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Halloween - Scary Game Amnesia

by frictionalgames • 68,259 views

During the Halloween weekend we are running a 50% discount sale on all our games, including the horror hit of the year - Amnesia: The Dark Descent. So hurry up and get it for a measly 10 USD! We...

If anyone pirates this game...........
@Richie131hun I did pirate it. But it was so good that I bought it later.
scariest game i've played, worth the buy
Oh my god, you've made me sooooo sad - now I have to buy your game :|
I love you guys. The kings of horror, and the bane of my manliness.
*gasp* 0:13 Lookit him go, he's doing the Mr.Face dance!!
You guys sabotaged about 7 week worth of sleep ._. Please sabotage another one ._.
I hope they'll keep making more amazing games like this, I love H.P. Lovecraft inspired stories that you can get really deep into.
@Imaducklol Yeah... 'couse it was like - "Oh look, a door on the right, I wonder what's behind them" (I opened the door) "Holy shit, a monster! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN! Arrrghhhh!!!". But for me? It took me 5 days to get through the prison levels and sewers... not because I was slow or I didn't know what to do - these levels were just that scary :)
After... a long time in development, it's been worth the wait. Seriously, I was not disappointed at all when I finally got to play this. This game is just amazing. You guys know what you're doing when it comes to scary games, nothing else can really compare to the experiences that Penumbra, and Amnesia have given me. Thanks a ton.
@xB4LL50F5T33Lx Dude, Amnesia (and penumbra) made me so scared I couldn't press the friggen' W key! I would freak out and actually run into a wall I would be so immersed.
I've never actually been scared at any game before i saw Penumbra, i managed to get through 2 of those i think, but when it came to Amnesia? hell no, i couldnt make it past the water part. i nearly cried. nice job guys, hope you're financially sound enough for another game, they are definetly reaching higher levels of fear than any other games before.
Is the enemy a monster or a zombie
Machine for pigs huh? Me and my team are creating something far worse! Arrives within 6 Months...
50% DISCOUNT? Ordering now :D REALLY can't wait for halloween :)
Frictional Games should make another Amnesia styled game. Maybe like one set in present times. Like the great, great, great grandson of Daniel gets cursed by the shadow in present times or something. Or make a new Amnesia game as it is. Amnesia is the best damned horror game I've ever seen. I can't get enough of it.
Amnesia 2 thumbs up so frictional games can see this!
@JoshL117 try the penumbra series, its kinda like a sequel to amnesia but this came out first
ni är fan dom bästa spel utvecklarna igenom tiderna, JAG ÄLSKAR ER!!
AARRGGHH I'm up to the part where u can't stand in the water... SCCARRYYYYY!!! :'''(
Amnesia is so scary that even with cheats its still scary and this means a trully horror/scary/spooky game!
frictional games should make an amnesia 2 or something. I beat amnesia so much and i still never get bored of it but i get scared
Nice game though i think Penumbra black plague was more scary this is kind of a cliche dark castle and you know but anyways it is a very good game
Haha low budget mocap... Epic
Nobody ever get into map making for Amnesia, it ruins the scare forever.
@mikezenox2 OH yes. i have all penunbra and amnesia they are very amazing^^
I thought it was just another stupid Kinect add and it's low-budget motion capturing :) Great game anyway.
I was totally against buying it, it was an indie game, i didn't see much in your guys' history. Penumbra just confused the hell out of me when I tried to play it. But I bought Amnnesia, and wow.. I was just blown away. I do hope you guys keep floating and make it further. I would love to see where Frictional Games goes.
50% discount! ok i wasnt gonna buy this game coz im 14 and im scared liek hell seeing sum vids on youtube but YUS IM GUNNA BUY DIS SHIT
@Richie131hun i downloaded it first, but then buyed it to support Frictional Games. Later on i also bought Penumbra: Complete Pack
@FsVilve I wrote that comment before that was changed
the grute things creep me out
@TheBoomer324 thanks for the link :) i listened to it on audio book a while ago, you can find it here on youtube
Wow this game makes doom 3 look like kid land........... Ive been searching for a good horror game and most are just shoot your HUGE chaingun at the monsters. But this game was outstanding. Scaried out of my pants, pausing the game, and solving puzzles. Scaried but eager to move on to find out more of the story was awesome. 10/10 =D
is there a name for this piano song (tune) ? I love it
@Imaducklol btw. Have you seen Zero Punctuation review of Amnesia? Probably one of the few reviews, in which Yahtzee really spared the game - shows how awesome the game is :D
Oh my god, that was the storage section. That part of the game is going to plague my nightmares. What a great game.
Anyone watching this who hasn't bought this (or Penumbra) already, DO IT. These games are amazing.
PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER GAME FRICTIONAL !! I love amnesia and of course good old penumbra .. frictional i just want you to get me know if u r thinking in making another GREAT HORROR game as u always do .. however dont rush the process only make it as epic as amnesia and penumbra ! THUMBS UP if im right :D
im annoyed ive bought penumbra overture for £4 and amnesia for £13 and now their half price. argh
99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999X better than any game I have ever played, well, next to halo reach but in a completely different way. oh, and I'm sueing frictional games for making me soil 13 pairs of pants in front of my freinds... >:[
i have played A LOT of games out there, of every single genre. and i will honestly say, Amnesia: The Dark Decent is the only game i will give a 10/10. it is so beautifully done, it immerses you into a living nightmare that no other game can compare to, giving me the most horrifying experience of my life. you are truly amazing frictional games, truly a premium video game company.
holy shit i have a bag of milky ways !
does anyone know if the mobile order works? i entered my info and have yet to receive the text it says i should get
Gah! It's Mr. Flappy Jaw! Run, get away! Nuuuuuuuuu-
Ni gör mig stolt att vara svensk!
@FlyingLaptop They could have a mulitplayer where you have to work together and run away from a fast monster and see how long you last.
Amnesia is the one game I haven't managed to get through yet, simply because it's so fucking scary, I actually fear for my own sanity lol. I procrastinate too much, I'll get going once more, surprisingly brilliant game.
Its also 13 dollars on Steam. I bought it yesterday after MONTHS of waiting and I'm very happy with it <3 Also, I had horrible problems trying to sleep last night, thanks Frictional..
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs that is what the new games called and they have a little website for it. The link would be somewhere around the games section
Hoping you guys will make further more games <3.. i love you guys so much , this game has amazed me in so many ways (: i have to buy a new pair of pant because you you guys !
@gregor00005 He's motion capturing for monster animations in the game. It's not like they're advertising Kinect or something.
@vVEvanVv there making another dlc i think, something about pigs or some shit
@NuclearXpotato1100 Actually it's Amnesia: A machine for pigs. nextfrictionalgame(dot)com
I recently completed it, really good stuff :D
Somewhere between April First (hopefully the game wont end up to be a really big April Fools joke) and June 30th.
on a pc-gaming news site I saw that despite all the sickening pirates out there, Frictional Games lives to create another one due to amnesia's immense popularity. Hearing that made me SO happy. Can't wait to see what you guys have in stock in the future.
Hey frictional U kick ass! no other videogame scared me...until now
@Imaducklol Definitely - I was surprised, how far behind they have left Dead Space, when it comes to scaring the shit out of player. They were parts in Amnesia, which I could play only for about 5 minutes a day... while Dead Space? It took me 1 day to finish it. If only I have some more money, this is the game, I'm going to buy... even if it means, I'll have to wait for money for Portal 2! The guys at Frictional Games definitely deserve much more, than they get now.
@FlyingLaptop multiplayer wouldnt work. the thing that makes these games scary is being alone so i dont see how having a multiplayer mode would fit
@Imaducklol I hope they will earn more money with the next title, they deserve it.
...and as I promised earlier, I've just bought the game. Seriously, you deserved these money! And btw. Congrats on 2nd place in IOTY - sure, it isn't the first place, but 2nd isn't bad either.
I think your co-founder was pretty drunk.
I Really need the Next part of penumbra
SHORTY AWARDS, NOMINATE FRICTIONAL GAMES IN THE GAMING CATEGORY: go to shortyawards DAWT com SLASH category SLASH gaming SLASH 17 In the text box provided, put in, "I nominate @frictionalgames for a Shorty Award in #gaming because they make the best horror games ever." You will, of course, need a Twitter account for this. Come on, viewers! The Frictional team deserves this!
Oh, pissing blimey there's a jam coming out of the walls!
Also, that mocap is pretty friggin' epic
Dear Frictional, YOUR GAMES ROCK, AND EVERY TIME I PLAYED IT, I GOT A HEART ATTACK IN EVERY SINGLE ROOM, NO MATTER EMPTY OR NOT!!! P.S. Make the enemies random, not scripted this time. P.P.S. Add multiplayer with a game mode where you have to stick together to survive. P.P.P.S. I love you... P.P.P.P.S. And make it with an endless amount of things, by that I mean like DLC, Free-roam mode, etc. P.P.P.P.P.S. Make it with no weapons, again. P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Do a Christmas special Love, FlyingLaptop
@vVEvanVv they are making an amnesia 2 it's called the dark swarm or something
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