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Christmas Lights!

by Hidden Masters • 66,125 views

Latest Black Ops 2 Tips Tricks and Hiding Spots on our channel! Make sure to check us out and Subscribe if you haven't. Fun With Fans Playlist:...

Eat my Corn... KUJO Eat Ma CORN KUJO
im gona run around in a search and destroy game with a camera spike
Uberhaxornova? In there or just a fan? Hence the DOWN KUJO
1:08 My friends, my friends my friends are on fire. My friends, my friends my friends are on fire.We dont need more water Let the motherfuckers burn! burn motherfuckers burn!
Mistah Own stole kevins gun emblem off how to annoy. 1:57 lol
dude, u guys r sooo funny with your sick hiding spots. i was wondering if you could make more hiding spots 4 other maps. thanks. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omfg thats so gay, this dude is called rudolfhitler or something, and i had to change my name cuz it was unpropriat or whatever its spelled like, mine was BlueBallzz :S. So i changed to BlueBallzz94 =] douchebags won't steal my name!!
why 1 ofur friend is prestige 2 and have a XV prestige emblem?
in gone run around in a search and destroy game with a camera spike
@turboaudia4 finally some who aint hacked it peole who hack fuck off and play it properly
Haha, this reminds of back when I used to host Halo 3 lobbies for fun. Can't host lobbies like that anymore. -_-
What is this? Ps3? when you do your next one, inv meh :D
Awesome sauce! Hope I can join one of these days.
Wtf at 1:53 when he kills HECKNN he has a 15 prestiger back ground but he is only 2nd prestige wtf!
wanna suck dicks for free go to iAmAHugeFaggotAndPostShitInTheCommentsDOTidiot
I love the guy spinnig at the end
you guys are halarious down coujo down and the music
lol :51 nice master shake emblem
Haha i want to play with you guys!
Dont be a nub, get the modd get it from.
That looks epic I will sub because I couldn't stop laughing (a freaking tomahawk storm, why didn't I think of that) HowlingWolf14 is a 360 gamertag
I'd like to see an open lobby where everyone calls in a Napalm strike or B52.
that was a really straight rpg shot.. at 1:55
do another one!!!! and invite me or tell me this was funny as hell.
hey can i play with you guys sometime?? Gt: II B3ASTie II
OH I KNOW THIRD WORLD GAMING! LOL IM A RETARD! you shoulda put a link in description! (:
I'll sub so I don't get RPG in ma face lol
lol i had fun doing this for a bit ... you should've put the bedroom party in this haha!
I frikin love the dogs, totally forgot about them after playing Modern Warfare so much...
@CAMERONJTC97 well this other guy said it was a glitch
I joined this open lobby.. it wasnt anything like this, it was just gay. We werent doing anything
omfg ahahahaha I added this to my fav this is funny as!!!
if any one wants too do this on ps3 add HE_IS_A_NINJA
@HiddenMasters My friend didn't subscribe and the next day a tragic acident happend, he was killed by an afghanistan with a camera :'(
You better post more of these damn things. They are awesome.
at the end it looks like paparazzi
create you own lobby 15th prestige + MODS (HACKS,DOGS,BOTS) website: netlovez . info Download the .dll files and read the instructions :-) works in all plataforms.
@jerkward4 its called powerhouse.. its from loony toons. :D
1:57 15th prestige background. Prestige 2 O.o
How do I subscribe to 3rd world gaming?, btw is this ps3 or 360? cuz if ps3 i wanna join an open lobby (:
I love in hte end i sent u 2 msgs cuz i wanted to.. :)
@HiddenMasters thank you very much ive been looking for it for ages :)
What is the song starting aroud 0:50?
@pigboy360 and onlive too, real gamers buy the games
please, can I join? I would looping to do something like what you guys do... please message me on what I need to do?!?!
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