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by Nicole Guerriero • 240,527 views

Everything you want to know is right here... Products Mentioned: Tweezerman Eyelash Curler L'Oreal Power Volume Collagen Maybelline MegaPlush Volumexpress L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Rimmel...

Gonna try something similar tomorrow with They're Real and Perversion...maybe I can get length and volume? Ah? Impossible but a gal can dream!
I've been watching your videos for the longest time ever, and I absolutely love you and your videos.. I'm jealous of you lashes, but do you have any tips on how not to get mascara on your eyelids when you apply it to your lashes because it always seems to happen to me ? :/
I just asked this question and I found my answer. lol Thanks Nicole
I get that same effect with Benefit They're Real.. without the hassle of layering.
You should try covergirl stileto mascara! i use it and oh man works amazingly! everyone thinks i have fake eyelashes haha
i'm so jealous of your lashes they're so long :o
Wow that's a lot of mascara... But I love it!!! Thanks for the Video u are truly amazing!!! Xoxox
If u want them thicker put coats on the top an bottom of the lashes, thatll also save time on using 4 mascaras, i usually use 2 and it works great!! Great vid tho and ur sooo pretty:)
i use a lot too, i usually open all of them and lay them in the order i use them haha
Omg your sooooooooo pretty I'm jealous
my lashes don't look like yours with one coat when I put like 5 coats. -__- you are so lucky
dam so many mascaras! to put on. I just want 1!!! not many o.O
Do you whiten your teeth? Their so white & pearly. lol (:
Love this, I just hate when you're not careful and the wand goes in your eye. It's painful. Lol
She exagerrates.. I wouldnt date a girl like that. It looks like her arch is way out of her face.
Your lashes are fab even without the mascara! My lashes are short:/
Have u ever tryed benefit "They're Real" Mascara? If so Do u reccomend it For People with Long lashes Because ive heard it works better for people with short lashes so im kinda debating on purchasing it haha :)
5 minute makeup challenge please! <3
Damn girl. You are queen of layering that stuff. Yowza!
Hey, are those your natural lashes or extensions? I would love to have your lashes
i hope you still have lashes when you get older lol, but they look really good lol
ahh I meant maybelline stileto mascara
you have lashes without mascara!
Your lashes are amazing with just one coat lol but girl I can see the 4 coats replacing falsies !!!
Just about anyone can end up with acne. My own older buddy had acne as severely as his kid. Both were able to heal themselves right after they found the Acne Executioner (Google it). Most people will not be as lucky as them however take a look if you like.
I love your lashes. Thanks for the advice on lashes your the best.
Awesome video girl! I always layer with different mascaras too!! Haha (:
if i dont curl my lashes before applying mascara they dont curl at all no matter what mascara i use, they just sit straight down but its such a pain to curl them every morning for ages, any suggestions how i can sort this problem? thumbs up so someone answers me?
Hey girl! I just started using 'blinc' mascara. I don't know if you have tried it but it's pretty much amazing. It wraps your lashes in a tube like thingy. It's water proof and for sensitive eyes really good if you wear contacts. Anyways keep the videos coming you're awesome!!
your not gona get so messy down their . . . 4:43
You have AMAZING LASHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I finally know someone who layers their eyelashes! A lot of people ask me how I get my eyelashes to really stand out. And when I tell them they look at me like I'm crazy.
Are any of the mascaras waterproof???
Gurl, one coat of mascara looks friggin' great on you! xxx
Do you know if you use non-waterproof mascara then layer with waterproof if it will be fully waterproof?? That was a lot of saying "waterproof"
it does look like a torture device lol
Hey girl the lash does work i tryed it and my lashes look very huge thankx keep it up :-)
omg , hoow do you get your eyelashes so long?! i swear us spanish people have no eyelashes what so ever!
please do another update lashes
is it weird that when she said "wiggle from the bottom" i instantly started singing started from the bottom. lol
U remind me of khloe kardashian. Wow four mascaras?! Ur making the drug store rich lol
WOW! They look amazing! I have eyelash extensions currently and hate my eyelashes as they are so short, I really hope this combo works for me! Yay thanks! xx
Your lashes are so long & pretty:)
Your lashes look with one coat like mine with 5 or so ;)
Do you use waterproof formulas??
Can you please do a hair tutorial on how ou do your hair like that and how you style your bangs.. <33
you don't need to use all that mascara ,your good with only one coat! LOL
thank you. love ur eyelashes Beautiful Lady ur so kind love watching ur vids..take care god bless
how do you keep your hair healthy?? and beautifull
i need help i have a tiny tiny bit of lashes can i buy any product to help them grow? as well as wen i buy good massacres frm drug stores i curl my lashes then put the mascara on but,my lashes go down they won't stay curled up? HELP PLEASE WHAT DO YOU RECOMEND????
I have really straight eyelashes and even when I curled them they wouldn't last with mascara UNTILL I discovered that waterproof mascara will hold curl much much better because there's more wax in it! Diorshow is the for me haha
u r so beautiful love ur lash thing love love love love it
you're so lucky that you have naturally long and curly lashes...
Hey, I HIGHLY reccomend Mabelline's The Falsies mascara. I have tiny, short lashes and they make them look so long and full! Just a suggestion. <3
You need to buy waterproof mascara. The non-waterproof ones are a water based formula that will take the curl out. I have tiny lashes as well. I like to pair Maybelline Falsies with Illegal Length. Both waterproof.
can you make a updated makeup collection
You can also warm the eyelash curler with a hair dryer before you use it :) it will have the same effect of a hait curler :)
To meagaaannn, use the MaryKay makeup remover, its the only one that looks oily but isn't, n its the best to remove any stubborn mascara, n it doesn't damage ur skin/lashes with chemicals
I love your videos I'm new to YouTube and have been watching all ur videos these past few days :)
Nicole, how do you remove the mascara without losing lashes?
I tried the loreal voluminous original and I didn't like it :/ and the formula was really dry
so jealous, its amazing how much mascaras you use without having your lashes look clumpy! It looks really nice!
I curl my eyelashes but put it under a blow dryer for like 10-20 seconds and it does wonders :D
omg, i always thought your lashes were fake o:
Another way to get a lot of mascara on Your lashes is to spin the wand while your applying (:
I LOVE maybelline mega plush mascara it's become my favorite!!!
I am a fairly new subbie and I think you need to be in a lab creating the greatest mascara yet.
Omgg love ur eyelashes i also use different type of mascaras at once to get them to look good!!! Please check out my channel iam new to youtube and would like to here your thoughts and comments thanks!!!
I know I'm not Nicole, but maybe try using a waterproof mascara. Also, if you use concealer on your undereye area, make sure you use powder on top. If not, the mascara could smudge off on the creaminess of the concealer. Hope that helps!
I use the loreal mascara with a priming end. Do u recommend letting the primer dry on your lashes and then applying the actual mascara or would that also cause flaking?
this video isnt working for me :(
you are so gorgeoussssss... jelly(:
i heard that coating the top of your lashes also helps. Ever since then i added that step to my routine, and it makes a HUGE difference :)
i love how she says "laaashes" xD
I actually went to a sire called
have you tried lancome waterproof mascara?? Its my FAVE and I love BOMB.COM lashes!!
Btw I LOVE all yur vids Gurl ! Lol.
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