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Minecraft: SkyBlock Reloaded Ep. 9 - Optimization

by CaptainSparklez • 626,210 views

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You rock captain sparkelzz :-)
You should put a hopper down there.
Lol he cheats alot in skyock
Lol you said yocks instead of blocks
U did great on the xp grinder B)
Next them you should use a hopper above a chest so all of the mob drops end up in the chest!!:)
I think you lost more then living.LOL
The previous video was 11:11 minutes long, this one is now 10:10 minutes.
Your pipes are backed up! Get the Drain-o!
If they're shooting each other replace it with a zombie spawner
Put chests along the walls and in them put the bones and arrows along with A LOT of splash potions
Put sticky pistons where the kill hole is for easy item pick up
LOL right when you said a dog was barking a dog outside started barking... MINDFUCK :D
I wish the world save has the XP Grinder
Can you next time check ALL 3 of the mob traps instead of only checking up on 1?
I know you probably won't be able to read this since this is an old video so if you do, you should add a trapdoor into lava to get rid of drops.
U should put pistons 2 either drop the items into the void or use the pistons to open the blocks 2 get the items
Can u give the map download please
if the skeleton drop zone was four blocks wide instead of 1 wouldnt it make it easier for more skeletons to drop?
LOL Dude you have got,To be one of my favorites minecraft People i Love it when you Let them all down xD but yea your my best minecraft people yogcast and you are same :D GREAT video keep making more
lag ... u wana see lag try playing with like 25 fps on a flat world droping down to like 10fps here and there or with like 15-20fps droping to like 5fps here and there on a multi player server ... thats lag not that shit u call lag ... god dam it everyone has a good computer and cant tell what lag is tehy say like 50fps is lag cuz there use to fucking like 100fps ... no fuck that lag is my computer at like 5fps not fucking 50fps
funny when he said 'thats ubsurd!' my mom said 'is it?' to my sister
It is no longer skyblock it's awesomeblock
Actually yes, yes they were. They were going down about half a heart before falling. You can see it around 6:18 . I've played since Beta 1.5 so yeah...
thumbs up if you think he should put this map for download
If u really want the skeletons to live when they fall down, just build the tower at about 20-22 height, instead of 23, one extra hit doesn't hurt anybody, right?
Dude...Imagine an hour traffic jam there....RAINING SKELETONS WHOOOOOO
The skeletons die because the skeletons falling hurts the skeletons being hit by the falling skeletons.
and that children, is why the mod is called TooManyItems! xD
talk about piles of bones... LITERALLY!
With all of the updates over the year, that many skeletons would get you way more than 4 levels lol!
pls make it a multiplayer ip if you do make me co owner pls my user is:djmarcus7102
you should make a piston mechanism so you can collect the items and at the same time block the skeletons from coming through
You went out and shot the loud dog didn't you? I felt it... I sensed "AFK- HANDLIN BIDNISS"
can anyone tell me what mod he is using and how to get it
This is more like a mob drop -.- lol
Hi Iam a subscriber u should use a dispenser and put spawn eggs in
It's like he's sucking out their souls
The series was over long ago, stop posting challenges
wat is the name of the awesome song? =D
u can put a dispenser and put skeleton spawn eggs and then put a redstone torch by it and it will keep shooting them and spawning them
no, no they weren't. your new to minecraft aren't you?
wow wow wow wow wow wow XD so meny bones my dog loves bones
The fast forward song always scares me...
he could just sleep in the night that would be surviving the night
Dude, they weren't dying because of the sun, there may be glass but, they're in water so they can't get set on fire, yes they'll get set on fire if they jump up - that's what you saw at 6:18 - and, I've been playing Minecraft since Infdev, so... I think I know a bit more than you.
their dying because they are falling on each other
damn ong i wish i was u man u r soooooooooo creative but i think that u should destroy the blocks under the holes where u look at so u can get the mob droplings u c wat im up 2?
6:51 is the best part of intire episode WOW!!
i would love to play on that map with you if you would not mind I really love that invite me to your server
I've made the up and down elavator before it's not to hard
Maybe they're hitting eachother as they land?
that wierd moment when the top comments are by the same guy -.-
My mouth dropped at how many skeletons there were
OMG so many skeletons i bet his frame rate went to negative 300
That is faaaar too many items my computer would of just made a move called "Shut Down" I think you know what i mean and if you dont you are just a little bit of a..... Dushbag! xD
Hi guys I just started a YouTube channel and I only have 8 subscribers and you might think I just want subscribers but my friends the last couples week have making fun of my channel cause they say my videos are stupid I just wanted know if you could subscribe to my channel so they know my channel is nothing and if you subscribe to me il'll subscribe to u thanks and I'm only 13
he should have put creepers in one zombies in the other and kept the skeleton spawned
You get more Xp if you kill them by hand
a ez challenge is kill a creeper with fishing pole
If this was in 1.3, he'd b at like level 90.
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