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Mining Diamonds ("Black And Yellow" Minecraft Parody)

by hojjoshMC • 3,528,452 views

This song is a parody of the popular Wiz Khalifa song "Black and Yellow". Download here: Thanks to: Mhykol (videography)-

everyone here has autism
You're fucking autistic. 
+Amy Neidlinger No I am not, you fucking autistic little cancerous minecraft cunt. KIll yourself you fucking degenerate.
+Amy Neidlinger BTW your mom has OCD, not me, fag
60% of the music was from the original, the stuff you made up yourself didnt even rime ( did i type that right? ) + 1 dislike + 0 subscribers
thanks mate, i used google translate
Fuck Ya! BEST SONG EVER! Like if u replayed like 7,000,000,000 times! XD
If I did this correctly, I calculate that listening to this song 7,000,000,000 times without interruption would take around 48,167 years. If anyone was curious. Does this sound correct?
this video has 3 mil and your new minecraft vids have 300, wtf ?
Minecraft is not the game for this song like if you agree
dia xD minecrft ja 1.5.2 1.7.10
aw these poor haters there so cute acting like12 year olds if you dont like it dont say so by saying it sucks keep your opinion to yourself and be mature instead of telling others to kill them selves and theres nothing wrong with autism a lot of great people were autistic example albert einstein 
курутая песня заслужевает 897 лайков а так так себе
i wouldnt say its bad because its not but i wouldnt say its beter or even as good as the original
Someone should do black and yellow (bow and arrow) here's some help In the village when you see me ill be using it bow and arrow bow and arrow bow and arrow
I might use this with full credit to you. im working on having a parody week were I realease the many parodies Im working on, I might be able to add that. As if I wasn't busy enough already.
Its like this song was made for me.
You make me say oh my gosh
why not gold and diamonds?
it only sucks if it's not modded and even then it's good for carts
genius got dat skills to pay the bills genius got dat rap skills to pay the bills
This is so awesome I love black and yellow
Awsome song bro keep making these cool songs good job! 😆
listen to this music
This song should be on the next Rigs of Rods trailer!
aeste neco doto postavil nenito na serveru
My iPad gave me a nofitication with a sound and I thought it was part of the song
its cool but revenge is more awesome
nejlepsi pisnicka  davam lajk
Anyone know where to get the lyrics?
aww i was going to do the same thing an same name so do you mined if i do it for xbox360 plz reply
Hey hojjoshmc did someone named tanner rittiger help you make this because he told me he helped you make it
He is mentioned in one on his videos
Elision Gorea Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
zmrde kopirujes ty kundo kopirujes strapa
best song ever because its song is for the pittsburgh steelers!!!
What is the music ?
Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow
I'm a minecraft pro I'm telling u mining building murdering
Good job but the video should be about what your singing about
It's spelled awesome but close! A lot of people confuse it.
My mom,dad, and me love it
very cool,very nice you + 1 subscribe and like!
What's funniest is that your "singing" ( if you can ever call it that) about mining diamonds but the game play is of a whole bunch of board games in minecraft # retarded
My day in Minecraft is this song
good song you just need a different singer
Yeah his is very awsome song many relays 
This is a cool song you bitch!
This reminds me of the old days of MC when I used to struggle for diamonds and eventually went to YouTube for help. Plus, the builds are EPIC!
I remember this when it came out in 2011
I miss those old minecraft days, when things were a lot simpler... :(
Hey All Who Fuck Button Replay Too ???!!!
I didn't really understand what you said. :/
Fuck game minecraft Fuck!!!!!.....
jou are fucking this is a cool game iam addicted and its cool
Worst fuckinging song most of it didint ever rhyme
Neither of you are using correct grammar. Even so, everyone is entitled to there own opinion.
Sure he is entitled to his own opinion, my opinion is just that his opinion is Stupid.
I like that bow and arrow ya someone should
Nice video see if u can come up with anotherbparorady
You make most of my favorite minecraft songs
This can get a bit repetetive
Nigga you ain't helping me
Down in my mine, you know see me for a few months minin' all ores minin' all ores minin' all ores minin' all ores. xD
Copery I made this up you just stole it
Subscribe to me, I subscribe to u ;), u may need it to get more :P
How could he have ?!?
... lol No he Isnt.. at like 2:09 You can actually see Blocks Popping out As he Breaks... 
one of my favorite minecraft paradoys
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