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GMO Grass Kills Cows In Texas: Cyanide Gas!

by TheAlexJonesChannel • 45,452 views

GMO grass is linked as the trigger to mass cattle death out side of Austin. Mysterious Mass Cattle Deaths May Be Caused By Random Grass Mutation...

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GMO GRASS PRODUCES CYANIDE GASS +Regina Juen +Melanie Kirk +Kelly E. 
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GMO GRASS PRODUCES CYANIDE GASS +Regina Juen +Melanie Kirk +Kelly E. 
Nearly unbelievable,but who knows whats coming in the earth,for mutation must be a reason!
Cynodon nlemfuensis Vanderyst is one splice
It is not a GMO. Research it on USDA ARS.
CBS put out a 2nd article correcting themselves. The entire article was dedicated to distinguishing the fact that it was a "hybrid" and not a GMO. Also, other farmers apparently say it is well known that certain types of grass can be healthy to use.. but some of these types after frost or drought can cause a cyanide release. So it is known that this can happen.. this is not a first. The article DOES NOT say whether the hybrid is a hybrid of GMO or not.. which I suspect it may be (not sure tho)
Not a bigger liar than your lord and master Alex Jones.
This is what happens if you buy from Monsanto! they'll fuck up your farms!
accept Jesus today before it's too late! watch?v=KS3YQU8bz7k
Alex, this is not GMO! Yes, GMO is bad, but this is not GMO. Google "GMO food: Hybrid poison grass that kills Texas cattle not genetically modified" and check the article on the examiner. Thumbs up so people see this.
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We could argue the terms all day and not agree. IMO after reading the terms, there is no difference in this case. They took several different plants hoping to create a better plant and in most conditions, it is good, but is not in all cases. "They breed different species with different positive qualities" Exactly, they spliced several together in a series yet fail to see the negative qualities....this is the problem at hand. TIFTON 85 BERMUDAGRASS w w w . tifton . uga . edu
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Mind-blowing is correct. How truly horrific. Doesn't that stuff being grown for 15 years then suddenly all over Texas it starts pumping out cyanide gas - it sounds unbelievable that it would suddenly *all* mutate at the same time.... Then again it could be part of some plot that was meant to go unnoticed until it was too late.. I'm going to be scared to leave the house before long.. Oh wait I am already!
Right! This Tifton 85 is also sterile and must be 'plugged" into the ground to grow, unlike the natural Bermuda which can be grown with organic seeds.
OMG that's awful .. buy one of those mosquito net hats and wear it ... chem-trail can not penetrate them ....ok hope that helps ..:)
Be smarter than the MSM...just google the term GMO and then the term Hybrid and see what you find...they are the SAME thing. Some grasses turn toxic under certain conditions...Johnson grass seed is one that produces cyanide generally in the fall, but we got it early last year due to extreme drought and high temps for several months.
all the tests? show me one test that concludes a currently used GMO is "bad".
Alex, to help you maintain your credibility, please see the following. Look up: foodfreedomgroup()com/2012/06/23/gm-grass-linked-to-texas-cattle-deaths/ Note "Texas ag authority who says that prussic acid killed the cattle; not cyanide." Search prusic acid: Then see, e.g., beef()osu()edu/library/prussic()html
The grass is not a GMO... its a Hybrid F1.... conventional breeding... no gene splicing involved...
so are you the grass expert now? when I need information on grass are you the one I should contact? please post more of your grass expertise on youtube please, very interested over here.
Coming from a guy whos youtube name is :Terrorist96 -_-
never heard of you, you sound poorly educated and quite stupid.
well's all BS ...I learnt from jones the media always lie ... so I don't believe a damn word of it ...:)
Well, a society that doesn't ALLOW LABELS isn't giving choice (of a product people must have---FOOD)--- It begs the question: what is "freedom" --- if you can't even choose whether you want gmo in food or not what does the repeater about the military "fighting for our freedoms" mean? What are freedoms to person who says that?
Hybrid or GMO....the fact is this Tifton 85 was Genetically modified by man. Either thru cross pollinating species that normally would not "pollinate" they brought in one fro South Africa and one from Europe (Does the term killer bees ring a bell? This did not go very well at all and many people and animals have died from that cross breeding)
Is Alex Jones Drunk? He sounds pretty fucked up.. LOL
Yup, Incognito, the "Mirthful Irreverence Everywhere" is my tag line. It sort of addresses everything, whenever one needs to take things less seriously ... sad as things are and as distressing as they are. Unhappily, all of our sacred-cows are being driven to betray us, whatever 'god' they represent that we use to make ourselves complete. It is meant to be supportive for folks. It isn't meant to be overly disrespectful to the distress folks are in emotionally. It is meant to get them past this.
Yes.....I live in Afghanistan, stupid Infomonkey, you believe everything. Shows how stupid Infomoney's are.
Now this may well be the bigger truth we should recognize. And with that, may I once again raise a toast to Mirthful Irreverence Everywhere.
Yes, they are dead because of the cyanide, not because of the GMO as everyone assumes, because the grass involved is not GMO grass, it's a hybrid of 2 species... even if it was GMO grass, that doesn't mean the GMO itself was the cause, as I said, GMO is simply modifying genetic markers, in my example of GloFish which are GMO forms of the lionfish, with the grass releasing cyanide, it would have been an unforeseen problem GMO or hybrid, the chemistry from the 2 plants created a deadly mix hybrid.
P.S. he ruined his credibility with me when he turned on Dr. Paul .. well it was the final nail for me .. have a good one !
I agree, but finding organic seed is getting harder and harder to find...Monsanto or affiliate companies owns most seed companies world wide.
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That's cute, you can keep your logic. Im sure it will get you far in life. BTW, I would keep my thoughts to myself if I were you. That way you wouldn't be seen as a complete idiot.
hy·brid 1. the offspring of two animals or plants of different breeds, varieties, species, or genera, especially as produced through human manipulation for specific genetic characteristics. 2. a person or group of persons produced by the interaction or crossbreeding of two unlike cultures, traditions, etc.
h t t p vet . vet . purdue . edu / toxic / plant43 . htm Johnson grass toxin sounds just like this sudden problem with this Tifton 85--so WHAT plants were used and genetically modified for this "series of development" to create said HYBRID? And was there any studies done on the negative aspects of said man manipulated & created species called Tifton 85?
Just because it is genetically modified it is carcinogenic?
Hey reallystupidnow - your caps lock is stuck - why not just type in a bigger font so we can see how really amusing you are
What if your CHILDREN are playing in the FRONT YARD rolling around in your GM GRASS and are KILLED by CYANIDE gas emitted from this CRAP! That would be time to BLOW TF UP some GM LABS! Keep feeding GM food to your CHILDREN! YOU are just as responsible for the result. Are you TICKED YET? WHY NOT!
The word "spliced" is my term, not one they are using. My bad as it is causing further confusion.
Well Of Course the Grass produces Cyanide Alex, Duh! I mean if it didn't then Cows would eat it. Cows eating grass, as we all know produces cow farts and Cow farts are bad for the earth.
think what its doing to the wildlife
Without man's interference, in most cases, a mare will not allow a donkey to breed her, thus genetically modified intervention on man's part resulting in nature taking care to the problem by making said offspring sterile and dying out. The terms are the same, easy to read it and understand when one has eyes to see.
So now all they have to do to scare all the tin foil hat wearers into the prison cities is put up signs saying,"Danger-Cyanide Grass". Like little children afraid of the boogeyman,they'll be sure to quiver in fear at their own shadows,sounds,even grass growing. I could never be that cowardly.
This is wrong!!!!!!! Please let's stop the insanity. Let's not mess with mother nature! NO GMO and at least label it on food. Stop fooling the public. Stop Killing the public and the animals!!!!
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The grass was not GMO. I was a hybrid grass... not the same at all. The grass DID poison the cattle (emitted cyanide) .. here is the URL to the Examiner article:
are you a Luddite? Have you even read any sc
We had 2 stocked ponds and the drought last year dried both up and we lost all our fish. Chickens are a good thing to have around...had them growing up, but are not easy to keep from predators. Replanting seeds is good, ONCE you locate organic seed stock...that is hard to do anymore, but they are out there online last I checked.
Hydrogen cyanide (with the historical common name of Prussic acid) is a chemical compound with chemical formula HCN. It is a colorless, extremely poisonous liquid that boils slightly above room temperature at 26 °C (79 °F). Hydrogen cyanide is a linear molecule, with a triple bond between carbon and nitrogen. A minor tautomer of HCN is HNC, hydrogen isocyanide.
Well, I've been eating plants, etc. for 22 years, cyanide, a fatal dose for humans can be as low as 1.5 mg/kg body weight... that's not a hell of lot, for the those not too versed in metric, that's only 3.3 pounds of cyanide... Cyanide is lethal because it contains an ion that binds to enzymes and decrease their activity. It causes the entire cell to stop producing ATP (energy) through an ETC (electron transport chain).
Try finding out exactly what that "grass from South Africa is'...Please let me know if anyone discovers their "secret ingredient" cause all I can find is the following reference......"Tifton 85 is the best of many F1 hybrids between PI 290884 from South Africa and Tifton 68"
Most of what you say is true but what I meant is not what it was meant to be without love and committment. It's loving the other person and trusting each other that makes it something special otherwise it is a biological function which any animal follows instinctively.
Thanks Good idea. I'll keep that chain link in mind...though this would not completely be a solution for free range chickens when and if grain might not be available. And then there is the heat factor during summer to contend with regarding cooped chickens--we had 100+ degree weather last year for over 2 mths...many critters died during that extreme heat last year.
Coming from a guy whose name is epiiiiic. Your point?
What if the spray is a combined secret JOB
The terms used in the definitions are the same when compared. hy·brid 1.the offspring of two animals or plants of different breeds, varieties, species, or genera, especially as produced through human manipulation for specific genetic characteristics.
"Mirthful Irreverence" is that your catch phrase? How else should one deal with the ever growing herds of sheeple waiting in line for a sip of DOOM PORN ? :D
nice papaver somniferum background...I would have never guessed...
Does James Corbett address what might have caused the toxicity of this Tifton 85 or is this more of addressing and hashing out over the terminology of GMO v Hybrid?
You really think they're going to slaughter cattle that died of cyanide poisoning? Are you really that thick?
The fruit is good for you, the SEEDS are don't eat the seeds.
Even Monsanto doesn't have GMO in their cafeterias.
Alex is riding the band bandwagon of fear. Tifton 85 is not "GMO". it is a Hybridization crop, It is not the same as scientist insertion or deletion of genes like GMOS . But the media doesn't care to define distinctions. Tifton 85 is an F1 hybrid between Tifton 68 and a South African grass. GMOs are a hot topic now but Tifton 85 is not a GMOS crop, Everyone just Google Tifton 85 and you will found your own answers
The Georgia Seed Development Commission, states conclusively that Tifton 85 is a sterile pentaploid, which means that the two parent varieties had differing numbers of chromosomes, thus creating a naturally sterile hybrid According to the original news report, however, the farmers were aware that the grass they planted had been genetically modified, with reporter Lisa Leigh Kelly stating: "The grass is a genetically modified form of Bermuda known as Tifton 85."
NOT GMO grass...Alex Jones needs to correct his statements on this... See the latest Corbett Report for info or spend 5 minutes doing your own research. Important NOT to spread fear-based dis-info...
NO media news service is 100% perfect - but Alex Jones is the closest to being RELIABLE and SPOT ON that there is.
Okay, I'm gonna say this one more time.. Hybrid is NOT GMO. By your definition, a mule (which is a hybrid between a horse and a donkey) is a GMO. Do you think a mule is a GMO? What about two different breeds of dogs that are made to mate together to produce a hybrid? Is that GMO? NO. It's called a HYBRID. GMO the genes are genetically modified via DNA recombination. Hybrid is just mating two different species. Get over yourself.
Thanks for the astute point about observing from a distance, Incog. And with that, may I once again raise a toast to Mirthful Irreverence Everywhere.
You can't eat GMO, as it's not a substance, but you can eat products that have under gone GMO techniques... aka genetically modified, do you people even know what GMO stands for? O_o
By mistake sometimes it KILLS FAST which isn't good because people catch on to that, the SLOW KILLER is the PLAN.. NOW think could this far on to the food GMO which is a easier HOST then from there into your livestock which if it makes it from there it could make it's way into US YOU ME EVERYONE WHO EAT THEM OR THE FOOD!!!!!
If Alex wants to ruin his credibility, then let'r rip. You can want it to be what you want it to be, but if it isn't then you damage your case. Why do that? You wind up playing into the hands of the controllers that way. Like they say, it is never the screw-up, its the denial and cover-up afterwards that is the problem. This grass is known to produce HCN under the stress of drought conditions, like TX has. It is an oddity, agreed. But too quick to target GMO may be damaging to the cause.
False Alarm. after the health ranger checked the farm out on monday 25th of June he found that it was a strain of grass that normaly has cyanide in it,but it was not a GMO,drought or a fertalizer or both has caused higher concentrations of cyanide in it that killed the cattle,they think.
No, I'm just not a paranoid person like you, who thinks the government is out to get me with everything they do, you want prove all the cows you have consumed or has been sold were poisoned with cyanide? I mean, as I said below, if you had ate cyanide, even the smallest amount will kill you in a matter of days... I'm all for alternative meat products anyway, the only reason I stick to real meat still, is the good meat alternatives tend to be a bit pricey...
OMG ... so you are another facts finder ?? what's wrong with you ? people do NOT want facts ... damn it anyways !
The asshole is a troll. HE IS ON THE LOSING SIDE!!!!
Not surprising ... they make corn that produces its own defenses from bugs so it makes sense that gmo grass could release cyanide to protect itself from being eaten by the cows. Lord forgive them, they know not what they do!
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