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"Billie Holiday" by Warpaint Live Session (Presented by Noisevox)

by APinhert • 71,160 views

They are going to light up Europe and Asia this year.
I have no idea why I love this song as much as I do. It's plagiarised, and half of it comprises of them spelling out a name, and technically, it's as simple as they come......But ya I sit here listening to it for the millionth time......i do know why I love it, it's just fuckin beautiful that's why.
@Pippin76 But actually they're good at it, right?
@seurat2 Luckily when I saw them played it, was such an amazing moment
@ilovelunic cant really see how they remind of warpaint :( havent heard much yet tho
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@MrJimthetim67 haha yeah man I hope they do, I'm seeing them at Edinburgh too, 23rd of Aug right? might bump into you hah. take it easy jim
isn't it 'my guy' by mary wells?
Well, this is pretentious shit right there.
I Don't know how his meckeal But he is very lucky...
anyone know if they play any of the material from exquisite corpse since the release of the fool? going to see them soon and i'll be gutted if I dont hear this.
@cheezeontoast4 that's a really REALLY good point and very VERY true. She does seem generally sweet, just moody at times. Thanks for making that point! she is my favorite of the group no matter how she is :)
That is actually the only songs Stella sings on :)
@seurat2 I saw them live in Frankfurt and they did kind of a dance version of it with an amazing drumsolo by Stella. God, this girl is so great!
@seurat2 We begged for this song at the end of their set at the Whitney Museum in NYC
@RCTPatriot75 I met her recently. She is awesome. We had a great chat and she was very thankful for my appreciation. she is my fave member of the band. She is very introverted, which I think is what I translated into rudeness or whatever. I forgot I posted this. I feel like an asshole lol!
i wonder why this is the only song jenny sings on, i'd like to really hear what her voice sounds liike
@betoperdido Good at being pretentious? I guess so...
3:40 to 4:10... Wow. I can't wait to see this band.
@cheezeontoast4 I agree. She just seems to have a shy, serious, and introverted type of personality and isn't necessarily as extroverted or goofy as her bandmates, which can often be perceived as pretentious/bitchy/snobbish (speaking from experience) and makes her seem less approachable. I adore her, I think she is not only intelligent, sweet, sincere and thoughtful, but so talented as well. Each member of the band brings something unique to the table, which I think is what makes them so...good!
please play this warpaint when you come to edingburgh,it is the most beautifull song i have ever heard in my life.
They were amazing in Nashville & Atlanta.....they did play this at both shows
I miss Dave Grohl with his umbrella!
@lastrockgod except for the spelling out billie holiday's name part, the "my guy" part is an old song from the '60s originally sung by mary wells.
@gooseboiled yip 23rd m8,i cant wait to see this band,best band ive heard in years.maybe catch you there gooseboiled.
It's just amazing their live interpretation, even better than the album version. Warpaint is one of my favorite bands of the last year, wish one day they will visit Colombia. Greetings from Bogota, Colombia.
@everythiiiiing try warpaint "elephants" and you'll take back what you said.
I don't even listen their cds anymore because live versions are so fucking awesome!
@Sgay No offense to Theresa, cause I think she is an amazing musician with an excellent voice, but she is a bitch. Most of the interviews I have watched she is really pretentious and has such an additude at times. My friend saw them and said she was very distant from the fans and gave lots of glares. Really unfortunate. But her voice and guitar skills make up for it and the other 3 girls are just totally cool!
@88Ghillie if you were talking about the museum show...yes they sang it
i want this song to play at my funeral..... with an open bar and puppies running around... beautiful song and girls
@PreciousEarthquakes2 I met them 2 times. The first time was 'as a fan' and Theresa took the time to talk to me and even gave me a kiss. The second time it was for an interview I got to do with them. Theresa looked tired and was less 'warmer', but I think she was really exhausted. Most of all she is very shy I guess. Cause when I left, I crossed her path again in the backstage, and when I yelled "thanks and goodbye" she turned around and said "oh, yeah bye" in almost an apologizing way...
@Sgay I don't think they hate their fans, I think its more like they only play what they feel. Lots of artists are like that. You can request, but when it comes down to it, its what they feel is right for that night. Although Shadows is my favorite...
This is Magic!!! Thanx for posting
Audience statistics for this video = worry some
love it... missed the drums though
Really nice, but Stella should have been standing at the front with the others
i've seen them three times now and I haven't seen them do this. So good.
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