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Metronomy performing "The Look" on KCRW

by KCRW • 41,317 views

Metronomy has remixed everyone from U2 to the Gorillaz and was recently nominated for the one of the UK's biggest music honors, the Mercury Prize. We will welcome them to our studios for a live...

wish i woulda found this song 3 fukn years it.
the bass makes this song
I love how the drums are sounding
@MightyMartel they dont need to be HD to be memorable. anyways they do whatever they want, so i dont care the quality if they put some good bands like metronomy. prick.
There's something about Anna Prior that i really love. I love Anna Prior
I agree, Gives it a 80's look. Just Like the music sounds. Fits very well.
i like that vintage film, hd sincerely sucks
upload all the session please!!!!!!
Omg Curtis and Simon from the show Misfits are in a band? :P
It's weird watching these videos without HD. I kind of enjoy it though, it adds more character to the video and performance itself. Call me stupid, but don't start the HD filming!
love the video style...kinda 80s :D
Jooooooooooooooooooooseeeph !!!!!! *-*
So original, well crafted pop. Love his voice!
how can someone dislike this!?
@MightyMartel ur comment has no sense and is stupid, give a good reason to make HD, beacuse everyone does it, its not a reason Kid.
dont listen to that guy... do hd. everyone has hd cameras now. it makes the videos so movie like.
just saw them on Saturday and it was fuckin' EPIC!!
Don't have it, or even a smartphone. But nice guess smart ass.
Awesome video KCRW, but why don't you film these session's in HD thanks
@fooglez Yeah, that's just stupid, sorry. I mean even if they filmed in HD you'd still have the option of turning the quality down.
@kalvo17 Whatever, dude, learn to live with opinions other than your on.
These KCRW sets are always great performances. The sound is always high quality. Performers, including Metronomy, seem at ease in their studios. I followed the link and watched all the Metronomy songs - I wish someone would save them individually here on Youtube. BTW the drummer is terrific - reminds me of the cool female drummer in Warpaint's KCRW set.
what's the name of that lil keys the lead singer is playing? it looks pretty cool, like to have that on top on your synth.
@kalvo17 Well, how about this? Your comment was actually the stupid one because you didn't give a good reason to NOT do HD. My reasoning wasn't even that everyone is doing HD these days, the reasoning I had was that videos have a more cinematic quality in HD and to me that makes them more memorable. So, there... I've elaborated and you are just a douche. Also, don't call me a kid, prick.
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