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One Million Subscribers!

by Wong Fu Productions • 2,037,911 views

BLOOPERS HERE: Thank you for all your support in bringing us to 1 million subscribers!!! Special thanks NigaHiga...

As we approach 2 million, it's fun to look back on this video. So much fun making it, and also when "WF4L" was born! =)
dat bitchslap tho...
hahaha xD omg you guys deserve more subscribers! Lmao, Ted as awesome as usual xD Wes’s slap doe, lol 
00:59 - 01:05 That's me when I get on a swivel chair all the time XD
I subscribed after finding Strangers Again. I don't even know how I did but after watching it I fell in love with your work but didn't subscribe right away. A few days later the video worked perfectly for an assignment I had to do in my Philosophy of Sex and Love course, it just seemed like fate that your vid helped me to get an A+ instead of a B....
i see so many great video productions with like 250 views, and then a piece of shit like this with worthless content, with 2 million views, simply because of the title of the clip. Not worth 100 views, and definitely not worth subscribing. I asm 6 minutes into this video and all i see till now is the insecure issues of adolescent asian males, with their frivolous  ego insecurities. I suppose the channel targets the insecure Asian Male adolescent audience, hence so many views. I'd rather absorb a documentary on Ancient Mespopotamia myself, which is what i am about to do now. Seem like a bunch of nice guys though
Wes's slap made such a loud noise! :D
"screw you guys, just me is fine" typical ted 
Wes: That... Was uncalled for. pimp slap
ted keeps spinning
Wes bitch slapped that guy lol
Omg, WF4L <3  I love that last part where Ted runs away awkwardly with his hands up <3 And dang Wes haha that action there :P <3 Phil.. Doing great as always hehe ^^ <3
Wes: That was uncalled for. (BITCH SLAP David) Ted: WONG FU FOR LIFEE!
Who miss kevjumba?me! WF4L
Tat slap frm Wes was awesome haha
I love how Ted said "Wong Fu For Life!" and how they ran out of the house screaming like a maniacs hahahahha
Wong Fu 4 LYF! i wonder what's my number.. :) Watching all the old vids. keeps me so entertained! keep making them guys! much love from the Philippines! - Sherry
Hey Wong Fu, what did u do for 1 million subscribers?? "We assaulted someone in their own home"
Watched this after watching the 2Mil vid :)
omg that slap cracks me up xD
I kept replying it .. that saw awesome!
Haha same here BRUVVA
when you said most likely female and Asian i was like i totally fit that criteria :P You have now reached over 2 mill subs so yay!! =D  WF4L!
I subscribed because i was inspired by the way you tell stories......I love 'the last', the shell, and the all the series.....WONG FU 4 LYFF  
I didn't realize when i first watched this video back then that that was the Fung bros lol
Massachusetts !!!!!!!!!!!!!
U guys should be on tv ;) U're all amazingg
Dats right everybody WONG FU 4 LIFE
Ending of the video.. =) And the Huge Pikachu at the back of Phil! :P 
I love Ted. he's mad funny
I can't stop laughing at the botch slap. Wongfu for lyfe
Congrats! unsubscribed lol
SUB me i will sub you back I SWEAR TO GOD!!
I thought that guy with the hat was timothydelaghetto
Omg ted is awesome
Ryan's at 11 million now :)
i loved it it was nice
Wes is so innocent xD "Do the strippers come out of the cake?"
This video is so legendary because of the fight and "WONG FU 4 LYFE" thing ahaha
So, is there going to be a new video every mil?
Dat bitchslap to op lol
Funny because they called most of the,Asian
Lol Wes's awesome face slap! WING FU FUR L!FE
Kyla Rivera Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Wong Fu will ALWAYS fill me with mixed emotions! They're is drama, comedy, and just good old vlogs! Ily Wong Fu Productions! :)
Lol Asian? Girl? R they outside my house?😱😱😱
shout out from jamaica!! love you guys. been falling asleep in the a.m. with you guys. then i wake up to you in the morning. is that creepy.... or romantic. that should be a sketch. wait.....
Ted is so cute.. He is sooooo Funny..
Is it just me or does it seem like just about every Asian youtuber is in one another's videos?
Srsly though, congrats on more than 2 milly now but if his girlfriend broke up with him 3 months ago bc of the vid, then why did he subscribe to them just recently? :p ~.~
Just saying. You guys filmed that next to my house. You guys should film there again!!
Yayy!!! Wong Fu 4 Life. (And I'm not Asian, I'm Mexican) Congratulations guys now you have more than 2 million subscribers
Im Mexican too and I'm a subscriber
I love this video. Lol. You guys are so cute!!! :PP
WONG FUU 4 LYFE !!!!!!!!!
1 million views and 2 million subscribers
heehhehheheheheh WONG FU FOO LIFFFE xD HAHA
Its funny how Phil kept getting blamed xD
Whats the chance of a male subscribing to your channel? Whats the chance someone like your romznce videos? What's the chance a 10 year old person subscribed? Whats the chance of a ten year old boy subscribing to your channel who likes romance? Well im that possibility! ( im actually 1q but subscribed when I was 10)
I love ted so much, so cute 😝
Wes...nice slap. Lolz. xD
why not mentioned about Cambodia?? we are your big fan!!
"i think i had a sandwich that day?" hehehehe xD
OMG that was sooo man Wes! ahhaha even though it wasn't a punch.. But for a friend, that was man! You've got my vote! :)
ted is so cute when he said jerk. i wanna squish his cheeks
Wes was watching baby yerin!!!! From bobaepapa!!!!
You guys are awesome!! :)) love bring subscribed to you guys!
You guys deserve 10 million subs
I laughed so hard to see Wes slap David
OMG I remember watching this at the ISA convert in 2011! :) Wong Fu for Life!
I watched the part where ted said wong fu 4 lyfe a million times and it was always funny
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