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Skyrim: Massive Fight in Sovngarde!

by MrRhexx • 830,704 views

An epic battle of Good vs Evil! Who shall be triumphant?....NONE! Because the Greybeards turned on everyone and won. Who would have thunk...

Alguém me explica o que esta acontecendo aqui? Naked Lydia ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). #skyrim  
I laughed so hard when I just see that Nightingale sitting at the table LOL
i cried laughing at that gaint crab when the battle started, he probley thought it was a food competition xD
A normal day at sovengard.
Words of Power Throughout History: Skyrim: Fus Ro Dah Early on: (gibberish) Mid Victorian: Your An Idiot Today: Fuck You Bitch
It's like the greybeards are police in a riot, they walk around for a while doing nothing then kill everyone
Is this the new Michael Bay movie
I haven't finished the video yet and I can predict that the Grey beards win, they are badass
I love it how a bunch of Sovngarde heros just stand their while guards and sentinels are being killed. Well, when you're already dead, you might not be able to die twice.
Gonna drop an unpopular opinion here as I thought this video was terribly done. There was a problem with the dragon wings, basically clipping through every mesh on the map and some characters were just standing idly by, not fighting at all, the Nightingale at 2:38 was even sitting at a fucking dinner table while Alduin spewed fiery death everywhere. The jedi were horribly misplaced as they were lightsaber wielding warriors fighting undead with weapons made of iron, effectively unbalancing the fight completely. I'm not trying to troll or anything, I just thought the video was bad.
Battle? More like a fucking free-for-all.
Agreed but there isn't many videos like this.. still a thumbs up incase he makes a better version
I love how some AI can't handle what is going on. Like they just walk around.
Since when are werewolves bad? 
This video made me cry with tears of jot honestly i always wanted to do a a.i fight war please tell me how you do it can u do it on console?
2:41 "I think I'm gonna just take a seat."
Lol fucking Jedi because why not
Hahaha, I couldn't help noticing that some of them were just walking around calmly in the battle as if nothing was happening! XD WTF?
alduin has tlc enabled hax+ 
That was friggin hilarious. The best part was when the nightinggale sentinel sat down when alduin was in front of him.
where abouts do you find the giant mudcrab in the game, ive never seen one :O
Oh wow, never knew that.
You can actually fight a ethereal giant mud crab in skyrim for a quest
I love how the mudcrab at the beginning was like "FOOD!!!! OMNOMNOMNOMNOM"
I had no idea you were secretly a graybeard!
I think you made a better fight sequence than all the of the Michael Bay movies comibined
Can't they make alliances
you should use the slow time shout mod and go through the crowd slowly to see what everyone is doing at that particular moment
Funny and epic at the same time, loved how some NPCs were just strolling trough the battlefield XD
Just another normal day in Sovngarde.
couldent aludwin just call meaters to end it all
Did you not see the goddamn hail of rocks throughout the entire video? Greybeards > Pussy Alduin
how do you make all the npc natural and don't attack until you command them to??
cool video, such battle. btw is there a way that with console commands you can turn of immortality. so that even the jarl can die or something?
On the good side you should have had both tullius and ulfric otherwise its #bias
Do 400 guards vs. 59 giants
Alduin is like GET UP YOU LAZY IDIOT! to the nightingale sentinel at the end as the sentinel is getting up
maybe the best war scene they im saw!! xD
Battle of the jarls could be cool to watch
2.37 til 2.40 just peafuly sits down XD
Well, there goes the peace of Skyrim's Heaven.
i like that somewhere a nightingale just sits down on a bench
Agreed.  But Ur could still beat him.
I love how the nightingale just sat down at the table in front of Alduin and did not give a shit about the battle xD 2:35
Tullius? in Sovngarde? And I suppose you also want me to believe the Greybeards are all women with three arms and a lisp.
Arngeir VS Miraak? Btw they are the highest lvl NPC's in the game
@rapha208814 Actually Arngeir is WAY more powerful has he can talk without killing you, and if you use the console to get his level, it is the highest in the vanilla game.
1000 random Skeletons vs 100 Soldiers. :D
At 1:26 there's a tiny Frostbite Spider in the lower right corner...
+Dave Bastianen as well as skeever's ( rat creatures).
@2:39 she's like screw that i'm sitting down lol
Nobody saw the soaring bear at 01:13?
I rewinded that and saw one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life
alduins not that hard s
the jedi's were kinda pointless to throw in 
I only ask for 400 guards, we will defeat those 60 ogres! (pls!!!)
little tip if you want to make all essential npc killable go to "My Documents/My Games/Skyrim/skyrim.ini" open it and write [ GamePlay] bEssentialTakeNoDamage=0 It works trust me
More battles like these there awesome
LMFAO. Oh my goodness, I couldn't help but laugh tears out my eyes!!
that's weird, I usually laugh tears out of my ass
that is s beast i play on xbox so i cant do anything like that
I think Alduin and Paarthurnax typed tcl o.o
I am pretty sure the graybeards lost it because of the fighting...
there's always that one guy who's just chillin' and doesn't give a shit about his surroundings
And 5 seconds in, Alduin said "Fuck you, bear"
2:14 - That guy's looking at you with that "Help us! Please!" look. I love the random people sitting down XD
How did you get the Nightingale Sentinel? .-.
How in the hell did he go this
you do realise alduin is completely invulnerable unless you use dragonrend?
No he just needs a big beatdown.
500 Nightingale VS 2 alduin !! xD
Sadly in a fight against alduin, alduin will always win due to bethesda making it so he can only be killed by a player
 Did you even watch till the end Alduin can't be killed he just forfeits on low health then doesn't go down again so yes he can be killed by other creatures idiot.
Dont call me an idiot bro
It must be a drag if you die, go to sovengard and this is waiting for you
The question is.. Who the fuck won
This was at savanguard
In the hall of valor yes
wtf is 'thunk' you spastic
Lol 00:48 poor little skeever never stood a chance..
thank you for this extremely helpful information that no-one could have figured out by themselves. I applaud you
0:51 the Nightingale just completely wacked the vampire out of the park lol
STILL LOVING THIS VID after all this time. Aludin got his scaly @$$ shouted down by the g'beards. Nightingale taking a mead break at that table shot right in the middle of the battle with Alduin befor them was priceless. This vid ranks right behind Alduin does fast food take out IMO 
Da crap is wrong with that nightingale
 No he's on computer so he uses console commands to spawn them.
Ok so how did this happen?
Console commands nuff said
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