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Josh @BeardedBelieber (I Am Cassettes) Justin Bieber "Baby" Cover

by Joshua Paschke • 5,929 views


honestly.. was not expecting you to be this good (: good job keep it up, follow me on twitter please @ChloeDayne_ thanks (:
Don't let anyone you down man! , Terrific singing. :)
@Erikofdarkness Thanks for the compliment on that. I feel like it's better sounding that way.
this is cute and brave, justin better be proud of his dude fans:)
this video should just have the same amount of views like your other one :) you totally deserve it!!
AAAHHH you're soo amazingg, OMG! follow me on twitter? shueetEMO is my username. (:
Wow this is really nice! It sounds so different how you did it slower, and with the guitar, but I really like it! :)
i think im inlove with this.... ur voice is hella sexy =)
God. You were so hot before this. And well... The last "belieber" video.:(
This is just amazing. You need to be famous.
DUDE BELIEBERS ALL THE WAY! I'M ONE TOO! ;) @MarkusBeliebs on Twitter. Btw, you sing really well! ;)
@TheOfficalBeliebers I have a twitter and it is @BeardedBelieber!
i wanna put this version on my iphone :)
@LexiBenton2013 Awe thank you so? Repost somewhere. :)
@TheBeardedBelieber Not to be mean or anything like that but you look and remind me of my teacher. ;)
GREAT VOICE ! Thank god, boys beliebers exist ! :)
U are in Justin bieber's playlist :) Congrats, he saw it :)
Im so proud that your bieber fan :))
Wow! you are amazing man! Respect from Argentina ;)
i thought this is another creepy old justin bieber fan :D lol haha but this is absolutely AMAZING!! ur great ! keep it up !♥
It's nice! do more bieber covers!<3<3
@TheBeardedBelieber Sure...Ill Post it on twitter and on Tumblr :)
wow i love your voice :D good job
Got any tabs for your version of this song? I like it way better than the original
great voice :D you look kind of like brad pitt (;
Awesome, man! I actually always wanted to do a slower, more emotional version of this song, but looks like you beat me to the punch.
glad to know that there are other dude beliebers out there xD
your video is at @kidrauhl's playlist! :) -good job!
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