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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Hiding Tactics - Derail

by Hidden Masters • 102,110 views

Hiding Tactics on Modern Warfare 2! If you enjoyed the video please leave a like rating, Share with your friends, and Subscribe! Thanks for watching. :) Playlist of all the episodes here!:...

"I told you it was their spawn!!"
i like how at 1:12 the guy with EMO as his clan tag killed himself...
Hiding tactics in scrapyard?
hidden tactics in black ops is much better. cause you got theater mode
glitched, is what they think! fun, is what we know!
This doesn't work cos there is no theater mode :(
What is the name of the song they put in the beginning of their vids?
This is absolutely stupid...wasted time !
@TheBrayness me and my friends do it on ps3 yea we copied theyre idea add me if you want to hide with us mw2 and bo: stealthypancakes
@Anthony883 disgustingly funny it's lower abdomen has an idea.
its not as good in mw2 bcuz thers no theatre mode :(
Do some Hidding on Anihillation maps.
0:04 to 0:05 "We should go to Chat Roulette" #LOL
Find the white gates, the message me back. xD
poop backwords is poop and poop upsidedown is boob
the 62 dislikes are from the people tht couldnt find them♥
Hey If anyone wants to do this on PS3 message me but i dont know the spots
@nmshark There a gave you one. It was a dis-like :D special just for u
@Quinnstaz why do you think i don't have an xbox and why did you include ugly in your comment... douchebag
Why can't they do more MW2 maps? and besides people still like playing MW2!
@TerriblefailedLps Dont forget to flag it :P
@TheBrayness cuz why waste time on a ps3 when you have an xbox?
the music makes the videos that much better
lol u maked me luagh when u writed in the messege stop camping XD
what is that awesome song in the background called ? :D
@TheBrayness xXcuzZZz PS3 is GAYz! XbOxzZ iSz WhERe aLl thE PrOSszZ ANd xXQuIcKScoPerSsZzXx aRe AThXx
This music sounds sooooo familiar...
#LOL, should have been on hardcore, the enemy would have killed each other
@Daytonl1995 hes so hidden he donk know where he is himself.
If anyone ever wants to do this add me i record "ND m8"
@TerriblefailedLps ...he asked for "thumps", not for "thumbs"... *troll face*
Put more videos of mw2 hidden tactics
10000000000,00000000000 viewer
'Didn't even break a sweat' ....... literally
LOL so lower abdomen can have a good idea :)
The ultimate hiding tactic is rust plus smoke grenades and oma
@Shadysback1234 Y U NO notice my flawless grammar
I dont think you should do this with little kids whos balls havent droped
see I told you it was their spawn! LOLOLOLOL
MW2 maps had realistic flank routes where you could traverse without having to go down a long line of sight every time you wanted to get somewhere. MW2 maps also feature more 'L' entrances into buildings whereas in BO/MW3 most entrances are 'T' shaped, which means you have a 50% chance of choosing the wrong corner to look in and get shot in the back. BO/MW3 are more luck-based maps..
@IamRomaniac wtf does this have to do with my mother im adopted
at the beginning: Child Voice: Lets do this... leeroy...
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