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Balloon Bullet Time - The Slow Mo Guys

by The Slow Mo Guys • 3,556,727 views

Follow on twitter -!/GavinFree In this one, Gav and Dan shoot some water balloons in super slow motion with a BB gun. You should watch this in HD so you can see the lovely...

Do the ALS icebucket challange in slomo :D
+Xxmeg23Xx I shall never leave you shit stick!
Make a video with dan getting slapped in the face with a wet fish
Ice bucket challenge I nominate you
Max Payne would be proud
The messed up audio sounds like you're talking in a walky-talky!
instead of water, use a powder, such as dry chemical from a fire extinguisher (it just takes a 1/4 cup or so), put it in the balloons with a funnel, inflate the balloons and then shoot them! it's really cool in real time, so should look totally freaking  awesome in super slo mo!! :)
I love that just for a split second the water still holds the shape of the balloon.
Is dan in the army or something because his ameing is amazing
He is a Korporal in the British army
At least these guys are actually English. FPSrussia isn't even a real Russian.
+Plank Hill Anyone who's surprised by that fact is amazingly dense and stupid.
Why don't these people have real guns?
I claim that this is a stunt or fake. I have been hunting water balloons my whole life and i have only seen 2 balloons lined up. I have heard about 3 lined up but I hardly believe that is true. This is ridiculous. I claim this as a trick.
If you're a bitch about it, you're a bitch for a long time here..... Lol
Is Gave in the army?
No, he Works at Rooster Teeth.
Daniel is MAX PAYNE ?!
Take a water balloon, fill it with gasoline, light it, and throw it!
3:33 Max payne 3 in real life
What! Half Life 3 confirmed? Oh, wait...
If you ever need to teach kids about constant gravitational field strength, just show 'em this video of the water falling at the EXACT SAME SPEED AS HIM.
Is Gave in the army?
Cheating? Pshhhhh, console nerds bring their controllers in to muh PC games all the time. Even playing field amirite
Up your gun game, need moar centerfire
Safety first guys always use eye protection. Also a Gas Blow Back with its moving slide would be cooler looking in slow mo plus Co2 versions have been running hot lately so more likely hit all balloons. But how a 500fps sniper riffle vs a lot more balloon's.
seriously chefproo9. it is called a bullet
1:02 sounds like the water was applauding for Dan's shot.
This reminds me of Max Payne.
Dans not in the military is he I mean I've seen him in cargo trousers so?
I love the rhythm of the first slow-mo! That 6 beats from the gunshot to the popping of each balloon. I'm impressed but not surprised that Dan is able to commit to the diving shot without preparing to land again and again pretty easily. He's obviously practiced surrendering things to chance on this channel.
They should put milk in the water balloons
01:31 Dan looks so AMAZINGLY hot right now... really... please TAKE ME! xD
just had an idea after seeing hte RTX14 video...  For a supermarket you could in theory try running the shopping carts through walls of random stuff whilst one of you (ie. dan) was in the cart.  just a thought!  Anywho, love the vidya!
lmao one of the best youtube quotes, "if you're a bitch about it you're a bitch for a long time"
that's barmie that is! 
How did the gun ball bounced at the ballons??!!
+Squatclown greater* "how does english"? what the hell are you saying
I have that exact same pellet gun :D
what kind is it i want one
Never underestimate the color pink...
if dans in the army why isint he in war or at camp also whats his rank?
What is that a bb gun? COME TO MURICA
It's not a BB gun or an Airsoft gun it's an Air gun
I am going to make armour out of water balloons I'll be invincible
Do you live in frames per second england.
You should do a stick bomb in slow motion
put paint in the baloons
you guys should do a special webisode with FPSRussia, that would rock!!!
I shot a balloon at 2500fps too. But i didnt do an awsome dive like dan :(
I like how there's a rhythm at this part 0:58
that's bloody mentalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 
2:28 I imagined Gavin's voice saying this. Mental.
BRUH... that last jumping shot was hella cool.
Because the balloon inside the water and after the bullet shoot throw and the water slow the bullet down.
i think the gun was an air soft gun
That's what it said in the description..
@0:36 I have that same air pistol lol but with tiny metal pointy bullets
+EdwardTennant's Minecraft Videos dome head? thats what they're called but mine are pointy  headed lol
Dome heads are semi circular Hence the name... Designed to brutally punch through flesh while leaving a nasty hole, they don't usually go far in though Pointed bullets are different Pointed bullets don't do a much damage but can punch right through the body
neat how the water almost hold the shape
I love the multicam pants lol sick vid!
Dan and the water hit the ground at the same time. Laws of gravity...
Shoot the gun at bare skin like u did with the paint ball gun! Try it out.
Can you stop swearing
0:35 hmmm about a .50 caliber bullet should do
there was a horse in the background. worth mentioning
oh, that's why they were saying pellet instead of bullet. i didn't read the description at all. then in the second shot, i was wondering why it was so small
this is your best video ever! Dan is brilliant! #DanTheMan  
The bounce off of the third balloon and the resultant shock waves was one of your best shots ever.
that third balloon was made my chuck norris...
Too bad real guns are illegal there :(
You should do cutting grass with a lawn mower!
This reminds me so much of max payne 3 what a great way to end the story of max payne in that game it was great.
Should not have landed on your hand dan >.<
at least this gun can double headshot
More stuff with GUNS please haha
When it was slow motion who else thought nut shot?
how could it bounce off???????
If the science is not true, please let me know.
shows you how much water can slow down a bullet.
Was Dan really in the army?
The reason the bullet did not go through all four balloons is that water does not compress. It's actual science. You can look it up online. I think this show 'mythbusters' did an episode on this.
is Dan really in the army?
Max Payne 3 In Real life o3o
Next time use a 44 magnum it might work just a little bit better
Ok it doesn't take the worlds most powerful fucking handgun to pop a balloon, calm down
also i think its illegal to own a handgun in the uk, it's not as open to guns as america. Idk please correct me on this because the only countries i know to carry firearms are the US and Switzerland.
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