but no where on the video do you see him putting anything in his pocket. Even in cops they put it on the car hood. He is bsing.
The police officer in the full video took the drugs from the guy they where arresting, the police officer put the drugs back in the car when they were handcuffing him.
yo think these cops are stupid you see bloomingd:ale NJ cops these guys faked a break in of their own evidence room to steal kilos of cocaine from nypd 75pct detectives who allegedly forget they had da seized keys in there car fir their ride home to pennsyvaina and then the stupid bastards busted upthe so called brokenin evidence room door from the inside and never bothered to look up.?
@TheZoelzer2 your a fucking dumb asss that needs shot ppl like u are the fuckers that put ppl in prison for no reason
True, except judges and lawmakers have provide police with loopholes for abuse such as police smelling suspicious odors that could be drugs. That's all it would take.
And they wonder why people hate and disrespect the police?
How about the man that was restrained and maced to death, autopsy deemed death homicide and 2 years later all the cops involved are still working and were never taken to court? Guess that ok too... Or maybe the las vegas ice cream truck driver that was shot to death because he had a knife in his hand, but after shooting no weapon was found. Or the fact that cops can murder and get minimal no repercussion. Wake up people!!! Its no longer SERVE AND PROTECT, BUT HARASS AND NEGLECT!
that was a definite plant! You can clearly see the baggie in his left hand going into the vehicle then removing the 'evidence' with his right hand a few seconds later and this is why we hate most cops due to them being crooked
@briancolsen This video was release by a media company in Utica. This clip was sent by the suspects' lawyer who lost the case. I also agree with you and find this clip absurd, but what I find more astonishing is the ignorant viewers.
@Tripooch Hey buddy, presumption of innocence is for the suspect, not the accuser. Evidence should never go in anyone's pockets. The guy should walk on tampering/ chain of custody to say the least.
eh, not all police are bad but you cant tell so.... fuk da police!
The only reason people are being ignorant and crying over this is because the suspect is black. Go watch the whole video. This racism stuff is getting really stupid. It isn't any form of racism.Just face it that this black guy had drugs and was taken into custody. The cops didnt plant shit.
Sad but True Cops are worse than gangsters on the streets these days No 1 is safe anymore
departments are only hiring cops with less than 100 IQ... most of the time less than 90... so yes.. they are stupid.. second.... NEVER CONSENT TO A SEARCH WITHOUT A WARRANT!!!! even if they threaten to bring dogs out or whatever.. just refuse
I don't know if this is real I did not see the full video,but i can say it has happened to my brother,who does not even smoke.
This is bullshit! people say its fraud, but why would he pull it out of his pocket when he goes in the car and then walk as away as if he just found it... Fucking bastards always have to bring the minorities down the whole video and it is clear the cop already seized the bag from the guy's pocket
@MrNonumbersinmyname So you claim that officers turn off their lights when in the middle of a traffic stop? those that do are not following procedure
suck the blood from innocent people off the cops boot then u cop boot licking whore, u probally wish u could be a cop, but then again they rather have u around to be their slut
Typical white police officer planting drugs on an black guy.
Do you A§$ clowns not know the difference between UTICA NY and NYC two completely different areas about 4 hours from each other there is more to the state than NYC give me a break and further more each village town or city say they are what ever city tow thing or villages finest gimme a break
Wow! 1:01-1:03 : you see the cop pull drugs out of his pocket, then place them inside the truck! Thats horrible!
What's wrong with society...smh :/
The police officer was following normal operating procedure by seizing the narcotics from the perpetrators vehicle. The police operate only in the interests of serving the people and should not be criticised for adhering to the law. The perpetrator clearly committed a criminal act by keeping narcotics in their vehicle and should be handled accordingly.
@lexjuliandncr corrupt bastards and u re a fatty nerd
Police" is really showing their lack of intelligence
Oh word? Some cops are amazing. Others are not. This is just a bad reflection of the police force.
Please forgive the mispelling (I'll go put the glasses on right now) Thank You.
I dont hate cops but asshole cops like this give the rest a bad name he should be fired and prosecuted with jail time....the judicial system should make an example of him to warn other officers do your job and nothing more
@MrNonumbersinmyname Or they're a law abiding citizen with a love of liberty and a respect for others' natural rights.
Wow, How about you watch the full video. Link is right there. They didn't plant anything.
@MrNonumbersinmyname I agree totally, the link to the full vid is in my comment below... This just seemed a bit to "convenient" but then again look at the whole occupy situation, in certain cities the "peaceful protesters" were assaulting and raping other protestors, the cops nor emergency crews couldn't get TO those people due to how nice and "Peaceful" (yes sarcasm) they were... but all the videos that were taken were only showing the cops as these horrible individuals.
By law they have to put everything they find in a plastic bag, and when you pause it as the bag is in front of the license plate it looks like there's something light green in it, who knows what that was but let's hear the whole story before we start attacking people
stop hiring people without intense Psyche evaluations and testing under real world conditions, they have guns and kill people, they need to have same temperament as bhuddist monks, liars must be weeded out, these people use power and absolute power absolutely corrupts, how many cop shootings do we need before we realize gun control is needed with them, they are over armed and dangerous to the public, we cannot let this go on
Wooow. Crooked cop caught red handed on his own tape.
I don't understand what there is to gain from planting drugs on somebody. Who benefits from that? Is it just barbaric racism?
Wait a minute. Are they that stupid that they forgot they have a dash-cam running? Can it be utica police officers are that much of a horses ass?
@evlwhitdude agreed! We train them for a reason so they don't do stuff like this. It's all very suspect and at the least just plain stupid. He should not be wearing a badge.
The cop slips marijuana or something out of his back pocket at 1:01 and puts in in the car, only to pull it from the car as if he found evidence against the guy.
the laws only exist to us citizens! only.
Hope both of those pigs get raped with ice picks in prison.
@AoiMitsuko you are correct stereotypes need to be left behind before any judgement can be passed, but you started stating stereotypes and judgments about things that are still being investigated, were also inflammatory and in many cases proven false later. It is important that we view every judgment with a clear pallet and case by case.I am related to 3 cops and it is not fair to assume that are doing anything but trying to help people.This is just one odd situation that deserves investigation.
@EmenWondersNYc and you sir must not know the statistics of men and women who have died in the cities serving to protect you. perhaps the only reason you think that there are only bad cops in the city is because only the bad ones bother you, or perhaps you've done something to be bothered.
wow what a guy. That cop should get a little time behind bars.
This is the second part of the video. Watch the first part before making your judgements
I "liked" this video because the Utica Phoenix newspaper kept digging till they got the dash cam recording. Makes ya wonder who all was trying to hide this video...I feel bad for the couple that was arrested and for the Utica police department as a whole because not ALL cops are dirty like at least one if not both of these are.
People need to watch the full video before they pass judgement. The truth is that regardless of what things looked like protocol was NOT followed. Why would a police officer ever put drugs in their own pocket? Police are human and are capable of error, yes. This is gross negligence by anyone's standards. The officers created a situation in which they created doubt and suspicion towards all police which is not fair. Also, the officers claim they found over 17 bags which just adds more questions.
The police were lazy but not corrupt, in the full video it shows them taking the drugs off of the guy who is handcuffed and the police officer put them in his pocket for who knows why so this widespread clip makes them look guilty in corrupt when in reality they are just lazy & did not follow procedure.
@Knightx187x Not yet. It will probably happen someday though, I mean, this IS America.
Wether or not the drugs came from the suspects coat, once found, it should've been placed on the hood of the cruiser. The cops aren't supposed to put evidence in their pocket. I say just because of that, they were planting it.
After watching the whole video in the link the drugs are the ones taken from the driver, This is why Biased news reporting is a crime. Inocent people are injured. Are you listening NBC,ABC,CBS.CNN, Your bias is hurting the whole country and is criminal in its intent
That's a "real NY cop" for you.
Watch the whole video morons!!
If most of you idiots actually watched the full video that is linked in the description, you would see the police took those bags from the man's jacket at 5:20 in the video. The man even smiles when he is caught. There was no planting of drugs.
There's nothing worse than a criminal wearing a badge...
Oh and I used to by stuff from a police officer a long time ago,I found out when a friend used his bathroom and he had left his wallet in there with his police identification.
Fuck punk cops. Need to start kicking their asses
I truly hope this Police Department will be Investigated by Federal Authorities for Civil Rights violations as well as Criminal charges for this officer(s) involved. ACLU and NAACP need to also look into this, because Utica Police have a long history of violating minorities civil rights and getting away with it. The Department seems to stand still in time, in terms of rights and justice for Blacks, in particular
@jordypoe If drugs were found prior to the moment in the video why was it put in his pocket? Every cop KNOWS that is a dumb move. A simple example of WHY NOT!!! If you go to the bank/casino and withdraw money, Put that money in your pocket turn around take two steps check the money, discover it is counterfeit the bank will have a hard time taking that money back.Simply put! It is not a controlled and accountable action!!! IF this cop did not plant, He should not be a cop anyway!!!
i was askin myself same question.. he is takin that out off his pocket almost like he wants it to be seen/recorded.. well i dunno.. tis just unbelieveble..
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