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Greyson Chance Takeover (official trailer) on AwesomenessTV

by AwesomenessTV • 373,590 views

join Greyson Chance on stage, on the road and behind the music in the exclusive look into his world tour only on AwesomenessTV. Follow the instructions below to leave your questions. 1. Record a...

I wish there were like an official movie of him
Amelly Chance Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Greyson,Can you tell us some new songs in our 2nd album???PLS....:)
He wasnt "Famous" He was liked because of his fans on yt. He wasnt signed to any record lable. If you know the story of him on ellen, he was in math class and he got a call from his mom and she said that the ellen producers called and he was like you lying anyway when he got home he flew out to the ellen show right away. So he wasnt famous he was FROM going on ellen.
i really love greyson's voice...its so nice..:))))
did you go through puberty or did you already? Explain.
¨concert = Greyson singing = incredibly wonderful
Greyson, when will your 2nd album out? I CAN''T WAITTTTTT!!! come back to Indonesia!:*
Its not his fault...he doesn't plan his tour schedule! In Asia he is like Justin Bieber so he definitely has to go there and he lives in the United States. Its his home country. Its where he was discovered. he needs some time at home too
most of the cuts are from his Malaysia tour, i'm so touched :'D
I Know Right! I just want him to come back again here in the Philippines.
I'm so excited for this! I fangirled to my mom. xD <3
@DarkneszYTB this CHILD is a complete tool. and although hes talented i still hate him. so i will stat mad
I think I would like yelled constantly for watching this video XO XO :))
And YOU don't need to come here to cyberbully some kid you know nothing about! Go away and go back to playing you games. Grow up and stop your bullying!
God yes I am. & I'll do whatever I want to, thank you very much.
garryscrap, if you hate greyson so much, shut your mouth and leave! Don't be so childish and start saying that Justin bieber is better than greyson. we're greyson's fans anything wrong with that? If not leave us alone! Oh and check your grammar before you scold someone!
AwesomenessTV, please make a comedy series. I think that would be hilarious :D Greyson, you have a YouTube channel, what channel do you subcribe and you often watch ? please answer #LoveFromIndonesia
I'm not so sure. Being so young, Greyson still has room to grow, and I'm not just saying vocally, I mean he can still take his career in whatever direction he wants. 1D, talented as they are, have already established themselves as a boy band. You have to admit that much of their popularity rests on their youth and looks. I doubt many teenagers would be willing to see them in concert if they were 15 years older, even if they get even better. I'm not sure what will happen to them then.
I'm not saying he is horrible but just not as good. And also he won't be going so far at such a young age. Im not trying to hate or anything. And like you said if it weren't for Ellen he wouldn't of gotten to where he is now. But my opinion is. Is that One Direction is so much better and they have "potential". Much more by far.
Greyson you are amazing you so talented and inspiring! I know you probably get that a lot but just saying(: haha
wow .. This is so cool! Greyson ..You really inspire me !!! I wish I could meet you someday :)
Look, I like 1D too, but why do you need to compare them? This kid may have gotten a boost from Ellen, but he has real talent himself, and he is GOOD. And what's with this "hotness" thing? 1D is like 18 -20! This kid's barely 15 (and he has potential! ;)). Besides, his level of attractiveness most certainly does not affect his level of talent.
Hey Greyson, I just noticed something kinda funny. Your cat's name is Oreo, my dog's name is Oreo. :) Just a thought. Love you. <3
OMG i'm not come when you concert in Jakarta.. so sad :(
when did you first realized you wanted to be a singer? and what made you decide to be one? <3
On the thumb nail it say GREYSON but looks like GAYSON because of his shirt makes a triangle and he blocks RE
Greyson, do you think it's weird when there some boy enchancers? :)
@Forever08Omg The f**** u got issues if u do t think hes cute
he wants to copy justin, but he was able to be not like him, he fucked up, now all boys will hate him
Five rock tours? Sure you have. And you don't know what the Ellen show is? Where do you live? On a deserted Island? I'm so tired of replying to you're shit, just stop commenting on Greysons videos and leave him alone. I know how it feels like to be hated on, I don't want Greyson to feel the same way. So stop hating on someone you barely know.
garryscrap, so what if girls like these kind of music? will you die? If you would, too bad! check your spelling too! Is there anything wrong when we like a boy that's same age as us? Grow up.
this vid is just so amazing.. and so is greyson... i just want to ask..when is his album coming out??
is it sure that all our question response to this video with be submitted?
cool you need dvd special live tour! :))))
Excuse you? How is he being full of himself? How is he not good enough? I'd like to see you save lives by one song. Oh, and for your information- he accomplished more at age 12 than I'm sure you ever have in a life time. Kaythanksbye,
I like it better if it's just him and a piano
Stop posting mean comments Bitches!!! He's an amazing singer!!!!!
He was a singer before the Ellen show...He would of been famous no matter which route he took. True talent can't hide for long especially since he's so outgoing.
♥LOVE♥ Has anyone told you today that you are the most amazing person ever?!
Oh my gosh I've been waiting day forever!!!!
Haha , are you kidding haters ? This boy is really doesnt look like bieber. he's way more awesome :) Just amazing !
Justin beiber.. i'd be mad bro
His only 14 ffs. The genre of music he sings is rock/pop. And if you don't know how to speak/type English, don't, okay. You don't make sense. "I doubt their fans consider him as a rockstar" whut. Please, grow the fuck up. And I highly doubt you even know what rock music is.
If you know the story of him on ellen, he was in math class and he got a call from his mom and she said that the ellen producers called and he was like you lying anyway when he got home he flew out to the ellen show right away. So he wasnt famous he was FROM going on ellen.
he touches so many people in this world with his voice!!!! i love him sooo much <3
lol they showed some part of Jakarta . which is a shame lol but anyways~
What? That's obvious look at the audience. What a dumb comment lmao.
Is this all you do all day? And you say "real people" don't need to come here to dislike this.. why are you here commenting shit? Just go away, Greyson doesn't need to see irrelevant hate on here from pathetic people like YOU.
I understand where you're coming from. But Bieber sold everything just so he could have a better life. Greyson may not be you're idea of "good" music but for others he is. He also moved away from everything, his lost alot of close people during the process of moving away, I've known him from the beginning of his career, so I know. Greyson didn't let fame get the better of him, his still the goofy, shy kid from Oklahoma and always will be. I highly doubt he'll let fame get to him.
Haha. Greyson is sometimes unknown or his fans are only few in other country that's why he can't visit. But he wanted to meet all his fans in the world :DDDD
Greyson needs to grow up?! You're the one wasting time out of your day to come here and hate.
Only now i appreciate the song 'pumped up kicks' because of greyson, it's more fun listening to it.
I'm sorry about that and it must've been hard. But who are you to judge Greyson? And I don't think I'm planning to have kids anytime soon, so.
Awww.....his 15th birthday was yesterday...he's growing up so fast from when i loved him :)
If you supposedly "don't give a fuck" about Greyson, why are you still here commenting irrelevant shit? And do I care about what you're mum listened to? No.
would you ever date me if you got to know me my number is 651-278-8368 to tell my the answer
Ad I love how he say action at 12 second t so wonderful
Hahah, good to know you checked out my channel. I think you're the one who needs to grow up before bullying a 14 year old. Do you have fans across the world that would do ANYTHING to meet you? NO. Have you been on three sold our tours? NO. Have you been on The Ellen Show? NO. Have you gone platinum and gold in Asia? NO. Can you play the piano beautifully like he can? NO. Do I need to go on..? If you check on Greyson's wiki page, it clearly says that his a "pop rock singer" so SUCK ON THAT.
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