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How Could This Happen To Me (with lyrics)

by Jozacharyia • 2,320,512 views

I do not own this song, How Could This Happen to Me. This song belongs to Simple Plan.

This song accurately sums up how I feel when I get a computer virus
same... its so sad... you made me cry
The awkward High Five attempt brought me here
═▂▄▄▓▄▄▂ ◢◤ █▀▀████▄▄▄▄◢◤ This is bob, bob finally got a helicopter █▄ █ーF ███▀▀▀▀▀▀▀╬ \☻/ ◥█████◤ / ▌ Support Bob ══╩══╩══▬▬▬.◙.▬▬▬ / \
NO CHIPETTE!!!! [^o^] -- |¥|-- √√ PEACE!!!
when ur mum takz ur xbox awiy
I see why she took it away, do your school work! lmao
I was thinking of this song when my computer broke ;-;
lik if u cri evrytim
Did u seriously come here because of +EnergeticShadow don't steal his things now
Why is xbox live and psn down
Because your potato servers can't handle some 12 year old DDOSing it.
When you lose your favorite Pokemon in a Nuzlocke
R.I.P Nidorino ;-( (FUCK YOU KOFFING X( )
God, I go back and listen to this song since one of my friends referenced it out of the blue and all I see is a bunch of people whining about how bad they feel. I mean, I know music is supposed to make you feel better but why post your personal life in the comments? Lol. I'm surprised people haven't just been shat on for it.
Not on a emotional video..
Wer ist noch wegen iBlali hier?😂😏 Hier muss doch einer sein der wegen iBlali hier ist ฅ'ω'ฅ
wuhuu so viele iblali positiven 😱🙆🙆🙉💪👌
my friend +Background Pony Rai sent me the link to this song after he said I shall be your sexy maid because yus and you rape me and after i replied not good at being the rapist. im only good at being the rapee :c .n.
+xRup7ur3x  10/10 Would read 12 year old social reject comments again. 
Gonna trade a knife Finally get's the item he wants He's offline HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME? I'VE MADE MY MISTAKES
Patrick No Its A Boobie (Heehee Boobie :3) Trap! I aint gonna fall for that again, spongebob. Im gonna get my seanut brittle :3 0:48
When you fail a big test
I will probably put on the same song when (not if) when I fail my HighSchool test exams for a good hs
music plays why am I about to be most hated?
I am most hated because Mario.........
+Bowser The Dog wow doge is going to kill u 30 years after illuminati took over the world .
I had a Very Very good friend that sadly died yesterday im so sad and im planning to kill myself cuz of that
They're so right bro, never give up! Live on for them!
Live for the people that love you please don't give up
═▂▄▄▓▄▄▂ ◢◤ █▀▀████▄▄▄▄◢◤ This is bob, bob finally got a helicopter █▄ █ーF ███▀▀▀▀▀▀▀╬ \☻/ ◥█████◤ / ▌ Support Bob ══╩══╩══▬▬▬.◙.▬▬▬ / \
I thought of this song when i found out that my test mark was literally 99%... How could this happen to me~~ XD
I got 1 hounded WOOHOOO
>tfw i actually got a gold mario preorder B)
This is me when I lost my first and fav friend we laughed and laughed everytime we played togheter I cri everyday;(
When it turns 6 AM then you see Night 6
I remember being bullied in my neighborhood, ciber bullied, and heard voices in my head, Anorexic, bi sexual, suicidal,hurt in so many ways when I was a kid knowing the fact I wasn't wanted by my parents. I even tried to commit suicide three times but God saved me, I repented and I gave my life to Him and I finally have a reason to live and so Do you. If you repent and give your life to Him. He loved us so much that He sent His son to die for us including you. He loves you to pieces. Trust me it may not seem okay at times but it's a worth living when you have Him. He son was human too. He has complete understanding. He wasn't wanted by others but He was willing to die for them too. Well I just wanted to say you are wanted and you do have a choice. It's worth it. Trust me be strong you are loved. ;) PS nothing to big for Him to handle. ;)
+JazukaiX It's called a cry for help! 
Vergil Devil Sparda Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
+Đaňťë Đevïł Şpârđa this is for you.  I believe this fits your current mood.
Unlike you...?  You do that to me all the time...
when somebody takes the last slice of cake that I was going for
So the teacher passed back the test results and when I saw the grade...
The feeling when your Static link broke without stealing any damage... ;_; 
when you notice you ran out of peanuts...
Longest high five rejection of all time
He is faing away.. Help this dude with grammar... ;<;
I was thinking of this when my parents took my ps3 away from me because I didn't my food
+vulcao111 Not just calmer, dont flip out over common phrases and profile pics you dont like. I dont really like the overuse of forever alone either, but seriously, cursing someone out because of that is kind of overkill.
when people ship someone with someone in Gorillaz plays this music
420 disrikes kushtag blazz it
When I acidentally a shiny Pokémon.
Poor guy never got his high five
0:48, anyone else delete the annotation and feel like a rebel?
When I see my test scores
For some reason I'm laughing to this, is the song supose to be funny of sad because im dying XD
I like to listen to this song whenever I have a day when everybody else gives up and i'm left alone..
I was thinking that song when I figured out that my guinea pig died.
kid Monkey D. Luffy Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
2 mes ok hero of pffft trains 
How I am when I climax during masturbation and someone either opens the door or knocks on it really loud and it goes away after an hour of working for it...guys know the pain...
when ur best friend youve known since 1996 is moving away
when i was playing pokemon i found my first shiny and i killed right after looked this up lol
I have a life similar o this. I was born somewhere I moved. I will maybe never get to see my family again. My (step) dad hates me. I neatly talk to my mom. I move every school year. I can't do a single thing without getting yelled at! I'm moving this year once school ends. Now I have to say good bye to all my friends. FOR THREE TIMES IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!!!
How could this happen to me.....? T T
I made my mistakes Got nowhere to run m-bumPer carsh Man, m-bumPer carsh
I freaking spilled water all over my laptop keyboard, so mai keys messed up. I'm getting my laptop fixed in a company who made the laptop... >:(.. I'm so mad, I have to do EVERYTHING on my phone. HOW COLD THIS HAPPEN TO MEE!!? I'VE MADE MY MISTAKE! GOT NOTHNG TO DO! MY LIFE GOES ON AS I'M CRYING AWAY! I'M SICK OF MY PHONE! I JUST WANNA SCREAMMM!! How could this happen to me... :(
Game Grumps sent me... Take me to your leader.
Genderbent Raven Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Guys I've got some bad news... I accidentally broke my laptop. When I moved it suddenly it died then I got mad and when I pulling on the screen, the right side broke and the screen is broken and I'm done with the laptop <:'( Sorry guys... But don't worry I'll still be able to talk to you guys with my iPad... "Rest In Peace, Laptop Computer" I hope you guys understand... <;'(
this music plays why am I about to be most hatted? :'(
isn't simple plan from scooby?
"The most brutal high five rejection ever..."
When The buttons won't work and a animatronic gets in on Five Nights at Freddy's. (Also It reminds me of an ex, that I was forced to give up)
Yeah worse feeling when, get this Golden freddy, iOS 5:am 1:08 secs in (each hour is 1:10 secs) And mangle gets me 😭😭😭😭😭
That feeling when you make a joke but everyone just goes silent
This should be the game of thrones theme song
lisen pepoel i have  only 8 subs i think  please sub to me   its hard to make vids when the camras dont  work
for those who intend to commit suicide, Don't there's more to life than you think
+Flipper Corn 100k years? Lolwut? Are ypu retarded? I wouldn't ponder that stuff as you may have an existential crises although considering you're a religious moron I doubt you'll have a problem with that.
My crush rejected me, i cant think about anything else then this song im wanting to fade away...
Shit, forgot about that on our talk >.>
I started listening this song when all my friends decided to leave me alone. Finally a song that refferences my feelings.
I feel you bruh. I mean the only reason I listen to this is because I want to help people from tough times. I wanna have a happy world.
For all those people comtemplating high-fiving someone in 2015 don't do it. Getting left hanging just isn't worth it.
When you concede a 90th minute header on FIFA
EnergeticShadow brought me here
My enemy brought me here
hgftrgyhfjdsbxvg wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;( WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RIP SKINS, Lost my skins to a scammer. How could this happen. To me, its like no one cares about a mans skins rip m9 bayonet Urban masked mw, m4a4 asiimov ft, cz victoria bs, and many others. rt if u cri
When you're doing something important online And the internet goes out
I listen to this song everytime i remember they are going to dub Free!
How i feel when a hacker killed me on H1Z1 ;(
I came here because of a high 5 rejection vine.
i played this song when my frend brock my xbox :(
Yeah.... one time it happened to me... my Xbox just turned into someone called Brock and wouldn't stop saying: "HI IM BROK"
This completely relates to me.
Wankillstudio-Gydias 2013-2014
Dakota Reisor Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
this is a good song me like it 10 out of 10 Morgan freemen
My Kitten Died Because Of My Dad He Gave Our Kitten To Much Milk Then It Died WHY DID HE DO THIS Well It Was Just An Accident
My cats satiriske by jumping in a volcano
my reaction to 3d food printers  am a aspiring pastry chef
and villageer amiibo being discontinued
I miss my old hard drive :'( Had all my hentai on it... WHY Gross sobbing
sobbing and stroking slowly
0:30 me after watching the new Akame ga Kill episode
Yep, i lost my mind at the end
This song is my life no joke lost everything mum dad
I was thinking of this song when water spilled on my pokemon cards xD
I wish I had emotions... But I really don't... Give a fuck
+orangecide  Actually it's somewhat believed recently I believe that they're able to simply switch off emotions when its convient. Like they have an off and on switch while normal people lack it.
+TheRAPxMASTER It's also "somewhat believed" that an alien overlord called Xenu dumped aliens into a volcano and the spirits of those aliens possessed us humans, making us sentient. But thats Scientology. Sociopaths can not "switch off" emotions, maybe one guy could in rare circumstance, but you cant just switch off a part of your brain. each individual person is different, experiences things differently, that goes for soicopaths as well. They just have troubles relating to other people, and seem to "lack" empathy (or other emotions, depending on the individual) when its sorta just not understanding empathy and their emotions in general. It's not so black and white that "sociopaths are like this and that" Each are different, some worse some better.
That moment when the girl you had a crush on finds a boyfriend.
RIP in pieces Dark Bum... You did nothing but provide. ;_;
"he was better than bum friend" - gimpy
I thought of this song when I saw that someone unsubed from my channel
My arm is broken and I showed this to my dad and he said haram ya gelbe
I'm his kid like in his heart
+DeViperH i am a fan of pewdiepie even i have a hoodie of pewdiepie's brofist in game
Just think i got a virus on my computer its never going to work again... and your sitting in the cornor and listning to this song XD
That's not a porn site XD
Oh well it showed me five nights at freddys porn XD
Thought about this song when mum walked in on me masturbating fully nude with clothes-pegs on my nipples and my tumb stuck up my arse
Justin Kelly Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
this is a song i really like you may like it as well
Toy bonnie The bunny Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
Smutny jestem bo toy chica zemnom zerwała +Toy Chica The Chicken
Am I the only one who knows this song from YouTube Poops?
No, I saw it from a YTP of peppa pig
I know right, amazing voise.
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