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SHE MADE THE LIST - Behind The Scenes

by SourceFed • 553,789 views

Welcome to another episode of behind the scenes with Defranco Inc. This week Dan Dobi came down to the office to film some behind the scenes. We heard he liked BTS so we filmed BTS of his BTS,...

Watching all these old videos again brings back memories of when sourcefed first started...miss the old cast : (
I know, right? Elliott and Lee have always been my favorites. When Elliott had Lee, Steve, and Joe on his channel for New Year's, I literally squealed. I am not a squealy type of gal lmao
It never occurred to me that Phil does his show sitting down. Mind = blown.
Actually, he stands now.
Elliott you're hilarious. We're going to miss you on SF :(
nope. that means more lee!
I feel like lee newton smells like apples in real life.
OOH O PLO Ono .loP O.
Goth Lee = Harley Quinn
Trisha's got some arse cleavage going on at the end.
All this time i thought Phil was standing up in his vids. My whole life is a lie
Once he decided to lose weight for real, he took the chair away. Now he stands in all of his videos
Lee Newton is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awww I miss Eliot :(
I don't like Phil Defranco at all, I don't know why. But I have respect for him. On the other note. I'm happy for Lee even if this is super late.
was this inb4 steve?
Goth Lee reminded me of Harley Quinn
Joe's James Dean impression is amazing
Bring back Elliott and get rid of Steve.
Why don't you like Steve man?
@ BC Boyz - omg I had to rewind it 4 times before I saw what you were referring too. HAHA!
ooooooh History of Violence poster, cool.
Their is a female call it's called booty call
This somehow made me happy. It's awesome to see such a pleasant, fun and productive work environment, which is more or less solely dependent on an internet platform! Truly the epitome of modern-day entrepreneurship. I hope I can one day be your competition, Phil :)
I know, not putting in the apostrophe like that! Terrible! ;)
I have been voting everyday, you should do the same!!
At the end you can see her arse :) That is all
Like a combination Harley Quinn and Roxy Richter (Scott Pilgrim).
that broke the illusion. i always thought that Phil was like sitting at a desk or something.
Phil you fat fuck, let's get dirty ;)
Are you talking about yourself, or what? Because if so, no one cares.
PLEASE DO MORE BEHIND THE SCENES!!!!!! they're the best vids ev-ar!!!
just about some of the coolest people ive ever seen :)
I'll keep loving this if I still keep seeing this funny moments. ^_^
whoa, 5'6'' 180 lbs is not all muscle. you have a BMI of 29. Unless you workout to retain that muscle, you're definitely fat.
That awkward moment when you see a butt crack 6:11
You should do a mail video. This is nice. :)
After watching this, I realized just how much people (guys) creep on internet girls. Joe's face was priceless.
I adore this series. Can't wait for more!
3:28 "That's what she said" lol :P
porks delicious and so is phil. no homo phil. But if there was, i'd pork you. see what i did there?
Phil wasnt in Please Subscribe though was he?
Dan Dobi needs to tell me a story with a soothing voice. It's like warm honey
Nice chairs! Cool place to work in!
I always thought Phil did that behind a desk
elliot is a lot cooler in this then he portrays himself sometimes.
If I was 20 years younger, oh wait the geeks nerds and dorks were not popular that far back, nvm I would not fit in
why you all got uni-sex names?
Phil looks like he's such a serious boss. He's also starting to look kinda chubby. Wait a minute!!!!! 2:21 Why does Phil have a cameraman on the side of him. If he just needs a mic, he can get a boom pole... Don't need to go and get the whole camera...
so... Scot Shiller... Isn't it supposed to be Scott?
elliot is my new favourite, i have a crush on him and I'm a straight guy!
The name on the wall for Tim looked fantastic :D It's so professional looking!
More more more !! Plz make more videos behind the scene
I Always thought phil had a desk
@mallorybear1 I really thought that phil is sitiing on the floor. Maybe because i'm half japanese. @mallorybear1
O.o I bet i'm rapport than lee
6:40 ... Beautiful...(like when you see it).
In that goth costume Lee reminds me of Harley Quinn from Batman
i had no idea the room phil sit in was so small!
This video make me think you guys should do a mail call video ever week.
*Elliott finishes last* "done! I win!" haha
could somebody link me to where i can see her on the list been loking with no succes
Philly SITS DOWN!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!
He would say " wow is that garden gnome on 'roids?"
I think that guy is on his way to become a super Saiyan
I'm in my schools all male A Cappella group which happens to be named Male Call, and every time you guys have "Mail Call" I always laugh.
Did anyone notice that after Lee said this thing weighs like 10 pounds that it sad thats what she said at the left hand corner
I had garlic for lunch. Love this behind the seens stuff!!!!!
What i would give to work at Defranco Inc.!!!
wtf? phil does his show sitting down? well dam full mind blown
Wtf who's name is bobo on the show that's my nickname
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