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Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep.164 - TO KILL MY OWN BROTHER

by UberHaxorNova • 832,438 views

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Animate where you're trying to go up the pyramid!!!!!!!!
that is not his leg THAT IS NOT HIS LEG!!!
nova is a homosexawal
Unless you want to start a gay sex themed Walmart, I think you meant to spell it "homosexual."
1:09 haha nope, thats the 12, a very awkward variance of the 69 :P
i watch nova, toby and pew and think they are good
Laurenlittle then why are you watching nova when you say he sucks
1:you suck 2:you suck 3:fuck off 4:you suck 5: you suck
So now we know....Nova likes Youtube more than Facebook.
Can I touch the button on your back chimera?
Loved the last part! No need to hate because you can't appreciate. Just cause someone doesn't like doesn't mean their bad. I agree 100%.
when you pick a persen nova and it doas not work chose a difrent persen
@heatblast9214 im a pony (brony)
Last time I will reply. I'm just going to say your first reply to the video was Nova's betr. nuf said, go home. I would say under your classification that that's a troll. You are seriously messed in the head if you can't see that. Go get yourself checked out for mental problems.
What about ImmortalHD he does a lot of horror junk
she thinks that people with lots of likes are sexy.....shes a comment ho..o.o
You do know that fans like you, PewDie doesn't care about. He only cares about the real bros that DON'T pick sides. They're both friends, there is no fight between them. Plus, if you don't like one, we don't want to here your crap about him, just keep it to yourself.
havnt seen them or heard them mentioned anywhere, so we keep pewdiepie and toby
once again its the internet if ur mad about teh way people type on here just go outside
I like both him and Pewdiepie <3 they both deserve respect. They would not want their fans to hate let's all be mature.
fuck i have installed add-blocker now i have to choose ooh no i don't happy me
don't watch nova then dude if pewds is better i think thier both good
nova again with tht shit u sob 7:25
Tip do wheelie over everything.............Does an Endo
"Last time I will reply." - liar, and "dumbness" - now who's using the bad grammar
Freakin 32 second looper comercials.
Well yogscast is not part of this inner triangle of toby,pewdie and nova. You don't see on yogscast videos "Hey, you bums, why are you copying (Toby,pewdie,nova)." Well at least not as often.
i believe this extends to everyone; it's just that he mentioned the main three in this war. i've never heard of BlueXephos, but i'm sure he's got something the others don't as well. but i think this comment and the others like it are all-encompassing.
why so stressed in your vids... like right at start what stressed you out in 5 seconds
dont say the f word to nova u know its not about the videos its aout the people how they are not this shure the videos are funny but there just for entertainment and i like both nova and pewdiepie
All>you. GTFO please if you're just here to be a stupid fanboy.
What are you guys on about? nobody called them fags as far as the comments go? lol
at 1:32 I thought the kid was Stephano... ;(
all I can say is: If you got nothing nice to say, don't say it
so high off fun dip I punched myself in the nuts and storted more dip
dude its teh fkin internet if u dnt like the way people type here go outside. dumbass...
You know pretty much all of them had said that they dont like that their fans say bad shit about any of them? They all have their own style, Pewdiepie and Nova are my favorites, no reason to hate, you can like more than one channel.
How come I don't particularly care who does what and watch ALL of their videos and get entertainment out of them.
Novas hilarious. i can't stop laughing.
Aftershave commercial sounds like guys orgasming...orgasing? Idk
you dont like him? then dont watch him. stop embarrassing yourself.
Um mad? Your the one getting mad. You were the one with the Tourette syndrome here so... You know. I could go outside but you should go back to school. HAHA.
I would agree with John Ketchum, die you sick motherfucker!! Nova is awesome!!
Wow... I can't believe it... I just saw an intelligent comment CHAIN!
yay he did my map dont move nova
Who said I was complaining? I'm just laughing at your debacle with that weirdo. And trust me, I wasn't getting into a fight, but seeing how poor both of your arguments and returning comments are to each other, heh, it wouldn't be that hard to win. Anyways, you have a nice day doing whatever it is you do. |3
Dude I dont care... but still they said stop the fan wars between them
stfu kid all> you and all other haters...stfu about who's better if you dont like him dont fucking watch him or give him bad comments, personally i think uberhaxornova, tobuscus and pewdiepie are all the same,,, they're hilarious and they play games, so if your a hater, GTFO now and never return.
i was watching the dont move on the toilet and it literally made me laugh my crap out XD!
nova and pewdiepie should do a colab
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