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Giant Corporation Is Selling Your Information!

by SourceFed • 186,548 views

Stay updated at: Order your SourceFed Posters here: Company Acxiom is collecting your digital breadcrumbs and selling them to other...

Personally I think its wrong to use someone's information without their knowledge. If anybody should be getting money for selling personal details it should be us!
finally, reel news. okay, good pun, wrong place :( sigh
Just like the fucking gargoyles from snow crash. Dear Sci-Fi: please stop jinxing the future.
My dad got his credit card stolen by blizzard entertainment
For the longest time I thought you guys were saying click the sanitation below, I'm like when did YouTube get all germaphobic. Ohhh it's click this annotation!
It was meant as a joke, not the most serious discussion opener in history. Just a ridiculous comparison, if your mind can't comprehend such low quality humor I guess there is small chances of breeding for you my friend.
I just don't think it's OK for some conglomerate to collect your personal information and sell it. It's like the notion of privacy doesn't even matter anymore, at least in the case of consumers. But if you're leaking information (not even selling it) that might give the public more information about what actions the government is taking or multinational corporations, they have the right to lock you up or send you to guantanamo indefinitely without trial. Why is this slowing become acceptable?
not gonna lie as soon as i heard it was self aware shitted my pants
I miss the good-old-days when clearing your browser history was enough.
bulllllll if hate people who take info from me
steve has sooooo much flow its actually unreal
Well take conspiracy theories for example, say what you want about them but some are true. Let me just ask you. What do you think is true... then i will compare what i think is true to what you think is true
Joe said he'd be on bath salts! We've been lied to youtube....
I calling Harvey Lee Oswald. And then DEATH TO THE OWNER
i just don't want my location revealed =P
Well, many young Americans are waking up. In my case, I'm South African and I just happen to be following trustworthy news sources, such as "The Young Turks", for all the political news, and Sourcefed for the more entertaining and lighthearted news.
I didn't say your poor, i said people who complain a lot like yourself are poor. And if you watch this video, the government isn't tracking us, its another company. You just want to complain.
Technology is gonna kill us. No doubt.
Thats different, you agreed to "personalised adverts" when you made your google account or when the new privacy policy came into play
Where is my money? You want my private info pay me for it.
I think Elliott's nana wants her cardigan back.
NO company has the right to sell your information without your consent! Any information harbored illegally this way, should be stopped immediately!
people buy my info cool im worth something :D
hmm.. a billion dollars a year.. are they hiring?
Axiom was definitely the name of the spaceship in WALL-E. That's all I thought about throughout this video.
NGM! it was going to happe, and now it is! Follow me on Twitter @Nathan1818
can i have some free samples of money?
Steve are you wearing a Star Wars shirt? If so, awesome!
i agree its a natural progression for marketing tactics, however the potential risks and problems with this type of unbridled information will undoubtedly attract some dramatic lawsuits. it will just take some time for the laws to catch up to help protect the consumers again.
nothing on the internet is private > < We have to draw the lines ourselves.
OMG!!!! sell our information?! NOOOOOOO!!!!! I hate telemarketers!!!!
Steve, you should just ask for free samples of Fiji.
that's unfortunately all covered in that terms of service document you didn't read. It sucks, I know
Elliot. Seriously. Stop wearing my sweaters.
Yeah I have a feeling that Acxiom breaks the human rights system by selling information. And by becoming member on a site shouldn't allow devs to write in their terms of service "by becoming a member of youtube allows us here on youtube to sell your information to earn money on it whilst you are sitting there like broke ass pissed bastard so that we can spit on you and keep selling your information for more profit.". It's not right.
At one point in this video, I became very aware of Elliott's eyebrows. Not weird at all.
Tell-Marketers suck, so will Data-Marketers
Steve Deserves lots of hugs and love
steve reminds me of the kid from matilda that ate the chocolate cake
Every one google "abine" and add "do not track plus" to your browser!
is this even a question! PRIVACY ISSUE
I would leave my thoughts but they'd probably sell it to future employers
This scares the shit out of me.
I was sad when I saw this video, and it didn't show Joe on bath salts
Depends, what kind of imformation are they gathering and selling?
steve is the best one....just sayin
Privacy invasion, I don't want random companies spamming me with coupons I'll never use.
The next generation will have no privacy barriers. Privacy is a "meet the Smith's" scenario. Privacy has no relevance in advanced society. Everyone that is worried about privacy is a closet porn viewer.
If you don't want your information out there, don't put it out there.
Not only will it be the next-gen in marketing, but will be THE way in which we are identified, codified and inputed in the machine. Even more than now we as ppl will be the next Real Estate. Information is power.
If he lost a little weight, do you feel he'd "fit in" better per-say?
seems like we've got to go back to the fake accounts..
... if we take them to court, with you know, just a *checks video* billion or so witnesses/victims, how much do you think we
next gen, but it is still creepy.
Is this the fucking reason I keep getting calls from colleges when I'm in eighth grade? If it is I swear to God...
I want to send Steve Imodium and Fiji coupons now just to freak him out. Maybe I could get his address from Axicom. Bringing stalker to the next level.
guy1: psst hey... steve: what? guy1: heres some cocaine steve: uhhh i dont want that guy 1: its free steve: -.- .... guy2: it tasts like fruty pebles! steve: ALRIGHT!
What happened to Trisha Hershberger?? I miss her
Hopefully. Problem is that people spread it, and I see it frequently enough in the comments that I think it's not as underground as people think it is.
jokes on you buttholes I actually read, no really I do I've turned down 3 terms
And inducing constipation across this big great nation!!
Billion dollars a year off my likes and interests? Can I get paid?
Unless your a criminal it's totally invasion of privacy.
Well if you look at it like this, sometimes you wonder why the sell all this useless crap on tv or online that makes you askyour self who buys this garbage ,well what if the tv or website already knew what kind of crap you like to buy making it easier to blow your cash.
Ya, 5 yr old news.. Uh Google ring any bells , course the source fed ppl are a younger generation... Guess it takes a few yrs. People are so ignorant.
steve reminds me of the turtle from finding nimo
This is the next generation of marketing, but it is also a privacy issue and we need to work to stop it. Companies shouldn't be gathering data on us, then selling it without our permission. But it does make the world more aware at what anyone can do with your information...
Fuck, accidentally pressed enter. I meant to say: did you just say I'm poor? I'm getting paid really well over here and I have a cushy job, no complaints about my life. But I'm not going to ignore the government's wrongdoings just because I'm living a good life. There's also the possibility that things'll get worse for everyone. We need the government, but we don't need it to track our every movement and tell us how we should live our lives.
People are just to paranoid. This company doesn't care about "you", it cares about all the people LIKE you. It's not really selling your information, it's selling information on your demographic. For instance, a new fried chicken joint wants to make a commercial so they go to this company and pay them for info and the company says "well, our data shows that black males like fried chicken so you should aim your ad at them". I know, big racial stereotype.
I highly suggest anyone interested in this topic go see ZeFrank's video called Robot Future.
dis is no good, i like privacy. i do, u do, we all do.
The look on my dad's face when he finds porn coupons :o -Priceless
"Steve....he's so HOT right now....Steve"
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